Research before you judge (A poem)


I know it’s only human, we judge another

What happens if the labelled person was your sister or brother?

Or someone who you truly admire

To be like them you really aspire

Why label someone as a failure or flop?

Just because their past career had a brief stop

That person may be blossoming now

Night after night large crowds they wow

But then you wouldn’t know! you just think you do!

What if they changed career direction instead of feeling blue?

They held their head high, reinvented them-self

Instead of becoming a forgotten name upon a dusty shelf


An eye for an eye (A short poem)


An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth

Is as the saying goes the absolute truth

If you hurt others they’ll hurt you

I dare say Karma will get you too

The rule is the punishment meets the crime

So don’t do anything you’ll regret in time

Gareth Gates on BBC Breakfast (14/5/12) raises awareness for Foster Care


There is a shortage of Foster carers  and it is  estimated that another 8-9,000 more are needed across the UK. There are more children coming into care. This year there were 10,000 more applicants for children going into care ,teenagers will be a portion of that.


You can watch Gareth’s interview here on the official website!

I was really moved by Gareth Gates’s interview about foster caring on BBC Breakfast earlier this morning. Both Gareth’s parent are foster carers meaning that growing up as a child,  Gareth was always used to a busy household.

He’s one of 4 children and at one time his parents were fostering 3 children on top of that he stated “It was a madhouse”  they have fostered 50 children over the past 20 years ! He described the experience as “humbling” and “rewarding” but said “giving the kids back it was very hard “

He loved the experience. He was 7 when his parents fostered a 5-year-old and it just became part of his life. It was only when he was older that he realised the benefits that his family were having on the children’s’ lives. Showing them love, trust and things that other people take for granted.  Gareth stated it was a lovely feeling knowing that they were helping to craft and mould these childrens’  lives.

The part of the interview which really moved me was when Gareth said that his Mum brought a new-born baby home, the day that they were born and encountered sleepless nights, doing all the things that new Mums do . They cared for the child for a year and a half, the baby grew thinking that Gareth’s mum was it’s Mum and vice-versa and they had to pass the child on. It must have been heartbreaking for his family. “It’s hard to let any child go however, when you’ve brought them up from birth for a year and a half , yeah it was hard”

When asked whether he would ever consider foster caring Gareth answered : “Well I’ve got a child at home, Missy hey babe! Yeah it’s something I’d consider, absolutely simply because I know the benefits of it however, I’ll see where my life leads first ! “

I was happy when he managed to get a Loserville mention in at the end of the interview stating that he was doing 4 weeks rehearsals followed by 4 weeks of the show. He starts rehearsals today! The presenters then stated that he’d have to come back and talk to then about it! Gareth answered “Absolutely thank-you! “

I’m hoping that the interview will be added to the clips page on the BBC website as it’s an interview that I’d LOVE to watch again. As always, I can’t begin to express how proud I am to be a fan of Gareth Gates !! 😀

Gareth Gates is set to take to the Stage to star as “Eddie” in the New Musical “Loserville”

It was devastating for everyone when it was announced that EJB Entertainment (the company producing the UK tour of Hair) had gone completely bankrupt! Luckily everyone was entitled to a refund, and my Mum got the money back for the tickets which were one of my Christmas presents.

Then it was officially announced that Gareth was to star in the new musical “Loserville” by ex-Busted member turned Musical Theatre producer James Bourne.

“New British Musical LOSERVILLE, written by Elliot Davis and James Bourne member of pop-rock bands Busted and Son of Dork, smashes onto West Yorkshire Playhouse’s Quarry stage this summer in a musical mash-up about dating, binary and staying true to your dreams. Aaron Sidwell takes on the role of the super-smart geek Michael Dork who with a little help from his friends Lucas – Richard Lowe, Francis –Lil’ Chris, and the beautiful and brainy Holly played by Eliza Hope Bennett is about to revolutionise the world –  as long as Gareth Gates’ have-it-all rich-kid Eddie doesn’t screw it all up for them. And then there’s Leia – Charlotte Harwood the most popular girl in school. Steven Dexter directs this new original musical inspired by Son of Dork’s album WELCOME TO LOSERVILLE from 18 June – 14 July.”

The new role will be a challenge for Gareth as it’s a BIG speaking role. Also his character “Eddie” is “The bad guy” ,something that Gareth hasn’t done before, as in the past he has played extremely likeable characters such as “Joseph” in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat” and Law student turned revolutionary “Marius” in “Les Miserables”

The cast start rehearsals next week and I’m hoping to get tickets to see the show for a 20th birthday present! So fingers crossed!


Upcoming media interviews

I was DELIGHTED today when it was announced on Gareth’s official site that he had some upcoming TV interviews. March 27th was a great day as Gareth appeared on ITV1 “This Morning” followed by “Stop My Stutter” on BBC3 at 9pm.

He does have a fair few radio interviews, however today these popped up on (his official site) !!

BBC Breakfast News – 8.20am, Mon May 14th
Radio 2 Graham Norton – 12.30pm, Sat May 19th

I really hope that Gareth uses these interviews to promote the upcoming musical “Loserville” as it would be an ideal opportunity !! I loved the fact that on BBC radio 1 the other day when Gareth was being interviewed that he managed to slip a mention of the show into the interview. James Bourne was also impressed !

Just heard about the Loserville plug on RADIO 1 🙂 nice one@Gareth_Gates

So as always I wish Gareth Gates all the best…. Give him a follow on twitter  !!

Now I’m just hoping that I get to see Loserville as a 20th birthday present …. FINGERS CROSSED !! 😀

Your guide to making a Spanish Omelette!!

One of my housemates taught me how to make Spanish Omelettes….they are amazing and now I have to say I am slightly addicted to them (just as well they’re healthy)

Spanish Omelettes are quick , tasty and healthy too! (depending on what you put in them) I thought as I haven’t written a recipe for my Blog, it was long over-due and time to do one !!!


3 eggs

Then whatever you’d like to put in eg : 1 onion, 1/2 a pepper, 2 bacon rasher, a pinch of salt and pepper. But literally you can put almost anything in them!!


Prepare all your ingredients : chop the onion and peppers into cubes and cut up the bacon rashers finely. Fry them off in a little bit of oil in a fairly deep-frying pan.

Crack the 3 eggs into a bowl/jug and beat them (you can add more seasoning if you’d like)

Next turn your filling in the frying pan onto a very low heat on the hob, alternately if you have an AGA cook on the simmering ring

Cover the mixture with the beaten eggs completely. At this point as long as the hob is turned down low you can leave the mixture to cook for about 5 minutes (depending on the heat) use a spatula to check underneath!

When cooked (you can tell by shaking the saucepan there should be no runny egg left in the pan) take a spatula and place underneath the Omelette easing it away from the pan, once this is done it should slide easily from the pan and onto the plate.

Serving suggestions

Spanish Omelettes are delicious enough by themselves but they are lovely with salad to accompany them to add an attractive finishing touch !!!

The Crow (A Short Story)

Every morning the crow comes and sits at my window. In its sinister black form it seems to get a great pleasure from tugging at the glorious ivy which weaves its way up the side of my cottage, destruction of beauty is its game. It glares  at me with its cunning jet black droplet eyes waiting for a reaction, pausing to allow enough time for me to run at it in attempt to chase the monster away, its smug black feathers shining and its wings balanced on its arched back.

His singing voice seems to haunt me, this was far from the sweetest of birds, it seems like it has something stuck in its throat when it coos. I wish this was the case, I’d take great pleasure in seeing the monster drop dead at my feet. The crows intelligence frightens me most of all. A survivor and a scavenger, many a time have I seen him peck the eyes from the innocent birds who fill my garden with song and beauty ,as quick as a flash carries their dying bodies off to his nest, his layer and their final resting place. He doesn’t touch the handfuls of breadcrumbs I left for them oh no, he wants meat and flesh!

The high and mighty crow thinks he has fine manners, but I know differently. I see right through his airs and graces. He is too witty to capture. The crow will instantly recognise anything in the form of a trap or snare specifically designed to catch him.I have hated this wretched creature for almost 2 years. I’ll never forgive him for what he did to my closest friend; he killed him, taking his young life away at the tender age of 18. He didn’t directly kill him but the crow swooping at him, like a suicide bomber and pecking his T-shirt had brought on a serious asthma attack , his inhaler was empty, why it was empty is a question which remains unanswered. An ambulance was called but it was far too late he didn’t make it.

Each year I see black swirling swarms of them nesting and dominating the high treetops, breeding. I shudder, there will be even more next year. I know that he remembers my face from that day; it is proven possible that crows have the capacity to remember faces. Yet still that monstrous beast embraces me with its horrid presence each morning at my window. I can hear him conspiring with other crows, the cawing is their form of talking, more like plotting, planning their next vicious attack, but this time he will be lured into my cunning trap,  I’ll be ready for him.

To shave or not to shave?

To shave or not to shave?

This discussion on “This Morning” really caught my eye.  28-year-old research student Emer O’Toole decided to embrace her “Hairy-ness” (eeek! ) . She conducted an 18-month experiment and grew her body hair after she had been shaving her legs from the age of 14. Salons in Dublin had been offering waxing treatments for 11-12 year olds in the theory that it will prevent more hair growth in later life.

Personally I think it’s good that she was brave enough to do this. At first she was nervous about the experiment but now she seems incredibly laid back.

I respect her for being different and has a great deal of self-confidence. Salon owner Michelle Devine pointed this out (who was also being interviewed at the same time) but stated : “ Your self-confidence to be able to pull this off is amazing ! I know for a fact I haven’t got it in me to be able to have people staring and laughing, I’d just, my confidence would be shattered so you being able to do that is amazing!” However she wasn’t impressed by O’Toole’s body hair!!

Women’s reactions were more negative than men’s. When Michelle Devine told her 6-year-old that she was going on TV to talk about a woman who doesn’t shave her reaction was “Mummy does she want to be a boy?”

My Opinions

I think there is a great deal of pressure; we are conditioned to believe that we have to do this. Children at school are incredibly bitchy, for example I remember once that in PE in year 7 I had forgotten to shave my legs the night before and another girl kindly decided to point that out to THE WHOLE CHANGING ROOM!! I was SO embarrassed!! After that I did make sure that I shaved my legs before the lesson, but to be fair the hairs on my legs used to be quite light anyway !!

Emer did make a good point. Confidence shouldn’t come from looks, it comes from within and I feel sorry for people who feel that they have to wear a TONNE of makeup to feel confident. Don’t get me wrong, makeup is fantastic and I always wear it on nights out/on special occasions but most days I go without. Personally (not being big-headed) I look okay without it !!

However, no matter what…..I WILL ALWAYS SHAVE !!!!!

Lost On Brownsea Island (A Poem)

I have a memory, one I remember quite vividly

Of getting lost with my cousins by the sea

We were on Brown sea Island after the boat ride

When all of a sudden our parents left our side

It was our fault we got distracted going a quiz

My youngest cousin got in a rather large “tiz”

I was the eldest, so I led the way

Our parents couldn’t have wandered too far away

I think they thought we were near by

Then my youngest cousin began to cry

I reassured him we would be okay

and would get off the island to go home that day

I myself got a rather large fright

I thought we’d be sleeping there overnight!

He became more relaxed and thought it was quite funny

At least the weather was warm and sunny

so after what seemed like an hour , (probably half)

we trekked round the island following the path

It was fine in the end, we found a ‘ranger’

A very kind and helpful stranger

We found our parents they had started to worry

and for our boat back, we had to hurry

For ever this old memory will stay on with me

Our EPIC adventure on the island of Brown Sea !!!