I know it’s only human, we judge another

What happens if the labelled person was your sister or brother?

Or someone who you truly admire

To be like them you really aspire

Why label someone as a failure or flop?

Just because their past career had a brief stop

That person may be blossoming now

Night after night large crowds they wow

But then you wouldn’t know! you just think you do!

What if they changed career direction instead of feeling blue?

They held their head high, reinvented them-self

Instead of becoming a forgotten name upon a dusty shelf


3 thoughts on “Research before you judge (A poem)

  1. you seem to be writing poetry/stories a lot. Maybe take a step back. Write something, then look over it a few days later, if you still think its good, then post it. Sometimes people rush posting things, and unfortuantly with your poetry and stories i get the impression your just doing them to get them done and out there.

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