I adore musicals as you all know (or should do by now :P) …this may be a slightly morbid topic….however I am going to compile a list of scenes from musicals that I consider to be the saddest moments…here goes….

7) The final lair scene Phantom of the Opera

Many people probably wouldn’t consider this scene sad however when I was lucky enough to see the show in December 2010 I was moved to tears. John Owen-Jones is one of the most underrated musical theatre stars ever. The way he portrays the emotions and madness of the Phantom is completely breathtaking. He is infatuated with Christine Daae who is the female soprano in the Opera Populaire however she is in love with Raoul the Vicomte De Chagny who is the patron of the theatre. This causes dilemmas and tragedy through the show and nearly resolves in Raoul being murdered. “Take the boat and swear to me never to tell the secrets you know of the angel in hell” are some of the Phantoms final words to them, he has never known love and his hatred for people has turned to madness. I wasn’t in the least bit surprised when John-Owen Jones received a standing ovation at the end.

6) The death of Eva Peron – Evita

I don’t particularly like this musical….I should I guess because it is a piece of world history based around Eva Peron’s rise to fame in the 1940’s/1950’s in Argentina. Madonna received quite a lot of criticism for playing the lead role in the 1996 film. I think she was good although she doesn’t have the strongest voice. Still the death scene was really moving I cannot watch that scene without tears trickling down my cheeks when she died so young, way before her time. The sadness in Madonna’s voice always moves me!

5) Claude’s death Hair

I have to say Claude’s death is pretty sad. I watched it on YouTube today and had a cry…I’m an emotional person OKAY !! Its pretty tragic, Claude is the leader of a group of hippies called “The Tribe” in 1960’s America but eventually ends up leaving them and joining the Vietnam war to respect his parents wishes even though it is against what he believes in. He ends up getting shot dead during the song reprise “ain’t got no.” His body is revealed lying upon the American Flag …it’s so sad, I watched it today for the first time and cried !! I wonder how I will cope when Gareth Gates plays the role of Claude on Tour this year? I imagine I’ll be getting pretty emotional !!

4) Fantine’s death Les Mis


Hmmmm I think this blog post may be becoming a little bit to “Les Mis” orientated. To be fair 29 people die in the 3 hours of the show so it would be almost impossible for it not to have the saddest musical theatre scenes in it. This scene made me so emotional…Fantine is dying and singing for her daughter who she knows that she will never see again. Jean Valjean promises her that “Your Child will want for nothing” and then “and none will ever harm Cosette as long as I am living”

(this image is from Fantine’s arrest I couldn’t find the actual one)

3) Jean Valjean’s death Les Mis (Epilogue)

I beyond love Les Miserables…Jean Valjeans death is so sad as it is the concluding scene of the whole show. Valjean (John Owen Jones) is ill and dying. At his wedding Marius (Gareth Gates) is blackmailed and discovered that Valjean saved his life at the barricade after he confesses all. I have to say that it is one of the most moving musical endings ever its the beautiful music and lyrics. There wasn’t a dry eye in the theatre hence why the cast received a full house standing ovation on both occasions that I was lucky enough to see the show.

2) Jesus’s crucifixion (Superstar) : Jesus Christ Superstar 

This scene is AWFUL !! I’m not surprised that it caused such an outrage amongst Christians as it’s a very controversial subject. The show becomes very morbid in the second act after Jesus’s trial before Pontious Pilate…he is sentenced to death, imprisoned and then beaten. The crucifixion scene is brutal really messy and bloody especially in the 2000 version! The song John 19:41 is the song that really gets me; when Jesus is dying on the cross (as I’ve probably mentioned before in a previous blog post)

1) Eponine’s Death :  A little fall of rain from Les Miserables

Gareth Gates and Rosalind James  (2010)

 (Gareth Gates & Samantha Barks 2011)

Ok at number 1 it’s  “A Little Fall of Rain” from Les Mis….and it just HAD to be the Gareth Gates and Rosalind James version from 2010’s 25th anniversary tour of Les Miserables (I just thought I’d throw in an extra picture from the London Production too) It’s actually amazing and moved me to tears both times that I saw the show. It was heart breaking…the duet between Eponine and Marius when Eponine is dying. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the theatre as it was so dramatic and moving.

I’ve seen it being sung before where there has been a serious lack of emotion…take Nick Jonas for an example he’s not exactly a bad singer but his acting skills are TERRIBLE, yeah he really didn’t pull this song off as you have to be able to skillfully act your way through it to portray the emotion ! Michael Ball was also superb at this song, but his days of playing Marius in Les Mis are long gone !

These are the top 7 in my opinion …what are your thoughts ?


13 thoughts on “The saddest musical scenes….(In my opinion of course!)

  1. I would these are prob my top 7 too,though i’ve not watched the Hair one yet I can imagine how sad it is especially when Gareth Gates will play the part.

    the first time I seen the Les Mis tour(never having seen the london one before) I cried at the parts you mentioned,after that I didn’t but I had seen the 10th anniversary dvd lots of times in the past years and cried each time,but the one show that never fails to make me cry is Phantom,including the film.

  2. My top scene from Les Miserables is when the barricade turns around and you realize everyone has been killed and Enjolras is sprawled, hanging over the edge dead.

    I just discovered The Last Five Years by Jason Robert Brown. A heartbreaking story about the break up of a marriage. I’m completely obsessed with it. I watched videos posted on YouTube and literally sobbed.

    Also, Blood Brothers. Twins separated at birth and in the end, one kills the other. The heartbreaking song, “Tell Me It’s Not True” sung by Michael Ball is fantastic.

    1. Ah yeah that is a very sad scene in Les Mis. My favourite version of Les Mis was the 2010- 25th anniversary tour! But I still find Eponine’s death incredibly sad…the acting was WONDERFUL! I loved Rosalind James as Eponine and Gareth Gates as Marius !!

      I have never seen “The Last Five Years” I’d have to have a look on Youtube. Yes Blood Brothers is also quite sad,….but no musical has EVER touched me as much as Les Miserables !

  3. Got me thinking – yes, the death of Evita definitely the saddest; Grace’s death in Avatar; the funeral in Four Weddings and a Funeral; the funeral in Love Actually….now I’m trying to think of happiest scenes! All the best 🙂

    1. Oh god the funeral scene in Love Actually is AWFUL !! It broke my heart! John Coffey’s death in the Green Mile and Jude Law’s death in Cold Mountain are also soooo sad!

  4. All spot on! I, too, am a musical lover and have seen them all (except HAIR which I now have to do.) If you have seen the movie production of Les Mis would like your thoughts. I am supposed to go next week and have mixed feelings. Not sure if it can come close to the stage production!

    1. Hello!
      I saw Les Mis & LOVED it! Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway & Eddie Redmayne stole the film for me it is absolutely wonderful & in my opinion a “must see” It is quite different to the stage production ! x

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