The beautiful girl with curls of sunshine yellow

Endured a broken heart as his feelings mellowed

For Tholomyes it was a “passing affair”

He abandoned Fantine,  she was overwhelmed with despair

That man had become the love of her life

His cruel words pierced her like a knife

She once had money, she once had grace

She hung her head, ashamed and felt disgraced

Left with child, without a penny

He had riches she didn’t have any

Cosette her child was given away

With the Thenardier family Cosette did stay

For 5 years the child was bullied and neglected

Fantine’s wish was for her to be loved, protected

Now as a factory worker Fantine was employed

Determined her pride would not be distroyed

The Thenardiers were greedy, demanded to be paid

“Cosette is ill” they’d lie, Fantine was afraid

In a factory she slaved to earn money to survive

And to paid for Cosette to live and thrive

A private letter of hers was snatched away

By other workers who got her dismissed that day

Her child was illegitimate born out-of-wedlock

And so Fantine’s income abruptly did stop

Fantine felt unloved and forgotten upon a shelf

Desperately selling her locket, hair and eventually herself

Joining the whores she felt disgraced

With her cruel, hard fate she was faced

A customer attacked her, with hatred and spite

She was nearly arrested as she retaliated that night

Jean-Valjean had dismissed her without knowing her tale

As he saw her deep despair his face turned pale

He vowed to find her child as some recompense

Sent her to hospital where treatment would commence

Alas for Fantine it was too late, she grew weaker for sure

Praying for little Cosette to be near her once more

She lay dying Valjean promised to raise Cosette as his own

Protected her from the years of hardship which Fantine had known

It was a way for him to make amends to the unfortunate Fantine

If only he had known her awful suffering, if only he’d seen

She smiled a last smile now with hope, closed her eyes and sadly died.

Fantine breathed her last breath that day with Valjean by her side


2 thoughts on “FANTINE : A Poem

  1. You should have opened with a small passage introducing the character and the show a little for people who don’t know Les Mis

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