This blog post is going to be slightly random but oh well……

Today has been an example of a day when I really, really need to have better organisation skills. Earlier I was sat at Chester station half freezing to death (even though I was inside) due to the fact that I missed the last train and the next one wasn’t until 14.30pm! Travelling on a Sunday…not one of my best ideas but there you go welcome to the world of Sophie Bowns!

I have many faults when it comes to organisation…I seem to have a phobia about ringing my placements god knows why and used to leave it until a few days before. Hence the reason why now I just go in and speak to the ward manager or a member of staff and find out my shifts that way.

I am one of the ‘blondest’ people you could meet well you’d think that I was blonde, I have mousey brown hair so I can’t even use that as an excuse!!! …it’s not the worst fault I could have I suppose, I’d rather be slightly daft than a bitch for example. I have ‘blonde’ moments every single day of my life normally it’s when I’m tired… I often forget everything and say and do daft things I don’t know how my friends put up with me good job they’re all lovely!

I have no spacial awareness

I also have no special awareness and quite often seem to get lost…that’s really not a good idea especially being a student nurse and working in a hospital setting. We all know that hospitals can be confusing to find your way around luckily it is well sign posted so I’ve never gone too far wrong.

I used to HATE taking room service trays to guests rooms in the hotel that I used to work at….normally I’d just hide when I knew there was one being made up (ooops) When I’d not long started I got lost carrying one. The staff weren’t very happy. I avoided doing them after that!!

On a more positive note…..

This blog post has turned a bit negative so I should probably throw some more things in there making it positive. I’m quite a kind person and try not to bitch too much as it can be very hurtful. I know from experience. I hate reading comments on places like Facebook. As much as I love twitter that can be an extremely bitchy place. I hate it when you know that the post is aimed at you! I’d much rather if someone had a problem with me that they told me to my face! So yeah I generally try to be nice…I’m very opinionated though and will always express my opinion if it is something that I’m passionate about… good job we have ‘freedom of speech in England’ otherwise I’d be dead by now !!!! (Just a thought)

So yeah….. as a conclusion I’m extremely daft but at least I’m nice !


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