To shave or not to shave?

This discussion on “This Morning” really caught my eye.  28-year-old research student Emer O’Toole decided to embrace her “Hairy-ness” (eeek! ) . She conducted an 18-month experiment and grew her body hair after she had been shaving her legs from the age of 14. Salons in Dublin had been offering waxing treatments for 11-12 year olds in the theory that it will prevent more hair growth in later life.

Personally I think it’s good that she was brave enough to do this. At first she was nervous about the experiment but now she seems incredibly laid back.

I respect her for being different and has a great deal of self-confidence. Salon owner Michelle Devine pointed this out (who was also being interviewed at the same time) but stated : “ Your self-confidence to be able to pull this off is amazing ! I know for a fact I haven’t got it in me to be able to have people staring and laughing, I’d just, my confidence would be shattered so you being able to do that is amazing!” However she wasn’t impressed by O’Toole’s body hair!!

Women’s reactions were more negative than men’s. When Michelle Devine told her 6-year-old that she was going on TV to talk about a woman who doesn’t shave her reaction was “Mummy does she want to be a boy?”

My Opinions

I think there is a great deal of pressure; we are conditioned to believe that we have to do this. Children at school are incredibly bitchy, for example I remember once that in PE in year 7 I had forgotten to shave my legs the night before and another girl kindly decided to point that out to THE WHOLE CHANGING ROOM!! I was SO embarrassed!! After that I did make sure that I shaved my legs before the lesson, but to be fair the hairs on my legs used to be quite light anyway !!

Emer did make a good point. Confidence shouldn’t come from looks, it comes from within and I feel sorry for people who feel that they have to wear a TONNE of makeup to feel confident. Don’t get me wrong, makeup is fantastic and I always wear it on nights out/on special occasions but most days I go without. Personally (not being big-headed) I look okay without it !!

However, no matter what…..I WILL ALWAYS SHAVE !!!!!


4 thoughts on “To shave or not to shave?

  1. Good for you, Sophie. I came to your site looking for something on the Gareth Gates interview this morning (I’m a ghostwriter and work in an area related to the subject matter) and was very impressed by what I found. I then clicked on the link to this piece (it’s another subject that interests me) and have to say i was surprised to see how young you look. It’s a great blog and your writing shows real flair. And what a brilliant way to practice your craft. So many blogs are just me, me, me, and then a bit more me (oh, and here’s my navel – see how well I gaze at it) so this was refreshing to see :). Good luck with your writing career!


    Lynne Barrett-Lee

    1. Hello Lynne,
      You’re a ghost writer!! wow!! is that for celebrities. How did you get into “ghost writing”? It must be very interesting!
      I’m 19 🙂
      Glad you liked my blog, I thought it would be the best way to express myself and practice my writing style. I LOVE Gareth Gates… he is one of my role models. I was truly inspired by that interview and had to write about it ! Are you a fan of his?
      I hate blogs where people only write about themselves so therefore avoid writing too much about myself!
      Thank-you for your feedback!

      Sophie 🙂

      1. You’re welcome, Sophie!

        Erm..ghostwriting…having earned my spurs as a novelist first, I guess. And really just a series of saying ‘yes’ to stuff more sensible people might have said ‘no’ to!! No celebrities in the Hello sense – though I guess Giant George is a bit of a celebrity… Though my biggest ghosting work bears no mark of my passing. Quite fun to be on a bestseller list and no-one knows its you that wrote the book :). I will confess I voted for Will in Pop Idol (I even have the T shirt to prove it!) but I have HUGE respect for Gareth, as it takes so much courage to talk publicly about something as harrowing as a stammer. And he is hugely talented too, of course.

        Great idea to set up a blog. When I was a fledgling writer in my teens all I had was a manual typewriter and a pile of envelopes and stamps. The internet has really opened up a world of possibilities for writers, which is just wonderful. Keep at it. You’re good 🙂 xx

      2. Ah! that’s still really interesting though !
        How amazing to be on a best seller list wow!!
        Aww did you ? Will Young is good but yeah I LOVE Gareth Gates , he’s lovely as well as being a very brave and inspiring guy! He is very talented! I’ve see him perform live 3 times now and met him on all those occasions…what a gentleman 🙂

        I love the fact that I can use the internet to put my work “out there”
        Thank-you for all your comments !! x

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