(Above image from ITV1 ‘s This Morning on 27/2/12)

I was beyond devastated when it was announced that “Hair” had been cancelled….Gareth was due to play the lead role of Claude at over 10 venues in the UK- I should have been seeing him on the 28th of April in Manchester, but on Gareth’s official website (www.garethgates.com) this disappointing message was posted :

The producers of Hair are sorry to announce that unfortunately the forthcoming UK tour will not be going ahead. Despite the best efforts of all involved to keep the production moving forward, it has become apparent that certain criteria could not be met and regrettably the show will not now open in Liverpool as originally planned. The producers would like to apologise to the many fans of this iconic show who had been greatly excited by its planned revival.

The rest of the cast are still taking the show to Munich in Germany and unfortunately for Gareth’s German fans they haven’t been able to get a refund. Gareth announced on Facebook that he was quitting the show :

“hi just wanted to let you all know first, i won’t be doing Hair in Germany – now the UK tour is cancelled as there are things in the pipeline that i need to concentrate on now – and it’s just not possible to do both. all very sad was so looking forward to the show! wish all the cast luck in Munich.. more news as we have it. be in touch soon x

So what does 2012 hold for Gareth Gates now?

Luckily for Gareth he will definitely be the most financially stable out of the cast members as he owns a successful chain of drama academies http://www.gateswilkesacademy.com/ with 4 drama schools already open and more set to open in the future it seems to be a very successful business.

Gareth Gates and Jonathan Wilkes at the opening

(Gareth Gates and Jonathon Wilkes at the opening of their academy in Bradford in  the centre of the group )


A quick mention of “Stop My Stutter”

His BBC3 documentary “Stop My Stutter” was very well received and the number of TV viewings surpassed the ones of tv program-mes normally shown in that margin which was fantastic !

Here was a feature in The Sun newspaper…….

Gareth is in demand for gigs around the country…and has a line up of a few gigs/ events

Sport Relief Mile (Running) 25.3.2012

Outrageous Cabaret Bar Carlisle 20.04.2012 –

DJ Set, Miami Nightclub, Inverness 28.04.2012 =

Pizza Express, Maidstone, Kent. From 7pm 01.06.2012 – http://www.pizzaexpr…showDateId=5491

Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth, 03.06,2012 –

It might not be until autumn until more casting opportunities arise depending of when the cast changes for different shows are. I did ask him on Twitter…..

@Gareth_Gates Do u have any upcoming auditions for other shows now that HAIR has been cancelled? x

@Sophie_Bowns oh a few!! But I couldn’t possibly say!!! 😉

So very possibly he has some upcoming auditions….I dare say he’ll star in a pantomime again in the winter! Personally I think that Gareth needs to keep his profile high. Fans were unimpressed when he quit “Hair” in Germany but to be honest what is the point of going to the effort of learning all the songs and script (the script would be more challenging for Gareth anyway due to his stammer) but for the sake of two weeks ? financially it doesn’t make sense it will probably cost almost as much to stage as the money they’ll get back from the ticket sales for 2 weeks !

Anyway as always I wish him all the best…..fingers crossed that I’ll be able to see him perform live at that gig in Carlisle !! You can follow Gareth Gates on Twitter to find out what he’s up to…( http://www.twitter.com/Gareth_Gates )


2 thoughts on “Even though the 2012 UK touring production of “Hair” has been cancelled the future looks bright for Gareth Gates!

  1. People spend weeks learning a show that’s only running for a couple of days! It’s difficult but as long as the show is well received that makes all the difference. Cast changes are in June and December so we might hear something for June.

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