I have to say that I’m loving the new BBC 2 series “The Hairy Dieters” presented by David Myers and Simon King best known as “The Hairy Bikers”. They are 2 of my favourite TV chefs although, I have to say their cooking style hasn’t exactly been the healthiest as most of their dishes are calorific, ladled with butter and cream.

Now they are on a mission. Last week Dave was shocked to discover that 39% of his body mass was fat, both being classed as obese.

As it was the 1st episode of the series it focused more on their background history rather than actual cooking, although a healthy pasta free lasagna substituting sheets of leek rather than pasta seemed to be a promise of good things to come.

Tonight they headed to Newcastle University to meet Professor Ashley Adamson to see if there was a healthier alternative to the traditional full English breakfast which would normally contain a whopping 800 calories.

Healthy full English breakfast

The full English breakfast has always been a popular dish, although it can contain a shocking amount of calories and fat. They decided to fry the tomatoes and removed the bacon rind, frying it with limited sunflower oil (although personally I would have grilled it) and then poached the eggs. They included balsamic vinegar instead of tomato ketchup which is high in sugar. The breakfast was bulked out with water cress to add fat-free flavour a good idea, although personally I don’t know how I’d feel about eating salad for breakfast. The whole dish contained about 264 calories in total.

Next the pair decided to embark on a new fitness regime, trying powerwalking with the help of a personal trainer. They realise that exercise is not enough and decided to return to the kitchen.

A healthier roast dinner

A traditional Sunday roast can easily contain over 1,000 calories. However Dave and Simon managed to create a new version which whittled down the calories to just 519 by making a spin-off of masala sauce but using low-fat yoghurt instead of fattening cream. They seasoned the dish using Coriander, cumin, pepper, corns and cloves which were roasted, and removed the chicken skin which is the most fattening part. The amounts of roast potatoes served were limited to just 2 per person and there was a healthy side dish of oven roasted veg.

The French Cassile

Dave and Si helped fellow dieter Laura with her post-rugby match teas. They concocted a low-calorie French sausage Cassile with added health vegetables and caramelised onions. Skinless chicken thighs and chunks of gammon were seared and added along with carrots and celery. The main ingredient was cannellini beans which again are very low in calories- a hearty low calorie dish. The dish is 464 calories per serving.

Laura re -created the Cassile at the local Novo’s rugby club to compete against a calorific chicken Korma curry cooked by Ken Ray containing a calorific 887 calories. At the start it seemed to be Ken’s curry which seemed most popular. The players went up for seconds so the object of healthy calorie counting and portion size was defeated.

The weigh in

It was time for the moment of truth and the weigh in both Simon and Dave had lost around 4 inches after 3 weeks from their waist. They realised that their weight loss will decrease over time. Dave’s weight began at 17 stone 11 ½ he now ways 16 stone and Si has gone from 19 stone 5lb to 18 stone 5lb losing a stone.

They decided to ditch their motorbikes and use bikes instead. Their journey continues next week showing a new healthy take on take aways and pastry treats. All their recipes can be found on the website bbc.co.uk/hairydieters .

Their journey continues next Thursday on BBC 2 at 8pm.


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