Derek Acorah is most well-known for his appearances on the television show “Most Haunted” back in the 00’s. He claimed to have a guide who was a spirit named Sam who would tell him facts about the spirits and the places they visited (a bit weird if you ask me) The programme was designed to capture footage of poltergeists from supposedly haunted venues across the UK. The show ran for a few years the latest team including ex- Blue Peter presenter Yvette Feilding and resident parapsychologist Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe.

Yvette Feilding was EXTREMELY annoying normally she’d over react to the littlest noise or react to something that the camera hadn’t even picked up screaming “Oh my god what was that?” most of the time ! I still believe that most of that was acting.

O’Keeffe outed Acorah as a fake he stated : “In my professional opinion we’re not dealing with a genuine medium. When Derek is possessed he is doing it consciously – all we are seeing is showmanship and dramatics.” He went a step further at Craigievar Castle, near Aberdeen.”I made up stories about Richard the Lionheart, a witch, and Richard’s apparition appearing to walk through a wardrobe – the lion, the witch and the wardrobe!” True to form, Derek mentioned all Ciaran’s stories – even though Richard I reigned 500 years BEFORE Craigievar Castle was built.The final straw came last month when Most Haunted presented a three-night special from Manchester. On the second evening, the show claimed to be broadcasting live from the site of Cheadle’s Victorian asylum, a place where – according to presenter David Bull – thousands died in torment. In fact they were in the derelict remains of Barnes Convalescence Home – where nobody died in torment.

O’Keeffe remembers: “Derek was communicating with spirits that sounded as if they’d been in an asylum, but it was never an asylum.” Yesterday the Mirror confronted Derek Acorah with Ciaran’s allegations. He told us: “I’ve worked with Ciaran for many shows and he’s got every right to say what he says. He continued : “However, it does shock and surprise me. Not only do I believe that I am a genuine medium – I live my work 24 hours a day. If I thought that I wasn’t a true medium, I wouldn’t work as one.”

What do I believe ?

I’m not sure what to think. I believe that the TV series “Most Haunted” was extremely staged. No-one would ever experience that much paranormal phenomena at any one time it was a bit extreme. Every episode seemed to have a similar format. We were told where the venue was, a bit of background history and of supposed ghosts that were haunting the location. The Medium Derek Acorah (and then David Wells who I have to say was far more convincing- at least he didn’t do the ridiculous ‘possession’ thing !!) were supposed to be completely oblivious of the location and came out with information as they went along. The viewer at home never actually saw anything except orbs which could have easily been camera trickery or specs of dust and how easy is it to make loud unexpected banging noises to get a reaction from the rest of the cast and crew? Its TOO simple ! (That’s just my personal opinion)

Footage showing that the show was more than likely a fraud

I have just come across this piece of footage which might be the ultimate piece of proof that the show is completely set up (you might have to copy and paste it into Youtube) but you’ll have to see for yourselves!!

So …….What do you think is Most Haunted fake ?


91 thoughts on “Was Derek Acorah/ The Most Haunted series fake?

  1. There was never any doubt after watching first bunch of episodes that the show was fake. The same goes for Ghost Hunters and Taps what i dont understand is why people are getting all worked up about it….its not fraud or hoax its entertainment!

  2. Hi Sophie A few years ago, my OH did some work at Dudley Castle, UK. He was told by a curator there, that, although the Castle was indeed haunted, he had witnessed the ‘said medium’ viewing portraits and reading the ‘bumph’ about the people in them…. Interesting article 🙂

  3. No self-respecting poltergeist would let itself be recorded. There are lots of weird inexplicable things going on in the world (millions of people believe there’s a white-bearded omnipotent fella up in the clouds watching the terrible things we’re doing to the planet and one another and doing bugger all about it), why not just leave it at that? Weird and inexplicable. Have faith, Sophie.

      1. Sophie I agree but it is addictive .! I Have a lot of respect for David Wells but Mr Kafer oh dear! he is still charging 20 pounds for his live show . Reminds me of the alas smith and Jones sketch!

  4. I’ve had lots of peculiar experiences that I can’t explain (yet) but ghosties and such, especially of the kind “on” these shows, puzzle me. If it were possible to come back from some future life to communicate with folk still in this one, would you not go back and communicate with loved ones and friends? Why would ghosts of strangers bother to haunt strangers? Why would the communications always be virtually meaningless – if you’d struggled back here you’d want to say something pithy or useful, surely!

    Derek and co are just entertainment (and not terribly good at being entertainment either)!

  5. Most haunted was/is a complete load of rubbish and certainly faked for TV. However the sixth sense/intuition/mediumship/psychic ability (all one and the same. Call it what you like) as well as hands on/spiritual/natural/reiki healing (call that what you like. All one and the same) are genuine abilities and perfectly natural IMHO. I believe with good reason we all have these as human beings. If anyone truly seeks the answers they are all there and you certainly don’t need to look hard or far to find them. Religion and Science (mainstream) have a lot to lose by its unveiling as a fact but sure as the sun exists so do those abilities within us all!

  6. I would also like to add… You don’t need to be a Medium, Spiritualist, Psychic, Reiki Master or have any other label or qualification for something which is simply a natural ability.

  7. Yes, I do. I remember watching it in Scotland when it first began and laughing, being rather entertained by the dramatics and over the top acting but I was entertained none the less.

  8. I like to watch these shows mainly because I enjoy a good ghost story. The melodramatic tone of the hosts can be really funny. My favorite is Zak Bagans on “Ghost Hunters.” The credibility of such shows is immediately undermined by the fact that they want and need good ratings. That right there makes me skeptical about what the producers might do to enhance the spooky factor.

    1. It is funny isn’t it! I don’t watch “Ghost Hunters” but like “Most Haunted” I imagine it’s just a spoof! Oh I’m really skeptical about these programmes!

  9. I’ve always desperately WANTED to find something that was ‘supernatural’. Ghosts, fairies (the garden kind), psychic powers — anything. And nothing has passed even an initial observation.

    Well, except for one thing. When I was a Field Producer for Nightline back in the 80’s, I was sent to do a story on Flying Saucers because it was the 40th anniversary of the first time the term was used (in a newspaper headline about a sighting in Seattle). My boss told me that he didn’t want any of these “nut jobs” but I should find a respected scientist who’d looked into these things.

    After two days, I came back and told him that–by definition–any scientist who investigated flying saucers wasn’t respected.

    Anyway, this was before the whole space aliens thing had become the massive entertainment industry it is now and I got to poke around Roswell and talk to the guy in NY who was hypnotizing abduction victims and read the MJ-12 papers and whatever. Everyone involved asked me the same question, “Do you believe in flying saucers?”

    I answered, “Why do I have to ‘believe’? No one asks me if I ‘believe’ in Ollie North but I still do stories about Iran-Contra all the time.”

    Anyway, I finished the story and it ran and it was interesting. But what was really fun was the interview with the UP reporter in Roswell who sent the original wire story about the aliens being dead in the crash. He was working for a good friend of mine and was clearly not crazy and he showed me a yellowed copy of the original story. He said that all the other copies had been removed from UP offices across the country and he talked about being threatened for years by government agents (yes, dressed in black). His best line — which he had given to another reporter a couple of years before–was when he was asked, “were there dead aliens at the crash site?”

    :Well, they weren’t all dead.”

    We also interviewed the son of the Army officer who brought whatever was found at Roswell over to the main Airbase. He was a dentist in Bismark, ND. He said his father woke him up that night and showed him bits and pieces of what he’d found — and that his dad said that when he arrived at the AFB, he was shoved into a room where a weather balloon was laid out and ordered to say it was what he’d brought in.

    After the show ran and nothing was proved and whatever, I was approached by a group of the UFO investigators and worked over for hours about doing another show. They said that there was a alien ambassador living in Washington–in an apartment overlooking a YWCA–and essentially, they didn’t like us humans much and there was a global conspiracy to keep it all quiet. I said that it wasn’t really all that interesting but that I would guarantee a Nightline broadcast the same day that they produced the alien. They said the revelation of aliens would cause panic and I said that was crap…in two days we’d be leading with stories on something else.

    The cool thing there was that I knew that the Capitol Hill Pages Hostel was in a building that had once been a YWCA and fitted the location perfectly. They didn’t know this and had been wandering the Hill looking for the place.


    There was never a story with enough evidence to go on and I still don’t ‘believe’ in flying saucers. I certainly ‘believe’ in government conspiracies and there is quite a bit of evidence of government BS about the Roswell story and yet there are virtually no other secrets from the 1940s that haven’t been released. So why would government officials be interested in maintaining some sort of false story about Roswell?

    Well, if there was a live alien still hanging around DC and demanding privacy, that would be a fairly good reason.

      1. I have no idea where that lengthy comment came from! I mean, it’s all true: I just have no idea why it came out of my fingers today.

        ah well. That’s the way I write books, too.

  10. Hi Sophie. Saw you had a peek/see on my site and thought I’d stop by.
    I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but I’m a huge fan of paranormal shows. Oh, I’m sure most, if not all, are hogwash, but the ‘what if’ factor keeps drawing me back. My favorite here in the US is Dead Files. The medium is a flake, prone to exaggeration, but the creepy ambience of the show keeps me hooked.
    I, myself, am a believer. I’ve seen too much in my own family not to be. My mother could be spookily accurate with her premonitions and tarot card reading when I was young, so when she said she had seen ghosts, dammit…I believed!

  11. Hello Sophie. Thank you for visiting my story Elizabeth Catherine Dubois chapter one! I so appreciate your stopping by.

    And, off my story, I too love thes paranormal reality program’s and have an interest in tbem because I have actually photographed paranormal beings on different cell phones. Which I’ve only altered by enlarging them and one I put a yellow lens to enhance the pic.

    I’ve tried to find someone who could help me understand what I’ve captured. So, if you know anyone, please send me there contact.

    Much appreciated.

  12. I’d say its fake, simply because its structured, scripted, scheduled programming. Trust your intuition, if you get a strong sense of something not right, there’s a good reason – call it your sixth sense or BS-o-meter. Sometimes I think these shows discredit everyone by tarring them with the same brush.

  13. like all the other so called paranormal ivestigating shows out there always thought most haunted was actully staged in some parts for one no real ghost would ever let themselves be on camera and too would proably cause so much super natural stuff that the investigators would wind up needing a shrink after words. for like other reality tv most haunted is proably partialy faked in parts.

  14. While I do believe in ghosts etc, I think Most Haunted was a fake. i read a really interesting book a number of years ago, which unfortunately i can’t remember the title of right now, but it was a journalist investigating supernatural claims. It was really well balanced, but he visited the Most Haunted set during one series filming and claimed to have sen a script that set out when Derek et al would get feelings/messages etc before they even began. Of course I can’t verify the book was right but the writer did seem very fair in his overall analysis so i tended to believe it was true. 🙂

    1. Hello! I also believe that most haunted was very much scripted. Derek Acorah was just ridiculous, especially when he became ‘possessed’ it was just a lot of nonsense! That book sounds really interesting! Thanks for commenting/reading my work!

  15. Everyone wants to be risklessly scared. So if folks like derek and his buddy ‘Sam’ supply a demand and no=one is hurt, where’s the harm in that? When the stage magician saws the lady in half you know it’s all an illusion, a trick, and the magician never claims anything but. So we have a demand being filled with a supply, Free Market Enterprise at work, and where’s the harm in that?

    (What was that, Sam? Oh … okay, I’ll tell them … thanks Sam.)

    People don’t like admitting they’ve been made fools of, Sam says. And he should know …

      1. its really difficult not to like derek. very cool. even now. i guess somewhere in the country there was a university bar named after him x

  16. Do schools really award doctoral degrees in parapsychology? I’m a psych doctoral candidate, and I’ve never heard of it. 🙂

  17. As an actual ‘psychic’ (don’t like the term) ‘intuitive’ is better, I’ve never really had much faith in dearest Derek. But everybody’s abilities are different, and he’s being quite well for himself fake or not, so I guess he must be doing something right! lol
    Thanks for the entertaining read and for stopping by my blog and liking what I do 😉

  18. Just have to join in- my husband is a massive fan of Most Haunted-why??? Derek Acorah is a total fake- decided that after watching him in the Haworth episode where he senses the ghost of Marie Bronte in a pub! Clearly got it muddled up with the Parsonage where she did live before dying there as a child!! Bad research! Also took my husband to see Mr A’s live show- very much your typical “medium” – fishing until he got a “lucky guess” of someone’s Mum trying to make contact through Sam. Husband still a fan of the programme- we wait with bated breathe for the first mention of a negative soul or evil person! Oh and Stuart to fall over something!
    I do believe in a sixth sense- we all have one, it’s just how much you can tune into it!

    1. My Gran and Nan watch “Most Haunted” I roll my eyes every single time! Of course he’s a fraud! Yeah I believe in the 6th sense too and I believe you can receive messages from Angels in the form of white feathers. We found a fair few in random places around the house after my Auntie died!

  19. Can’t help thinking that any “medium” who tries to make money by giving people tortological messages from the dead is a fraud. If a person really received messages from our dearly departed, they would be tormented beyond belief, but if they really had spirit guides they’d have access to respite, and insight making them able to hold down respectable jobs and be decent members of society, maybe then they could even use their “gifts” to further human enlightenment.

  20. I still love the show – so entertaining. I HATE Derek, always have I do Like Mr Wells though. I prefer the Ghost Hunters series though as they at least try to use some scientific methods and equipment and they DON’T get bombarded with stones every five minutes LOL

    1. Hi! Yeah, David Wells was okay actually. Scientific methods seem better but I think you have to take any of these programmes with a large pinch of salt!

  21. The great mystery with such shows, is why people watch them! They completely waste their time, with fakes and flakes like those people. Thanks for the video that proves that it is all staged (Mary loves Dick… laughed the first time he said it) , but I had made up my mind way before this.

  22. I’m an amateur paranormal investigator and I have seen ant witnessed some pretty weird stuff. I once was knocked completely down and wasn’t able to move. I’m a firm believer BUT I do know that there are some shows and such that are fake. I never watched Most Haunted. Couldn’t get into it because I did believe it was fake. GhostHunters has been accused of being fake but I don’t think they are.I think the producers tried early on to goad them into it but in the end, I think they didn’t. Anyway shows that are fake and claim to be real only hinders the serious ones.

  23. Even if the guy is a ‘fake’, this type of show is an allegory for the monsters under your own bed. Besides, don’t we all live with our own demons. I believe. Boo!!!

  24. I’ve rarely seen such a load of drivel as that particular program. The silly in the dark photography and stupid bright staring eyes, just made me laugh out loud. That was it for me really and after the first show I never looked at that junk again. I live in a house built around 1650/60 and it creaks, contracts, knocks and goodness knows what else, especially at night as the house cools down from the day. I’ve been in it (and my wife spent months in it whilst I was traveling the world jobwise) for more than 35 years and neither she nor myself have ever had any silly “experiences”. And as to “cold spots” – the relevance escapes me. Just live in an old house in this climate!
    Have to go now as there’s someone knocking on the door – or is it behind that wall!!!!! Shriek . . . .LOL

  25. Very interesting! I’m here in the us & I haven’t watched this show but I will bs checking out YOUTUBE and catching up on it. I like a hop spooky story lol

  26. i think the production team *wanted* it to be true, but soon realised that Acorah was a bit of a fraud. I understand that in the run up to one taping they started to build up a story of a completely made up character, ensuring it was drip fed to Acorah, and sure enough……this fully formed fictional character “turned up” during taping. Another favourite (alleged) quote is when they’re in a pyramid and Acorah goes “I feel the presence of a very powerful man” (err “that would be the pharoah buried here you t**t”).

    I do believe there are things we dont know and cant see. I also believe that spirits would not hang around Derek Acorah in order to appear on tv!

    1. I think they all got really carried away! Ahh I haven’t seen the pyramid episode, is that a newer one? HA! I know a lot of it is common sense.
      I also believe in ghosts and things that we cannot explain, but as you say why on earth would spirits make their presence known on some silly UK TV programme!

  27. The discussions are fascinating, interesting issue you raised here. Most shows are playing with views and trying to see how they could steal your emotions. Anyway, I am glad you realised.

  28. Sophie, I agree, it is so easy to fake things that go bump in the night on these shows, it it hard to take them seriously.

  29. Audiences have been falling for–and enjoying–this quackery for centuries. It really comes down to who’s the better fake. Acorah sounds like one of the less talented.

  30. It is or is not fake – but it is a television diversion. We are talking about it because at one time or other (or we still do) we have watched it. The BEST movie to me about such is Poltergiest. THEY’RE HERE!

  31. There’s this new-ish series from the states ‘Truth Hunters’ where the presenter sounds as if he has a hot potato in his throat. Nippy as, but they get to go everywhere and try and recreate scenes others faked or shot….you know the tune. Anyways, same old as what you’re talking about here.
    South Park’s take about this kind of crap is the best I’ve seen on it so far. In fact friends and I witnessed a Ouji spirit for all of ten minutes moving around with us not physically touching the glass and decided to go get some real spirits that were more entertaining at the local. There is some kind of universal energy we will understand better soon and there is also the law of attraction. It’s all quantum and explainable like Gestalt and Ganzfield but not so paranormal. Open your eyes or close them and be careful what you wish for…oh and turn of the bloody telly sometimes or at least the sound and the lack of incidental music will soon sure any addiction for these drivels of entertainment.

  32. If you want to see overacting watch an episode of Ghost Adventures. That show is extremely annoying.

  33. Hi Sphie, just read your blog hunted stuff intriques me…never watched the program. interesting and looked at some of the comments, interesting to..nice job and thank you for liking my zazzle sale. so nice of you..I think I will follow you…sounds like you come upw with some interesting things

  34. Thanks for such an interesting piece. I have had all sorts of unexplained experiences but I think the TV show was a fake or at lest not very well done and playing to people’s fears. I have done research into Mediums, Clairvoyants and White Witches, and so forth and still cannot make up my mind. I researched for a TV programme many years ago and wrote a short story about it which can be found on my author blog at I read the piece about UFO’s too and, again, I have seen things I cannot explain, but I am still open-minded. Congrats on a lovely blog and interesting posts and comments.

  35. Hello and first I wanted to say Thank you for liking a post second I love a good ghost scare even on Halloween .I used to watch that show and I agree a fake that male medium is always possessed if you asked me .I do believe there is strange things that we can not explain because ever since I was a kid strange things happen Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean they are not there:) But anyways Most Haunted was a laugh. Speak of Ghosts I am watching Ghost Adventures .How he tell stories and where he goes is cool:)

    1. Ah no problem at all.
      I do really enjoy supernatural films.
      I believe in ghosts and the unexplained, but Most Haunted was the biggest load of crap!
      -Ghost Adventures sounds fun! 😉

  36. Hi Sophie..great to see you raise the question of the paranormal…I never watch the show you are talking about…yet just about everyday I see shadows of angels..or light that does not belong..friends who have past on.. have come to me mostly in my sleep..and they have messages..I was very young when I could see these shadows..and they come to me in many forms and in pictures I take..mostly around sunset…or in spiritual places…maybe its because of my near death experience as a is mostly very “normal” to me…..I will share more sometime about what people have seen in my aura sometime… your the “after life” is the “normal” life for me…feeling we all can connect if we open to it…

    …I’ve been told I am kind of like that Psychic from New Jersey ..yet I do not approach people in stores and brother told me when I was younger to ask people first if they want to know something…I have been known to be cleaning teeth and a spirit comes in to want to talk to my patient..I have done readings like this when they are in my chair..definitely has to be a very open person to do this…Heart to Heart Robyn

    (I also came from a VERY traditional family)…so sometimes this scared husband is cool with all of it though…love u girl…Feeling your loving Grandma energy as I write this…

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