1) I have 2 middle names Elizabeth ( I think this is after the Waltons’ character Elizabeth random I know!) and Mary– after my Grannie.

2) To date I have received 62 Twitter replies from Gareth Gates (I am actually REALLY proud of this) and he is now following me on Twitter (my claim to fame 😀 )

3) I used to play the clarinet and reached grade 5. I always wish that instead of playing the clarinet I’d had singing lessons instead I can sing but I want to improve !

4) I am from Cumbria in the Lake District….ps I am NOT a farmer and no I don’t sound like one either! my accent is very mild…for the record we are not a weird race!…. that only counts for people who are from Millom 😛 (just kidding!!)

5) If my university course goes to pot then I’d love to be a journalist…my dream job would probably be a musical theatre critique.

6) Celebrities I have met : Camilla Parker Bowles, Gino Dac’Ampo (which changed my opinion of him for the worst…fame has clearly gone to his head) and the lovely Gareth Gates , twice!

7)I’m half Scottish, Part Irish, the rest English (Yorkshire area)

8) I have made the most amazing group of friends through Uni

9) I have green eyes and mousey brown hair

10) In year 6 I was the “Gala Queen” in my village (I was only 11 OKAY) It was basically just a little procession, I was crowned by the old queen and then I opened the fete in my village.

11) I sang at my Auntie’s wedding in 2001 aged 9..not sure how…most children that age CANNOT SING…poor guests it must have been painful ! haha!

12) I also sang at a funeral in 2006 aged 14…I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as the first time, maybe I wasn’t that bad, especially if I was asked to perform again

13) I have only ever been completely and utterly starstruck once..that was the first time that I met Gareth Gates on 6.2.10 ….that was my Mum’s fault as explained before !

14) If I have a crush on a guy I am never brave enough to tell him…(as explained in a previous blog post) It just affects my behaviour..normally I just become 10 X more ditzy….OH DEAR !

15) At home we have a pet rabbit called Septimus who is a lion head….whenever he eats his straw he sneezes….must be allergic…how random !!

That’s all folks (Rolls credits)


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