There is a shortage of Foster carers  and it is  estimated that another 8-9,000 more are needed across the UK. There are more children coming into care. This year there were 10,000 more applicants for children going into care ,teenagers will be a portion of that.


You can watch Gareth’s interview here on the official website!

I was really moved by Gareth Gates’s interview about foster caring on BBC Breakfast earlier this morning. Both Gareth’s parent are foster carers meaning that growing up as a child,  Gareth was always used to a busy household.

He’s one of 4 children and at one time his parents were fostering 3 children on top of that he stated “It was a madhouse”  they have fostered 50 children over the past 20 years ! He described the experience as “humbling” and “rewarding” but said “giving the kids back it was very hard “

He loved the experience. He was 7 when his parents fostered a 5-year-old and it just became part of his life. It was only when he was older that he realised the benefits that his family were having on the children’s’ lives. Showing them love, trust and things that other people take for granted.  Gareth stated it was a lovely feeling knowing that they were helping to craft and mould these childrens’  lives.

The part of the interview which really moved me was when Gareth said that his Mum brought a new-born baby home, the day that they were born and encountered sleepless nights, doing all the things that new Mums do . They cared for the child for a year and a half, the baby grew thinking that Gareth’s mum was it’s Mum and vice-versa and they had to pass the child on. It must have been heartbreaking for his family. “It’s hard to let any child go however, when you’ve brought them up from birth for a year and a half , yeah it was hard”

When asked whether he would ever consider foster caring Gareth answered : “Well I’ve got a child at home, Missy hey babe! Yeah it’s something I’d consider, absolutely simply because I know the benefits of it however, I’ll see where my life leads first ! “

I was happy when he managed to get a Loserville mention in at the end of the interview stating that he was doing 4 weeks rehearsals followed by 4 weeks of the show. He starts rehearsals today! The presenters then stated that he’d have to come back and talk to then about it! Gareth answered “Absolutely thank-you! “

I’m hoping that the interview will be added to the clips page on the BBC website as it’s an interview that I’d LOVE to watch again. As always, I can’t begin to express how proud I am to be a fan of Gareth Gates !! 😀


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