(Back – (Writers) Elliot Davis and James Bourne : Left to right- Robbie Boyle (Huey), Aaron Sidwell (Michael Dork), Eliza Bennett (Holly), Gareth Gates (Eddie) and Chris Hardman (Francis)


Wow! I am delighted that the brand new musical “Loserville” by James Bourne (and Elliot Davis) seems to have opened in Leeds with a ‘bang’ ! I have to say that I expected no less. James Bourne is extremely talented and what many people fail to realise, is the fact that he has written songs for successful artists and bands such as : McFly,  and co-wrote the song “Forever is over” for “The Saturdays” it reached number 2 in the charts in 2009 !

Loserville takes its original inspiration from co-creator Bourne’s band (Son of Dork) first album ‘Welcome to Loserville’ and unlike the current trend of Jukebox musicals that have infiltrated the theatrical landscape, Bourne and Davis created a host of new songs in the style of the original album to compliment the small handful of tracks that did make the show.

After a month of rehearsals, the show opened at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds with a large bang ; receiving a standing ovation after the very first performance! From what I can gather the show strongly follows a GEEK VS. JOCKS story-line making it far more entertaining!

Set way back in 1971 computers were not what they are now, email was yet to be invented. Michael Dork (Eastenders’ Aaron Sidwell) believes that computers are the future. Being a MAJOR computer geek he hopes that he has created something that could change the world of technology forever !

The new girl in school is Holly (Eliza Hope Bennett) wants to be the first woman in space, also fitting potentially into the geek category. Will she ever want Michael??

Shallow, self-obsessed Eddie who is THE SCHOOL JOCK and bully (played by Gareth Gates) wants a fast ride to the top and doesn’t care who gets trampled along the way!! Leia just wants Eddie!!! Michael’s friends are all set to change history, fashion and dating – in no particular order, but just as soon as possible!

Promotion for the show


Last week, Gareth Gates appeared on Loose Women on Tuesday 19th June to promote the show ; he stated :

“Yeah it’s fun I’m very nervous about my speech anyway yeah the show’s great” and mentioned that the show was playing in Leeds for 4 weeks now so it’s a brand new musical so for any actor it’s a great thing to be involved in erm and for the first time I’m a baddie , booo! My roles Eddie and he’s the bully at school”

James Bourne (one of the shows’ producers and formally from Busted and Son of Dork) tweeted to show his support for Gareth!

James Bourne ‏@JamesBourne

you can catch @gareth_gates on loose women tomorrow he will probably mention Loserville. tune in :)”

As did Robbie Boyle who plays one of Gareth’s characters (Eddie) side-kicks Huey

Robbie Boyle ‏@Robbie_Boyle

…catch @Gareth_Gates on @loosewomen today and me and @Duncan_leighton may make a cheeky appearance”


It was the shows press night last night. Most of the cast members were understandably nervous/ excited  :

 “ Gareth Gates ‏@Gareth_Gates Getting ready for press night for #Loserville

 “Lil’ Chris ♦ ‏@CJHardman Press night tonight….they should call it press-ure night”

 “Robbie Boyle ‏@Robbie_Boyle So here it is the 26th of June. Press night of #loserville. What a pleasure to share it with such an awesome cast/creatives/crew “

However the show received a FANTASTIC REVIEW last night from “The Stage” I imagine more are still yet to be published!

THE STAGE :  http://www.thestage.co.uk/reviews/review.php/36597/loserville

I am due to see the show this Saturday 30th June with my Mum ! I am so unbelievably excited as clearly the show is something VERY special!

If you haven’t already got your tickets then I suggest you do HERE :



4 thoughts on “I cannot WAIT to see Loserville !!!

  1. Loved this blog and wonderful promotion for the show 😀 and of course the people who wrote it and the cast 😀 x

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