I have to say that I am feeling a bit pessimistic about the new Les Mis film which is being scheduled to be released some time probably next year although they are hoping for December 2012 to be a release date. Tom Hooper is set to direct the film.

Before the cast were announced there were all sorts of rumours about the casting…Taylor Swift was to be a possible Eponine and Emma Watson was rumoured to be joining the cast as Cosette….I mean is Emma Watson even a soprano?  I’m very glad to say that these rumours weren’t true although it doesn’t stop me from worrying about the current casting….

Here is the cast list for the new film as it stands at the moment on IMDb…..

Credited cast:
Amanda Seyfried Amanda Seyfried
Anne Hathaway Anne Hathaway
Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman
Helena Bonham Carter Helena Bonham Carter
Russell Crowe Russell Crowe
Sacha Baron Cohen Sacha Baron Cohen
Eddie Redmayne Eddie Redmayne
Samantha Barks Samantha Barks
Aaron Tveit Aaron Tveit
George Blagden George Blagden
Colm Wilkinson Colm Wilkinson
Frances Ruffelle Frances Ruffelle
Fra Fee Fra Fee

Ok and breathe….. It could be worse. Amanda Seyfried should be good if she can pull off the soprano roll of Cosette. Aaron Tevit (Enjolras) and Samantha Barks (Eponine) have been cast straight from the west end. Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bohnam Carter proved that they could sing pretty well in Sweeney Todd (well they’re good enough for the Thenardiers at least) My main worries are Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Eddie Redmayne. Are they even vocally trained. I love Russel Crowe as an actor even though in real life he isn’t the most likeable of people, he comes across as arrogant and rude….I avoid people like that in life (or at least try to) Again I’m questioning…can Hugh Jackman sing ?? the same with Eddie Redmayne and he doesn’t exactly look how I’d picture Marius. To me Michael Ball and Gareth Gates will always be Marius Pontmercy. (I’m still sulking at the fact that Gareth Gates didn’t get cast as Marius in the 25th Anniversary concert at the 02 but hopefully Cameron Mackintosh learnt his lesson after Nick Jonas pretty much got slated by critics and the public)  :

“There is honestly no point discussing the merits of this alcohol-influenced casting decision; we are stuck with it, and we must be content with watching Nick Jonas get his pants kicked on stage. You almost feel bad for this poor kid, a multimillionaire rock star and pop icon extraordinaire in his own right, looking genuinely unnerved to be in the company of actual singers. “


Ok now if you compare those with the reviews Gareth Gates recieved you will see my point : “Gareth Gates is a pleasant surprise as Marius and his performance is almost faultless, he manages to capture the audience’s attention with sophistication and enchanted charm.”


Ok I went off an a bit of a tangent there I just wanted to prove my point !

Filming of the script by William Nicholson, Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schonberg will be done at Pinewood, with some scenes shot on location in the UK. There’s also talk of some filming being done in France.

Colm Wilkinson, who was the first Jean Valjean, and Frances Ruffelle, who created the part of Eponine, have been given feature roles in the film. Wilkinson will play the Bishop of Digne. ‘He shows Valjean the road ahead, after Valjean has robbed him of silver candlesticks,’ says Cameron Mackintosh, who produced the musical on stage and who is also involved with Working Title and Universal in making the picture, which Oscar-winner Tom Hooper will direct.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2092428/Les-Miserables-movie-Stars-original-stage-version-encore-join-film-cast.html#ixzz1nJTe8Ept

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see…..It might be great but being a bit of a ‘die hard’ Les Mis fan I’m still not sure how its going to “pan out” !!


11 thoughts on “I can only worry about the new Les Miserables film …..

  1. I think Hugh Jackman could do a good job. He has been in musicals like Oklahoma and Sunset Boulevard,won a Tony award and he’s on Broadway at the moment so he might do a really good job!

  2. Hugh Jackman got his start in musical theater – he was Gaston in “Beauty & The Beast” and Joe Gills in “Sunset Blvd.” in Australia, he was Curly in Trevor Nunn’s “Oklahoma!” on the West End. He has a Tony Award on Broadway for “The Boy from Oz.” He played Billy Bigelow in a one-night concert of “Carousel” at Carnegie Hall. He has hosted the Tony Award three times. He hosted the Oscars in 2009 where his opening musical number got a standing ovation. He just finished his sold-out 10-week one-man show on Broadway which received rave reviews and was grossing $1.5-2 million a week. Check YouTube – there are plenty of video on there of him singing.

  3. I don’t think we need to worry about Hugh Jackman who as a musically trained actor, will probably be a superb Valjean (if he isn’t I don’t think it will be his fault). Apparently Russell Crowe’s audition was amazing but then it’s his accent that worrys me. Anne Hathaway I think is the weakest casting choice of all. Poor decision when there was other big names in the running. Amy Adams, for example, proved she can sing in Enchanted and is a good actress.

    1. oh yeah Amy Adams was great !! What other big names were in the running for Fantine? Not too sure about Anne Hathaway !!!!
      Russel Crowe’s accent isn’t too bad he managed to pull off a fairly decent British accent in Gladiator although it did crack a bit ! hmmmm we will see !

      1. Anne Hathaway apparently “had them in tears” at her audition. She sang with Jackman at the Oscars in 2009, at the Oscars last year as hostess, and recently sang to Meryl Streep at The Kennedy Center Honors. She was in City Center Encores! production of “Carnival” and has sung in other movies. There are also videos of her on YouTube singing. She is going to play Judy Garland in a movie that’s in development. Not worried about her at all.

  4. Film is different from musical theatre! On screen, one has to convey emotions, actions and interactions in a completely different manner to the watchful eye of the camera. On top of that, there is the singing that is also needed to convey the right emotions and tone to the scene. If there is one actor who is trained and naturally gifted to deliver such a challenge, it has to be Hugh Jackman ( can’t think of anybody else who has the same talents), equally gifted on screen or on stage! One does not want to hear opera sounds or shrieking musical theatre voices ( to quote Mackintosh) when Les Miserables finally gets its closeup on the big screen! It is a dramatic tale with a sweeping musical score – and we want storytelling that is compelling to the eye and to the ears!

    Hugh, Russell, and Anne are excellent in heading the cast for the big screen adaptation! All three are not only gifted actors but also possess the musicality to bring us the music of Les Miserables in a completely different medium.

  5. I think you should do some research first, before you write, Anne, Russel and Hugh are all great singers! Have you heard Anne sing?? Don’t judge them just because they are actors, they are great singers too! Russel even performs with his own band! Russel may not be as good as the older Javerts.. but remember this is a FILM so they need to act AND sing..

    your blog seems very misinformed and lacks proper research that could have easily been done with a proper youtube search.

    And btw I’m a “die hard” Les Mis fan myself..

    1. Can I just say that I did do research……
      They are reasonable singers but not compared to west end legends such as Ruthie Henshall and John-Owen Jones.
      I just think they should have used some more West End stars….

      1. There are many many West End stars in the movie playing lesser parts such as the students, factory workers, prostitutes, etc. You need stars for a movie to bring in people who have never seen Les Mis – if the marquee said “starring John Owen-Jones and Ruthie Henshall” no one at least in US who has never seen or heard of the musical would go see it because they have no clue who they are. You need names for stars, and all these “names” can sing.

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