•  01: a number from one of your favorite musicals of all time Bring Him Home from Les Mis ( It has to be sung by the AMAZING John-Owen Jones though)
  •  02: a number from one of your favorite musicals of the past three years  Heaven on their Minds from Jesus Christ Superstar
  • 03: a number from one of your least favorite musicals Breaking Free from High School Musical… YUCK !
  •  04: a number from the first musical you remember seeing hmmmm maybe a local amateur production, something like “It’s a hard Knock Life” from Annie !
  •  05: a number from the musical you saw most recently  “Down Once More” From The Phantom Of the Opera (I saw it in London in December 2010)
  •  06: a favorite opening number Has to be “Prologue/Look Down” from Les Mis ! Its unbeatable, You would have had to hear the cheering from the audience during the Tour when the insanely powerful music began! just epic ahhh !
  •  07: a favorite duet “Sun and Moon from Miss Saigon” OR “A Little Fall of Rain from Les Mis” beautiful…but they make me Cry :’-(
  •  08: a favorite dance break OMG ! Masquerade from The Phantom of The Opera WHAT A SCENE , especially the choreography on the staircase !!!
  •  09: a favorite ballad Is that something that tells a story ? like a folk type musical….I do love “Easy Terms” from Blood Brothers sung by Barbera Dixon !
  • 10: a favorite “11 o’clock” number  “Epilogue” Les Mis …has me in tears EVERY TIME !! but it is SO MOVING ! BEAUTIFUL !
  •  11: a favorite comic number  Your Timeless to me from Hairspray was brilliant ! Purely because Michael Ball (Edna) and Ian Tablot (Wilbur) were hilarious !! They literally completely lost focus during the song and burst out laughing and Michael Ball shouted to the other guy ” I CAN’T CONCENTRATE WHEN YOU’RE LAUGHING BEHIND ME LIKE THAT !!!!! ” They had to apologise to the audience and start that verse again !!
  •  12: a favorite ensemble number oooh hard maybe “One Day More” from Les Mis.
  •  13: a number from a guilty-pleasure musical You can’t Stop the Beat from Hairspray
  • 14: a number from a Best Musical Tony nominee the year you were born Aladdin !! (Okay that doesn’t count) but it was released in 1992 the year I was born !
  •  15: a favorite female solo number  I LOVE “I Still Believe” from Miss Saigon or “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Mis ….BUT NOT THE SUSAN BOYLE VERSION she ruined it ! :’-(
  • 16: a favorite male solo number Gethsemane from Jesus Christ Superstar sung by the one and only Steve Balsamo, Bring Him Home from Les Mis by John Owen Jones they both make me cry !!!
  • 17: a number from a musical that is underrated Manchester England, England from “Hair” I can’t WAIT to hear Gareth Gates sing this as Claude !!
  •  18: a number from a musical that is overrated You are the Music in me from High School Musical EURGH !!! CHEESE !
  •  19: a favorite love song from a musical A Heart Full of Love from Les Mis !!!
  •  20: a favorite number from a musical that did not originate in the U.k Aquarius/ Let the Sun Shine in , from “Hair” ……..it’s an American musical !
  •  21: a favorite number from the “golden age” of Broadway Getting to Know You from “The King and I” 
  • 22: a favorite number performed by an antagonist Stars by Police Inspector Javert from Les Mis….it HAS to be sung by Earl Carpenter though !
  •  23: a number from a show you have never seen live but wish you could Could we start again please? (Jesus Christ Superstar) its really sad!
  •  24: a number performed by a favorite female West End star On My Own from Les Mis performed by Rosalind James from the 25th anniversary tour production it had a really blue-sy feel. She really made it her own, I still think a lot of the other covers of it are a much of a muchness….yeah she put a stamp on that song!
  •  25: a number performed by a favorite male West End star Music of the Night by John Owen-Jones or Empty Chairs at Empty Tables by Gareth Gates -stunning !
  • 26: a number by a favorite composer Close Every Door To Me from Joseph by Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber!
  •  27: a number by a favorite choreographer Riverdance is pretty epic…(it was sort of musical in parts)
  • 28: a number you would love to perform if you were of the opposite sex Why God Why? Miss Saigon ❤
  • 29: a number you have performed I haven’t ….one day I’d LOVE TO, I can sing I just don’t have enough confidence to sing in front of others !!
  • 30: a number you would love to perform in the future Everything’s All right (Jesus Christ Superstar), Out here on My Own (Fame), or I Still Believe from Miss Saigon! CHOON !!!!
                                     THE END (Roll Credits)

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