Today marks the 10th anniversary since the final of Pop Idol 2002 between Will Young and Gareth Gates so I felt it was only right to write a blog post !

Remember these 3….of course you do! Darius Campbell (formally Danesh), Gareth Gates and Will Young…the final 3 from the first series of Pop Idol in 2002.  The votes were pretty close between Will and Gareth however Will Young was crowned the winner.

Pop Idol 2002 was one of the first singing talent show series in the UK. The final of the first series of Pop Idol in February 2002 received the highest-ever one-night vote for a UK TV show, making the show one of ITV‘s most profitable.

I was quite surprised by Simon Cowell

Even though Gareth Gates was sacked by Simon Cowell’s record label (then Called Sony BMG) at the beginning of 2006, Cowell has stated that he struggles to watch the 2002 final of Pop Idol as it makes him feel physically sick. He wanted Gareth Gates to win, NOT Will Young. He spoke out on the first episode of ITV1’s The Talent Show Story stating “I thought he (Will Young) was obnoxious, full of himself. I thought this will be interesting. You don’t like me, I don’t like you… and nothing’s changed particularly. I still can’t watch the final because I was really disappointed.”

Simon also states how much he liked Gareth, “When I first saw him I hoped he could sing. He looked great and then he couldn’t talk. I really liked Gareth and wanted him to win. I remember feeling it in my stomach, I felt sick. That’s how much it affected me. It shouldn’t but it did.”


Will Young continues to be a very successful recording artist and has now released 5 albums to date and is still under Simon Cowell’s record label. Not to mention he has starred in films playing the role of “Bertie” in the 2005 film “Mrs Henderson Presents” starring the legends Dame Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins. His latest album “Echoes” was released in the summer of 2011 featuring the single “Jealousy” it has received good reviews. This year he is doing a “Forest Gig tour” in the summer of 2012.

Gareth Gates had 3 albums and has since moved on to pursue a successful career in musical theatre starring as Joseph (2009), Marius in Les Miserables on tour (2009-2010)  and then in the West End (2010-2011). This year will see him play the lead role of Claude the long-haired leader of a hippy tribe in the musical “Hair” in the 2012 UK Tour . He also joint owns a chain of drama schools which he joint manages with another West end Star Jonathon Wilkes. . Not to mention all his continuous hard work for the McGuire programme a course for stammerers. He has made a documentary for BBC3 called “Stop My Stutter” which is due to be aired on BBC3 on the 27th of February at 9pm.

Darius has also starred in musicals and Played Rhett Butler in “Gone with the wind” and more recently Billy Flynn in Chicago in London’s West End. He won the tv series “Popstar to OperaStar” back in early 2010 his voice was GORGEOUS, deep, rich and full of emotion-he was a very worthy winner!

I wish them all the best for the future, and look forward to seeing Gareth Gates in Hair in April 2012 . You can read more about them on their websites :

Will Young :

Gareth Gates :

Darius Campbell :



2 thoughts on “The Pop Idol 2002 final..10 years on !!

  1. Very nice to read an update on the three lad’s careers, Darius I know, has done so much more than you’ve outlined but I understand it was a brief synopsis. Good to read a nice unbiased review.

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