I have a memory, one I remember quite vividly

Of getting lost with my cousins by the sea

We were on Brown sea Island after the boat ride

When all of a sudden our parents left our side

It was our fault we got distracted going a quiz

My youngest cousin got in a rather large “tiz”

I was the eldest, so I led the way

Our parents couldn’t have wandered too far away

I think they thought we were near by

Then my youngest cousin began to cry

I reassured him we would be okay

and would get off the island to go home that day

I myself got a rather large fright

I thought we’d be sleeping there overnight!

He became more relaxed and thought it was quite funny

At least the weather was warm and sunny

so after what seemed like an hour , (probably half)

we trekked round the island following the path

It was fine in the end, we found a ‘ranger’

A very kind and helpful stranger

We found our parents they had started to worry

and for our boat back, we had to hurry

For ever this old memory will stay on with me

Our EPIC adventure on the island of Brown Sea !!!


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