Jade looked in the mirror, another bruise appeared

More noticeable than the last, it was this she feared

People would question, others would judge

Others relationships she sadly begrudged

Tim had a temper no-one could explain

To Jade’s life he added suffering and pain

He had a short fuse, his temper was violent

Inside she was screaming, on the outside silent

When asked why the bruises on her arms were there

An excuse she made “I walked into the chair”

After each assault it was the same

She felt  it was her fault, she was to blame

But no person deserves to be treated like this

Tim was the bully, the fault was his

Each time  in the hearth stunning bunch of flowers sat

The next day he’d be stating “You’re ugly, you’re fat”

The next week the final straw was drawn

Down the stairs he pushed her , her clothes were torn

After months of suffering this no longer she would endure

She slapped him back and walked out the door

Changing her name she moved away

Although with her the memories forever will stay

Time is a healer and recovery takes time

But soon her inner self began to shine

She became her own person a new life started

With old friends she had been sadly parted

Jade, now stronger she stood tall and proud

She threw back her head and stated out loud

I don’t care about the scars, or being alone

Don’t dare to ring me I won’t answer the phone

I have enough money to see me through

The scars are a reminder that I’m stronger than you

I now stand alone in the April showers

But I don’t want your excuses, I don’t need your flowers


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