My Super Sweet 16 is a popular TV show normally shown on MTV. It follows a group of 16 year olds the programme initially started in America but then they made a UK version.


I saw one where Lauren wanted to throw the biggest party that Essex had ever seen. Her Dad was a successful jeweler and spent around £100,000 on her party…she wore 2 designer dresses and the artist Kayno performed at her party. Lauren arrived at The Savoy in an Aston Martin convertible, flanked by three George Clooney lookalikes.

Her bold pink made-to-order silk dress, painstakingly designed over two months, cost £3,000 and glitters softly courtesy of 100 Swarovski crystals individually sewn on to the fabric.She is wore a £28,000 diamond watch and £1,000 pink sapphire diamond ring. As she stepped out of the car and on to the red carpet at the luxury London hotel, she was greeted by the flash of cameras from hundreds of screaming fans.


The one I am watching is following Claudia from Northern Island whose party is a Mafia style. She doesn’t seem to be too much of a brat (surprisingly) The venue looked pretty incredible but she had a massive strop when her sister had put old pictures of her around the room. When wearing her dress she stated “I look the best, I look incredible” after seeing her sisters dress…how very modest of her. The party looked a bit naff if I’m honest, considering how much was spent. She made a huge fuss when it was time for her to do her dance refusing to do it. She did the dance but didn’t really pull it off very well, looking very awkward…I can’t really comment as I’m an awful dancer! but why attempt to do a routine if you cannot pull off the moves?!

She received diamond earrings from her parents and a HORSE!! what a random present !  as well as that she got a “Range Rover Sports” that’s just ridiculous….she can’t legally drive for at LEAST another year! She was quite grateful for her presants but then how would she have reacted if she hadn’t received them?


The next episode followed an extremely camp Freddy who was an absolute BRAT “I am the most outspoken and flamboyant teenager in the north east…I am like the Paris Hilton of Scarborough” OH DEAR !! He clearly loved himself and like the others was so materialistic. His budget was limitless. He wanted to sing at his party and stated “I’m going to sing at my party and I’m going to be AMAZING.” If I’m honest he was pretty average verging on not being able to sing !

The father of this self obsessed waste of space was an idiot. He stated that money was not an issue, he just wanted his son to be happy.  The party was held at Freddy’s family’s hotel, The Palm Court Hotel, in St Nicholas Cliff.He arrived in a convertible Bentley and the footage was streamed live to his waiting guests inside.The guests were then treated to a performance by The Saturdays, one of the country’s top new groups and Freddy’s favourites. Freddy said: “They were amazing and that was definitely the highlight of the whole thing. At the time it was filmed they were fairly well-known and now they huge.”

Issues with the programme

The show depicts that some families have FAR TOO MUCH MONEY whilst others have none. The children on this programme think nothing of spending £2,000 on a crystal encrusted dress or the amazing car that each brat receives at the end of each episode. Worldwide there are 2.8 BILLION people who live on less than £2 a day whilst these people are frivolous and selfish with their spending ! I’m sure that most of them just go on the show for their 30 minutes of fame ! They didn’t do anything to dis-serve fame THEY BOUGHT IT with Daddy’s money !!


One thought on “What the teenagers need most on My Super Sweet 16 UK is a slap !!

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