I have to say after watching “Pushy and Proud…Botox Mum” I have been left feeling pretty disgusted actually. The programme followed forceful mothers who were determined for their daughters to make something of themselves through their self-image; how deep!!


Sarah Burge classes her self as a celebrity and I suppose that in today’s society she is. Sarah trained for theatre school and when it came to job audition she was told that she was to fat, to tall etc. Finally she got a job for a leading fashion house and went “on the rampage” . She was with an abusive partner and stated that the man had “beaten her to a pulp” and she had “lost her face”. Now aged 45 she’s had over £40,000 worth of plastic surgery and 50 procedures and is known as “the real life Barbie.” When it comes to surgery pretty much its a case of you name it and she’s had it done from liposuction to breast enhancements. Personally I think it just shows that she is either incredibly self obsessed or that she has low self-esteem and she thinks that changing her looks dramatically will make her inner self feel better. Well she is so very wrong!

She caused a media outrage when she gave her 7-year-old daughter Poppy a “boob job” and “liposuction voucher” for the future. I do think its a bit ridiculous but it’s not like she’s making her have them then and there aged 7 is it !!! Sarah wanted Poppy to start beauty pageants and the “mini-miss world” goal for 6-11 year olds. Poppy was very confident verging on ‘cocky’. Apparently Poppy loved it and wanted to do it again.

The were all invited to a charity football match. She was adamant that they all looked their best. 16-year-old Sophie didn’t approve of following in her step Mums footsteps. The girls tried to grab media attention but Sarah got the most attention “why would you give your daughter a voucher for a boob job when you don’t know how she is going to look, she should just let her grow naturally…making her fake at 7 years old” Sarah wouldn’t answer her questions and just walked away.

Her oldest daughter Charlotte (27) like her mum was very self-obsessed and felt that beauty was the most important things to focus on. Her other 2 daughters didn’t want to pursue that type of career.


Hayley was determined for her daughter Stacey to have cosmetic surgery to improve her chances as a model. When going to the clinic Hayley was more excited than Stacey about the consultation. Top of the list was Stacey’s ears, Hayley said they stick out. The doctor stated that her ears were fine and was surprised that Hayley was saying it rather than her daughter. Her mother then said her lips were “too thin”- they were quite thin but there was nothing wrong with them. She wanted breast enlargements from a 32C to a 32DD they were in proportion to her body again she was warned that they would be very large in proportion to her. Stacey couldn’t have the treatment for another 2 months but her mum was willing to take out a large loan to help her out.


Annette is determined to manage her daughter Paige’s career. 16-year-old Paige believes that she will be more successful after having a boob-job. Annette stated that she would support her. She entered her for a beauty pageant and her mum made her a dress however Paige wasn’t happy and wanted to wear something more “glitzy” Her Mum ended up buying her a new dress. For Annette the date of the competition was the last chance for her to get her daughter into modelling. She was part of a modelling competition as the results were announced and the results were disappointing for Annette when the prize of a sash was awarded to someone else.

The main issues with the programme

The main problems that I discovered were the fact that the mothers wanted their daughters to succeed more than they did-it should have been the other way around. I’m really against pushy parents. Mine encouraged me of course, but they never forced me to do anything I didn’t want to do. For example when I used to play the Clarinet but had 2 really poor teachers and had lost all interest. Luckily I got my original teacher back again who was great but by that point I had lost most interest. A part of me wanted to quit but my Mum said well just get to Grade 5. As it happened I managed to achieve grade 5 in the winter of 2007 and I had my GCSE’s that upcoming suffer so revision took priority over practicing for that anyway !!

I disagree with the program-me and feel that as a parent you should be there to support and encourage your child but to never force them to do anything that they do not want to do !


13 thoughts on ““Pushy and Proud : Botox mum”

      1. I wrote a full analysed response to your blog about various problems with the text, which happened to take me a fair while to do, and it hasn’t appeared. Disappointed.

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  2. I’ve been trying to find this show online but I’m unable too!! Do you know where I can download this show or where I would be able to watch it?? I’m in the USA!

  3. ahh yeah I have tried youtube, I’m always directed towards SkyOne I think it is because it’s available on there but I don’t know how to work it and I don’t think it would work. I started watching the program when I was in the UK but was only there a few weeks so I didn’t get to see this one!!

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