I don’t know why but it’s a song that caught my eye!

Firstly before you begin reading this blog post you need to watch this video…..


My interpretation of the song : 

What are your thoughts? The song captures so much raw emotion and the meanings are so deep, that it probably means something different to everyone.  To me it is a song about battling through the difficult periods that life throws at us but without music, the characters within the song would not be able to get by : “If there were no music then I would not get through.”

The music video tells a story, a tale of a convict (Played by Steve Balsamo) who committed a “passion crime” and his reprieve has been denied (as shown on a newspaper) although the seriousness of the crime he committed within the tale is not made clear. The female character (Rosalie Deighton) is reassuring the convict that somewhere on earth there is a place for him and there is always hope “I don’t know where but there will be a place for you” 

Themes within the song :

There are many themes within the song. Hope is a main one : “I don’t know why, somewhere dreams come true” although, there seems very little hope for the main character. Religion is another it is hinted at that the convict is potentially a christian, as he has a cross tattooed on his neck. He is willing to make sacrifices “I would lay down my life for you” for the person he loves. Music is import to both of the characters “If there were no music then I would not get through”– it is obviously one of their only sources of happiness through their hardship.

The singers’ backgrounds


Steve Balsamo is probably best known for portraying Jesus in Andrew Lloyd Webbers’ famous musical “Jesus Christ Superstar”  Balsamo was called to an audition when a friend of his mentioned to him that Andrew Lloyd Webber was looking for someone to play the role of Jesus, he seized the opportunity to showcase his incredible 3.5 octave vocal range. Despite his lack of west end experience he was chosen to play the role over the thousands of others who had auditioned.

Balsamo then received a recording contract with Columbia records and released “Sugar for the soul” in 2002 which entered the UK top 40. He returned to the stage in 2003 starring in a brand new musical “Notre Dame de Paris”

His next project was “Poe: More Tales of Mystery and Imagination”  a new musical and an album by Alan Parsons Project writer Eric Woolfson, based on the life of poet Edgar Alan Poe. It premiered at Abbey Road Studios in 2003.

In 2004 Steve Balsamo formed a band called The Storys ; a country rock band. Much more recently he has been working with Rosalie Deighton.


Rosalie Deighton is a member of the band “The Storys” created by Steve Balsamo. They have been writing folk style music together and are in the process of creating an album, “I don’t know why” written by Shawn Colvin being one of the featuring songs.

Release :

The single is due to be released on I-tunes on 29/7/12

More information can be found about the single and duo on :



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