One of my housemates taught me how to make Spanish Omelettes….they are amazing and now I have to say I am slightly addicted to them (just as well they’re healthy)

Spanish Omelettes are quick , tasty and healthy too! (depending on what you put in them) I thought as I haven’t written a recipe for my Blog, it was long over-due and time to do one !!!


3 eggs

Then whatever you’d like to put in eg : 1 onion, 1/2 a pepper, 2 bacon rasher, a pinch of salt and pepper. But literally you can put almost anything in them!!


Prepare all your ingredients : chop the onion and peppers into cubes and cut up the bacon rashers finely. Fry them off in a little bit of oil in a fairly deep-frying pan.

Crack the 3 eggs into a bowl/jug and beat them (you can add more seasoning if you’d like)

Next turn your filling in the frying pan onto a very low heat on the hob, alternately if you have an AGA cook on the simmering ring

Cover the mixture with the beaten eggs completely. At this point as long as the hob is turned down low you can leave the mixture to cook for about 5 minutes (depending on the heat) use a spatula to check underneath!

When cooked (you can tell by shaking the saucepan there should be no runny egg left in the pan) take a spatula and place underneath the Omelette easing it away from the pan, once this is done it should slide easily from the pan and onto the plate.

Serving suggestions

Spanish Omelettes are delicious enough by themselves but they are lovely with salad to accompany them to add an attractive finishing touch !!!


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