Mount Vesuvius has erupted

Henry fancied himself as quite the ladies’ man. Well as a matter of fact, he was still a boy at just aged 16. It was the morning of the last day of school and his school prom-a day to remember. It was to be the end of his memorable school days and the start of a new chapter in his life. Most of his time at school was filled flirting with the most beautiful, smartest girls in town and probably the richest, as Henry attended the best private school in the area.

He awoke that morning as usual; stretched and walked to the bathroom in a zombified state hunched over slightly….he looked like the first man of evolution. As good-looking as he was like most people, Henry wasn’t at his best first thing. He ran his fingers through his un-styled dark brown hair which presently resembled a bog brush. He brushed his teeth to get rid of his “morning breath” not really looking up into the mirror and finally jumped in the steamy shower. After showering he felt a throbbing sensation on his chin, feeling rather curious he gazed into the mirror. To his horror staring back at him was the biggest, angriest yellow headed spot known to mankind. The spot seemed to speak to him as if to say “Ha! I’m about to ruin your life!!”

His mood was not the best as he stomped down the stairs and plonked himself down at the breakfast table.

“Oh my god what’s that on your CHIN!!” Was his 12-year-old sister Kate’s first words to him, twizzling her auburn hair around one finger she continued “Its HUGEE”

“Yes OK…!!!” he snapped.

“Hahaha your school prom is today. It’ll show up in ALL of the pictures”

“Yes I HAVE thought about that” Henry grumbled keeping his head down to hide behind the Frosties.

“It’s ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS!! Kate continued ….you can borrow some of my concealed if you like?”

This would be a new experience for Henry “What’s that?”

“Well obviously it covers up any spots, you definitely need it!!”

He cast her sharp glare. That shut her up, but he took her up on the concealed offer, the only problem was he and Kate had different skin tones, her skin was far paler than his as she was a ‘red-head’. Henry couldn’t help but feel that it highlighted the problem rather than covered it,  but oh well. Anything was better than having ‘Mount Vesuvius’ smack bang in the middle of your chin.


Throb, throb, throb ….great ! Henry sighed, the thing now had a heartbeat….it was alive and seemed to be pulsating in his chin. He kept his head down so that his chin was slightly buried in his shirt collar and sat down at his table in French.

“Oh my god ! DUDE! That is the biggest SPOT I’ve ever seen in my LIFE!! ”

Rob his best friend who sat opposite him wasn’t afraid to speak his mind either. The concealer which he had applied earlier had rubbed off onto his shirt collar, leaving a noticeable orange streaky mark. His whole form turned their head and stared at him. He wished that the ground would open up and swallow him whole. With this huge spot he didn’t want to EVER go out into public again. Henry rolled his eyes again

“Yes you’re not the first to tell me”

It was only a half day. But still the day seemed to be spent avoiding Clarissa his prom date, she looked different today, she normally had her fringe pinned back but today she was wearing it down…just an observation of his. She’d clearly noticed and was now giving him daggers from across the classroom….if looks could kill !

Henry wished that his hair would grow and cover it. The rest of the day was spent dodging Clarissa, hopefully the spot would be gone by tonight and she wouldn’t even notice it. But if she saw him with in now it might put her off attending the prom with him well, that was Henry’s theory.


After dodging Henry had spent his time hiding from Clarissa THE WHOLE DAY she stormed over, clearly upset. “Henry WHY have you been avoiding me all day?”  She demanded.  “ Just because you have ‘Adam pimple’ growing out of your face doesn’t give you that excuse TO PRETEND I DON’T EXIST !!”

Henry answered in a low whisper….”I look disgusting, have you seen the size of my spot ?”

“You idiot you’re so VAIN !! Why do you think I spent the whole day with my fringe down?!!”  She pulled back her fringe to reveal Mount Vesuvius’s double!! Henry couldn’t help but laugh.  “Ha! It’s just as bad as mine…we’re twins!! Who needs matching wrist corsage tonight when we have matching SPOTS!!” They kissed, linked arms and Henry was forgiven.


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