Many people know that I am a big fan of Gareth Gates and have been for a couple of years now. I didn’t want to write too many blog posts about him, but I felt the need to write this one !

Gareth in Les Miserables as Marius and Pantomime 2010

In June last year (2011) Gareth had starred in Les Miserables as Marius for 18 months (10 months in the 25th anniversary tour which completely sold out in every venue and 8 in the West End) proving that he is an incredible musical theatre performer ! Shortly after he starred in the pantomime Snow White as the prince in Woking in December 2010.

Gareth’s new venture…The Gates-Wilkes Academy

Gareth took a break from the West End stage, instead focusing more on his brand new chain of drama academies for 4-18 year olds which he joint manages with Jonathan Wilkes (also a west end performer who is currently starring in the musical Chicago) The first one opened in September 2011 .Their wives, Suzanne and Nikki, principles of the college, began their professional training at the highly accomplished Laine Theatre Arts College.  They have both gone on to have very successful careers in dance and choreography spanning two decades.

Aladdin and winter 2011

Winter 2011 saw him take the lead role of Aladdin in Milton Keynes along side Britain’s Got Talent Runner up Paul Burling and has received fantastic reviews.

As well as this Gareth turned on Christmas light in Derby. His wife Suzanne and daughter Missy were with him. The cutest moment was when Missy came onto the stage and Gareth managed to get her to say “Hello Derby” to thousands of people and then wave to them, she looked so happy and excited it was adorable, he then stated on Twitter

Gareth_Gates  : “Highlight of my night; getting Missy up on stage to say ‘Hello Derby’ to 6000+ people!”

Children of Eden concert January 2012

Gareth’s next venture is a short “one-off” concert in January,  a production called “Children of Eden” in a company of 75 people. Along side other West End performers such as Oliver Thornton (Priscilla Queen of the Desert) the legend Kerry Ellis and one of his Co-stars from Aladdin, Russel Grant (the genie) Gareth is playing the role of “Cain” the concert is in aid of Crohn’s and Colitis UK in which all the proceeds will be donated to!

HAIR tour 2012

I am most excited about  2012 “Hair” tour where Gareth will be taking the lead role of “Claude” alongside fellow Pop Idol 2002 contestant and old friend Zoe Birkett who will be playing “Dionne” the female lead singer. The show seems to be a very controversial on and is set in America in 1969 following a group of politically active young hippies called “The Tribe” Claude is their leader.  Famous musical numbers from the show include “Aquarius”, “Let the sun shine in”, “Ain’t got no” and “I’ve got Life” (the song will now be best known from the Muller Yogurt advert!) after listening to a fair few songs from the show I think Gareth will be perfect as Claude ! I got tickets for christmas this year to see the show in Manchester on the 28th of April..I cannot wait and I hope I get to meet him !

TV Documentary for BBC 3

Gareth also has an upcoming TV documentary which was filmed during one of his McGuire courses in Birmingham in October last year. The documentary is called “Gareth Gates Stammer house” and will follow a group of young adults who have debilitating stammers. In the 4 days Gareth will aim to teach them the techniques from the programme giving them a new lease of life!….pretty amazing stuff !

On an interview for “Digital spy” Gareth stated : “I’m really looking forward to letting the cameras in, to see not just the everyday struggle people like me go through, but also the positive outcome that can be gained if you put the effort in, hopefully this documentary will give people an insight into something that most take for granted – speaking! ”

I’m not 100% sure when it will be aired, I am hoping within the next few months. I’m so excited about this year and as always I wish Gareth all the success, no-one dis-serves it more than him !


5 thoughts on “I think 2012 will hold amazing things for Gareth Gates

  1. Can’t agree more with what you ‘ve written about Gareth.
    I am his super fan from Hong Kong. I wish he has a comeback this year.
    2012, ten years from the time his music career started. I do think it has some subtle meaning to him.
    It may be abrupt but I wish I could be a penfriend with you, would I have your contact? I am so excited to know a GG fan like you who can write great things about him. Really wanna share and hear from your 2nd hand info of GG.

    1. Awww hello 🙂 Thank you so much!! Yeah I’d love to be penfriends…. do you have facebook/ twitter ? or would you rather email? I’ve met him a couple of times, he is such a lovely person!! I cannot believe it has been 10 years !

      Oh just realised u have facebook ! I have added you !!

  2. Hello Kapo Bi 🙂 i’m another Gareth fan and its lovely to hear from a fan from overseas,I cant write as good as sophie but my feelings for Gareth are still there x

    sophie this is such a lovely well written blog 😀 its a joy to read. x

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