Returning to university after the holidays is always quite depressing. The most annoying thing this time is the fact that I was only in one day this week anyway to hand my assignment in and don’t actually have any lectures..not exactly ideal!

I had nothing planned for today so I thought that I would do a spot of retail therapy in Chester. I was hoping to buy a onesie and I expected places like New Look or Primark to have one. As per usual the sales were messy and a bit chaotic. I hate browsing through sale rails as they are never organised and most items are ready to fall off the hanger and onto the floor the moment that you touch them. I swear I spend most of my day putting items back onto hangers which I’ve dropped onto the floor rather than trying things on.

I always find others quite rude, they seem to not acknowledge that other people are there and stretch over them to get an item or drop things on the floor and expect someone else to pick the clothing up!

The thing which annoyed me the most today was that I wanted to swap an item in Debenhams as it was under ‘exchange only’ however the item had decreased £10 in price meaning that now it was only worth £15….you really can’t get anything decent in Debenhams for £15 !!! I’ve decided just to keep it and buy myself a onesie at some point !!

I’d say January sales are only good if you go within the first couple of days as if you go any later goods are damaged and all the best items/deals are gone ! I Think I’ll wait until the sales are over before venturing back into town again  !


2 thoughts on “Why I dislike January sales

  1. Holiday and post holiday sales are horrible. People are like starving animals clawing and fighting for scraps! I try to do most of my shopping online, and try to avoid brick and mortar stores during the holiday rush.

    P.S., what is a “onesie?”


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