Sometimes my ditzyness really worries me !…..

This blog post is going to be slightly random but oh well……

Today has been an example of a day when I really, really need to have better organisation skills. Earlier I was sat at Chester station half freezing to death (even though I was inside) due to the fact that I missed the last train and the next one wasn’t until 14.30pm! Travelling on a Sunday…not one of my best ideas but there you go welcome to the world of Sophie Bowns!

I have many faults when it comes to organisation…I seem to have a phobia about ringing my placements god knows why and used to leave it until a few days before. Hence the reason why now I just go in and speak to the ward manager or a member of staff and find out my shifts that way.

I am one of the ‘blondest’ people you could meet well you’d think that I was blonde, I have mousey brown hair so I can’t even use that as an excuse!!! …it’s not the worst fault I could have I suppose, I’d rather be slightly daft than a bitch for example. I have ‘blonde’ moments every single day of my life normally it’s when I’m tired… I often forget everything and say and do daft things I don’t know how my friends put up with me good job they’re all lovely!

I have no spacial awareness

I also have no special awareness and quite often seem to get lost…that’s really not a good idea especially being a student nurse and working in a hospital setting. We all know that hospitals can be confusing to find your way around luckily it is well sign posted so I’ve never gone too far wrong.

I used to HATE taking room service trays to guests rooms in the hotel that I used to work at….normally I’d just hide when I knew there was one being made up (ooops) When I’d not long started I got lost carrying one. The staff weren’t very happy. I avoided doing them after that!!

On a more positive note…..

This blog post has turned a bit negative so I should probably throw some more things in there making it positive. I’m quite a kind person and try not to bitch too much as it can be very hurtful. I know from experience. I hate reading comments on places like Facebook. As much as I love twitter that can be an extremely bitchy place. I hate it when you know that the post is aimed at you! I’d much rather if someone had a problem with me that they told me to my face! So yeah I generally try to be nice…I’m very opinionated though and will always express my opinion if it is something that I’m passionate about… good job we have ‘freedom of speech in England’ otherwise I’d be dead by now !!!! (Just a thought)

So yeah….. as a conclusion I’m extremely daft but at least I’m nice !


127 Hours

I’ve seen this film once before but as I really enjoyed it the first time I decided to re-watch it.  The film is done in a biographical drama style highlighting the amazing survival story of Aron Ralston (played by James Franco) who became trapped by a boulder in a deep canyon in Robbers Roost in Utah. One of the main issues was that he didn’t tell anyone where he was going !

The story begins when Ralston rides across a desert type setting aiming to cut 45 minutes off his journey. By chance he bumps into two female hikers Kristi (Kate Mara) and Megan (Amber Tamblyn) who claim that they are lost. Ralston deceives them pretending that he is a trail guide leading them through narrow canyons. They part company, the two women invite him to a party that evening doubting that he will attend.

He continues into Blue John Canyon alone the climb is dangerous as huge boulders are wedged loosely into the walls of the rock. One falls upon him trapping his arm onto the Canyon wall. The filming is very clever, all goes quiet and the viewer automatically realises that Ralston is in shock.

He is trapped yet is determined to escape he begins chiseling away at the rock with a knife, however this plan completely fails. Over the 127 hours that he is trapped he used his camcorder to keep a video diary. As he realizes his efforts to chip away at the boulder are futile, he begins to attempt to cut into his arm, but finds his knife too dull to break his skin. He then stabs his arm, but realizes he will not be able to cut through the bone. He finds himself out of water and is forced to drink his own urine. His video logs become more and more desperate as he feels himself dying. He begins dreaming about relationships and past experiences.

As things become extremely desperate he makes a tourniquet for his arm and attempts to cut through his flesh, this fails. The weather conditions worsen and he is almost drowned by flooding in the canyon caused by the torrential rain. In a dream we see him escape and his girlfriend reject him, but alas…it was just a dream!

He takes the plunge and once again attempts to cut off his own arm !! This time his is successful. It’s a moment which is NOT for the squeamish/faint hearted. He escapes and is helped by some kindly passers-by immediately being taken to hospital. Ralston lived to tell the tale and is now happily married continuing to go on his daring expeditions however now he ALWAYS tells people where he is going !!

James Franco is a wonderful actor and seems to be doing very well for himself in Hollywood. I first saw him in the 2006 film “Tristan and Isolde” I ❤ that film I may have to write a blog post about that soon. I also love “Docu-drama” type films, this film reminds me slightly of “Touching the Void” which was another adventure type film about Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, the story of the two climbers who faced a VERY challenging journey when climbing the Andes way back in 1985 !!

It’s a film that I’d recommend to watch however I’d avoid it if you’re squeamish as parts of the film are not for the faint hear-ted…Enjoy!

I am so excited for “Hair” the 2012 tour !!

On 29 April 1968, a shock wave hit the international theatre scene. The musical HAIR opened on Broadway and immediately became the talk of the town. The subject matter was a huge sensation, but the fact that the actors appeared on stage naked in one particular scene unleashed a storm of protest.  But despite the resistance of the conservative public, the most controversial rock musical became a huge hit.

So what is Hair about?

In a nutshell ……Hair tells the story of the “tribe”, a group of politically active, long-haired hippies of the “Age of Aquarius ” living a bohemian life in New York City and fighting against conscription into the Vietnam war .Claude (Gareth Gates)  his good friend Berger (George McGuire) and their roommate Sheila (Amy Diamond) and their friends struggle to balance their young lives, loves and the sexual revolution with their rebellion against the war and their conservative parents and society. Ultimately, Claude must decide whether to resist the draft as his friends have done, or to succumb to the pressures of his parents (and conservative America) to serve in Vietnam, compromising his principles and risking his life.

The Music

The soundtrack sounds amazingly soulful with many famous hits such as “Aquarius”- the incredible opening number, “Let the Sun shine in” and “ain’t got no.” I’m so excited as the show seems very different to anything that I have ever seen before. The cast begin rehearsals in mid-February (I asked Gareth Gates on Twitter!!) he replied “I start mid-Feb can’t wait 🙂 x” The opening night is at the end of March in Germany of all places !

In the summer of 2011 it was announced that there was to be a new touring production of Hair. Gareth Gates then announced on twitter that he was going to be leading the tour as Claude. “Gareth Gates : Yes, me & the leg-end Zoe Birkett are once again joining forces 2 provide entertainment 4 the masses! This time in the form of the musical HAIR!”

Why am I looking forward so much to this production?

Two words…….THE CAST ( I won’t waffle on too much) but they’re probably going to have fun on tour purely due to the ongoing Twitter banter between Gareth Gates and Zoe Birkett….it has been 10 years since Pop Idol and 10 years since they have properly worked together! Both of them have fantastic voices which have matured a great deal. I was pleased to see that Owain Williams has been cast as part of the male tribe (He was in the 25th anniversary tour of Les Mis with Gareth Gates) and has a fantastic voice! The only thing I’m dreading about this production is the tragic ending ! I won’t say anything but I reckon that my Mum and I will cry….lots !

I will probably write a review once I have actually seen the show however, I just wanted to give an overview.

For information about the new 2012 tour visit the new website

The saddest musical scenes….(In my opinion of course!)

I adore musicals as you all know (or should do by now :P) …this may be a slightly morbid topic….however I am going to compile a list of scenes from musicals that I consider to be the saddest moments…here goes….

7) The final lair scene Phantom of the Opera

Many people probably wouldn’t consider this scene sad however when I was lucky enough to see the show in December 2010 I was moved to tears. John Owen-Jones is one of the most underrated musical theatre stars ever. The way he portrays the emotions and madness of the Phantom is completely breathtaking. He is infatuated with Christine Daae who is the female soprano in the Opera Populaire however she is in love with Raoul the Vicomte De Chagny who is the patron of the theatre. This causes dilemmas and tragedy through the show and nearly resolves in Raoul being murdered. “Take the boat and swear to me never to tell the secrets you know of the angel in hell” are some of the Phantoms final words to them, he has never known love and his hatred for people has turned to madness. I wasn’t in the least bit surprised when John-Owen Jones received a standing ovation at the end.

6) The death of Eva Peron – Evita

I don’t particularly like this musical….I should I guess because it is a piece of world history based around Eva Peron’s rise to fame in the 1940’s/1950’s in Argentina. Madonna received quite a lot of criticism for playing the lead role in the 1996 film. I think she was good although she doesn’t have the strongest voice. Still the death scene was really moving I cannot watch that scene without tears trickling down my cheeks when she died so young, way before her time. The sadness in Madonna’s voice always moves me!

5) Claude’s death Hair

I have to say Claude’s death is pretty sad. I watched it on YouTube today and had a cry…I’m an emotional person OKAY !! Its pretty tragic, Claude is the leader of a group of hippies called “The Tribe” in 1960’s America but eventually ends up leaving them and joining the Vietnam war to respect his parents wishes even though it is against what he believes in. He ends up getting shot dead during the song reprise “ain’t got no.” His body is revealed lying upon the American Flag …it’s so sad, I watched it today for the first time and cried !! I wonder how I will cope when Gareth Gates plays the role of Claude on Tour this year? I imagine I’ll be getting pretty emotional !!

4) Fantine’s death Les Mis


Hmmmm I think this blog post may be becoming a little bit to “Les Mis” orientated. To be fair 29 people die in the 3 hours of the show so it would be almost impossible for it not to have the saddest musical theatre scenes in it. This scene made me so emotional…Fantine is dying and singing for her daughter who she knows that she will never see again. Jean Valjean promises her that “Your Child will want for nothing” and then “and none will ever harm Cosette as long as I am living”

(this image is from Fantine’s arrest I couldn’t find the actual one)

3) Jean Valjean’s death Les Mis (Epilogue)

I beyond love Les Miserables…Jean Valjeans death is so sad as it is the concluding scene of the whole show. Valjean (John Owen Jones) is ill and dying. At his wedding Marius (Gareth Gates) is blackmailed and discovered that Valjean saved his life at the barricade after he confesses all. I have to say that it is one of the most moving musical endings ever its the beautiful music and lyrics. There wasn’t a dry eye in the theatre hence why the cast received a full house standing ovation on both occasions that I was lucky enough to see the show.

2) Jesus’s crucifixion (Superstar) : Jesus Christ Superstar 

This scene is AWFUL !! I’m not surprised that it caused such an outrage amongst Christians as it’s a very controversial subject. The show becomes very morbid in the second act after Jesus’s trial before Pontious Pilate…he is sentenced to death, imprisoned and then beaten. The crucifixion scene is brutal really messy and bloody especially in the 2000 version! The song John 19:41 is the song that really gets me; when Jesus is dying on the cross (as I’ve probably mentioned before in a previous blog post)

1) Eponine’s Death :  A little fall of rain from Les Miserables

Gareth Gates and Rosalind James  (2010)

 (Gareth Gates & Samantha Barks 2011)

Ok at number 1 it’s  “A Little Fall of Rain” from Les Mis….and it just HAD to be the Gareth Gates and Rosalind James version from 2010’s 25th anniversary tour of Les Miserables (I just thought I’d throw in an extra picture from the London Production too) It’s actually amazing and moved me to tears both times that I saw the show. It was heart breaking…the duet between Eponine and Marius when Eponine is dying. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the theatre as it was so dramatic and moving.

I’ve seen it being sung before where there has been a serious lack of emotion…take Nick Jonas for an example he’s not exactly a bad singer but his acting skills are TERRIBLE, yeah he really didn’t pull this song off as you have to be able to skillfully act your way through it to portray the emotion ! Michael Ball was also superb at this song, but his days of playing Marius in Les Mis are long gone !

These are the top 7 in my opinion …what are your thoughts ?

“Pushy and Proud : Botox mum”

I have to say after watching “Pushy and Proud…Botox Mum” I have been left feeling pretty disgusted actually. The programme followed forceful mothers who were determined for their daughters to make something of themselves through their self-image; how deep!!


Sarah Burge classes her self as a celebrity and I suppose that in today’s society she is. Sarah trained for theatre school and when it came to job audition she was told that she was to fat, to tall etc. Finally she got a job for a leading fashion house and went “on the rampage” . She was with an abusive partner and stated that the man had “beaten her to a pulp” and she had “lost her face”. Now aged 45 she’s had over £40,000 worth of plastic surgery and 50 procedures and is known as “the real life Barbie.” When it comes to surgery pretty much its a case of you name it and she’s had it done from liposuction to breast enhancements. Personally I think it just shows that she is either incredibly self obsessed or that she has low self-esteem and she thinks that changing her looks dramatically will make her inner self feel better. Well she is so very wrong!

She caused a media outrage when she gave her 7-year-old daughter Poppy a “boob job” and “liposuction voucher” for the future. I do think its a bit ridiculous but it’s not like she’s making her have them then and there aged 7 is it !!! Sarah wanted Poppy to start beauty pageants and the “mini-miss world” goal for 6-11 year olds. Poppy was very confident verging on ‘cocky’. Apparently Poppy loved it and wanted to do it again.

The were all invited to a charity football match. She was adamant that they all looked their best. 16-year-old Sophie didn’t approve of following in her step Mums footsteps. The girls tried to grab media attention but Sarah got the most attention “why would you give your daughter a voucher for a boob job when you don’t know how she is going to look, she should just let her grow naturally…making her fake at 7 years old” Sarah wouldn’t answer her questions and just walked away.

Her oldest daughter Charlotte (27) like her mum was very self-obsessed and felt that beauty was the most important things to focus on. Her other 2 daughters didn’t want to pursue that type of career.


Hayley was determined for her daughter Stacey to have cosmetic surgery to improve her chances as a model. When going to the clinic Hayley was more excited than Stacey about the consultation. Top of the list was Stacey’s ears, Hayley said they stick out. The doctor stated that her ears were fine and was surprised that Hayley was saying it rather than her daughter. Her mother then said her lips were “too thin”- they were quite thin but there was nothing wrong with them. She wanted breast enlargements from a 32C to a 32DD they were in proportion to her body again she was warned that they would be very large in proportion to her. Stacey couldn’t have the treatment for another 2 months but her mum was willing to take out a large loan to help her out.


Annette is determined to manage her daughter Paige’s career. 16-year-old Paige believes that she will be more successful after having a boob-job. Annette stated that she would support her. She entered her for a beauty pageant and her mum made her a dress however Paige wasn’t happy and wanted to wear something more “glitzy” Her Mum ended up buying her a new dress. For Annette the date of the competition was the last chance for her to get her daughter into modelling. She was part of a modelling competition as the results were announced and the results were disappointing for Annette when the prize of a sash was awarded to someone else.

The main issues with the programme

The main problems that I discovered were the fact that the mothers wanted their daughters to succeed more than they did-it should have been the other way around. I’m really against pushy parents. Mine encouraged me of course, but they never forced me to do anything I didn’t want to do. For example when I used to play the Clarinet but had 2 really poor teachers and had lost all interest. Luckily I got my original teacher back again who was great but by that point I had lost most interest. A part of me wanted to quit but my Mum said well just get to Grade 5. As it happened I managed to achieve grade 5 in the winter of 2007 and I had my GCSE’s that upcoming suffer so revision took priority over practicing for that anyway !!

I disagree with the program-me and feel that as a parent you should be there to support and encourage your child but to never force them to do anything that they do not want to do !

Atonement, a film review

The Story

Atonement was made in 2007. The cast includes famous faces such as ; Keira Knightly and James Macavoy. The story begins in England pre- second world war. Briony Tallis (Saoirise Ronan) wrongly accuses Cecilia’s (Knightly) lover Robbie Turner (Macovoy) of an awful crime which he did not commit…..rape! Completely misjudging the situation and misinterpreting what she saw, she jumps to the wrong conclusions telling her parents. Robbie is swiftly arrested.Robbie is sent to prison and serves 4 years, he is released on one condition…that he joins the army.

Time keeps flitting backwards and forwards and we see a far rougher looking Robbie serving in the “Great war”  he seems a very changed man suffering from the reality of the  horrors of war. He reminisces of a happier time and remembers the incident which caused him to have to leave the country.He continues to write to her through all of this declaring his love for her, Cecilia is torn. In almost  a daze Robbie thinks he has seen Cecilia walking down a street. A woman finds him in a bad state and shows him kindness, the first he has probably seen in years.

Briony is now 18 and played by Romola Garai, an actress who I cannot decide whether I like her or not, her slight ‘over-acting’ irritated me in Emma, however, she is far better in this. Briony realises the serious damage she has done and writes to Cecilia begging her for forgiveness. Her attempts at contacting her sister go unanswered (un-surprisingly) as Cecilia will always blame her for Robbie’s imprisonment. Instead she goes to ask for forgiveness in person but Cecilia will barely speak to her. Robbie is also in Cecilia’s company is understandably furious however the 3 manage to talk. Robbie tells her that she must write to her parents explaining that she lied. Briony reveals that the rapist was in fact a family friend who was an adult at the time of rape.

Later Robbie who is wounded and very ill arrives at the beaches of Dunkirk where he has to wait to be evacuated he dies there of septicemia and Cecilia also meets a tragic end in the Blitz. Many year later Briony has written a novel confessing everything but changing the ending to a far happier one.

Wonderful Performances

All the cast are fantastic in their starring roles and then film received 7 Academy award nominations for “Best picture” At the time it dominated Empire film awards in London. Atonement won “Best British film” , Keira Knightly and James MacAvoy (not surprisingly) received best actor and actress. It was also named “Best Film” at the BAFTA awards.

Saoirise Ronan was great as a young Briony. She was a character that you really wanted to hate but then tries to redeem herself by becoming a nurse and training wounded soldiers (now played by Romola Gari)

Why watch the film?

The film is well worth a watch as it is a beautifully made, wonderfully engaging drama which is guaranteed have you super glued to your chair the whole way through!


What the teenagers need most on My Super Sweet 16 UK is a slap !!

My Super Sweet 16 is a popular TV show normally shown on MTV. It follows a group of 16 year olds the programme initially started in America but then they made a UK version.


I saw one where Lauren wanted to throw the biggest party that Essex had ever seen. Her Dad was a successful jeweler and spent around £100,000 on her party…she wore 2 designer dresses and the artist Kayno performed at her party. Lauren arrived at The Savoy in an Aston Martin convertible, flanked by three George Clooney lookalikes.

Her bold pink made-to-order silk dress, painstakingly designed over two months, cost £3,000 and glitters softly courtesy of 100 Swarovski crystals individually sewn on to the fabric.She is wore a £28,000 diamond watch and £1,000 pink sapphire diamond ring. As she stepped out of the car and on to the red carpet at the luxury London hotel, she was greeted by the flash of cameras from hundreds of screaming fans.


The one I am watching is following Claudia from Northern Island whose party is a Mafia style. She doesn’t seem to be too much of a brat (surprisingly) The venue looked pretty incredible but she had a massive strop when her sister had put old pictures of her around the room. When wearing her dress she stated “I look the best, I look incredible” after seeing her sisters dress…how very modest of her. The party looked a bit naff if I’m honest, considering how much was spent. She made a huge fuss when it was time for her to do her dance refusing to do it. She did the dance but didn’t really pull it off very well, looking very awkward…I can’t really comment as I’m an awful dancer! but why attempt to do a routine if you cannot pull off the moves?!

She received diamond earrings from her parents and a HORSE!! what a random present !  as well as that she got a “Range Rover Sports” that’s just ridiculous….she can’t legally drive for at LEAST another year! She was quite grateful for her presants but then how would she have reacted if she hadn’t received them?


The next episode followed an extremely camp Freddy who was an absolute BRAT “I am the most outspoken and flamboyant teenager in the north east…I am like the Paris Hilton of Scarborough” OH DEAR !! He clearly loved himself and like the others was so materialistic. His budget was limitless. He wanted to sing at his party and stated “I’m going to sing at my party and I’m going to be AMAZING.” If I’m honest he was pretty average verging on not being able to sing !

The father of this self obsessed waste of space was an idiot. He stated that money was not an issue, he just wanted his son to be happy.  The party was held at Freddy’s family’s hotel, The Palm Court Hotel, in St Nicholas Cliff.He arrived in a convertible Bentley and the footage was streamed live to his waiting guests inside.The guests were then treated to a performance by The Saturdays, one of the country’s top new groups and Freddy’s favourites. Freddy said: “They were amazing and that was definitely the highlight of the whole thing. At the time it was filmed they were fairly well-known and now they huge.”

Issues with the programme

The show depicts that some families have FAR TOO MUCH MONEY whilst others have none. The children on this programme think nothing of spending £2,000 on a crystal encrusted dress or the amazing car that each brat receives at the end of each episode. Worldwide there are 2.8 BILLION people who live on less than £2 a day whilst these people are frivolous and selfish with their spending ! I’m sure that most of them just go on the show for their 30 minutes of fame ! They didn’t do anything to dis-serve fame THEY BOUGHT IT with Daddy’s money !!

15 Random facts you might/ might not know about me & my life

1) I have 2 middle names Elizabeth ( I think this is after the Waltons’ character Elizabeth random I know!) and Mary– after my Grannie.

2) To date I have received 62 Twitter replies from Gareth Gates (I am actually REALLY proud of this) and he is now following me on Twitter (my claim to fame 😀 )

3) I used to play the clarinet and reached grade 5. I always wish that instead of playing the clarinet I’d had singing lessons instead I can sing but I want to improve !

4) I am from Cumbria in the Lake District….ps I am NOT a farmer and no I don’t sound like one either! my accent is very mild…for the record we are not a weird race!…. that only counts for people who are from Millom 😛 (just kidding!!)

5) If my university course goes to pot then I’d love to be a journalist…my dream job would probably be a musical theatre critique.

6) Celebrities I have met : Camilla Parker Bowles, Gino Dac’Ampo (which changed my opinion of him for the worst…fame has clearly gone to his head) and the lovely Gareth Gates , twice!

7)I’m half Scottish, Part Irish, the rest English (Yorkshire area)

8) I have made the most amazing group of friends through Uni

9) I have green eyes and mousey brown hair

10) In year 6 I was the “Gala Queen” in my village (I was only 11 OKAY) It was basically just a little procession, I was crowned by the old queen and then I opened the fete in my village.

11) I sang at my Auntie’s wedding in 2001 aged 9..not sure how…most children that age CANNOT SING…poor guests it must have been painful ! haha!

12) I also sang at a funeral in 2006 aged 14…I’m sure it wasn’t as bad as the first time, maybe I wasn’t that bad, especially if I was asked to perform again

13) I have only ever been completely and utterly starstruck once..that was the first time that I met Gareth Gates on 6.2.10 ….that was my Mum’s fault as explained before !

14) If I have a crush on a guy I am never brave enough to tell him…(as explained in a previous blog post) It just affects my behaviour..normally I just become 10 X more ditzy….OH DEAR !

15) At home we have a pet rabbit called Septimus who is a lion head….whenever he eats his straw he sneezes….must be allergic…how random !!

That’s all folks (Rolls credits)

Hannibal (2001) a film review

I’ve read the book and watched the film “Silence of the Lambs” it was very good and not too horrific, except the part where Hannibal Lector decides to attack a police officer taking his entire face off, and placing upon his own- how lovely! D-:  It’s a real shame that Jodie Foster isn’t playing the role of Clarice Starling, the FBI agent as she is an incredible actress. Apparently she wasn’t available when they were due to start filming as she was committed to another film “Flora Plum” The film is cleverly directed by Ridley Scott who also directed the film Gladiator in 2000 staring Russel Crowe.

Once again the film is based upon the book. Anthony Hopkins returns as Hannibal Lecter one of the worlds most cunning and most feared serial killers.  He has “resurfaced” after 10 years to toy with Clarice Starling. Within 10 minutes I am feeling pretty TRAUMATISED….. with the scene where one of the characters Mason Verger cuts his face with glass and feeds it to his dog because Hannibal Lecter told him to, he survived but is left horribly disfigured . Before the incident he was a sexual deviant and Lecter had given him drugs. Its a really horrible thought and the prosthetic’s and make up in the film are really realistic!

Okay the worst bit of the film was when Paul Krendler is forced by Hannibal Lecter to EAT PART HIS OWN BRAIN (prefrontal cortex) !! OK now I am scarred for life…I could barely watch. I found the film pretty sick but that’s what you would expect. Verger bribes Justice Department official Paul Krendler (Ray Liotta) to accuse Starling of withholding a note from Lecter, he too meets a grisly end!

Anthony Hopkins is SUCH an incredible actor and is perfect for the part of Hannibal. He is calm yet spine chilling-ly creepy, evil yet extremely witty! In my opinion the film isn’t as good as the first film Silence Of The Lambs. Julianne Moore isn’t a patch on the legend Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling in my opinion she’s just okay.

As a film I’d probably give it 7/10 its gripping, but not as good as the original as I feel that Jodie Foster cannot be replaced.

I think 2012 will hold amazing things for Gareth Gates

Many people know that I am a big fan of Gareth Gates and have been for a couple of years now. I didn’t want to write too many blog posts about him, but I felt the need to write this one !

Gareth in Les Miserables as Marius and Pantomime 2010

In June last year (2011) Gareth had starred in Les Miserables as Marius for 18 months (10 months in the 25th anniversary tour which completely sold out in every venue and 8 in the West End) proving that he is an incredible musical theatre performer ! Shortly after he starred in the pantomime Snow White as the prince in Woking in December 2010.

Gareth’s new venture…The Gates-Wilkes Academy

Gareth took a break from the West End stage, instead focusing more on his brand new chain of drama academies for 4-18 year olds which he joint manages with Jonathan Wilkes (also a west end performer who is currently starring in the musical Chicago) The first one opened in September 2011 .Their wives, Suzanne and Nikki, principles of the college, began their professional training at the highly accomplished Laine Theatre Arts College.  They have both gone on to have very successful careers in dance and choreography spanning two decades.

Aladdin and winter 2011

Winter 2011 saw him take the lead role of Aladdin in Milton Keynes along side Britain’s Got Talent Runner up Paul Burling and has received fantastic reviews.

As well as this Gareth turned on Christmas light in Derby. His wife Suzanne and daughter Missy were with him. The cutest moment was when Missy came onto the stage and Gareth managed to get her to say “Hello Derby” to thousands of people and then wave to them, she looked so happy and excited it was adorable, he then stated on Twitter

Gareth_Gates  : “Highlight of my night; getting Missy up on stage to say ‘Hello Derby’ to 6000+ people!”

Children of Eden concert January 2012

Gareth’s next venture is a short “one-off” concert in January,  a production called “Children of Eden” in a company of 75 people. Along side other West End performers such as Oliver Thornton (Priscilla Queen of the Desert) the legend Kerry Ellis and one of his Co-stars from Aladdin, Russel Grant (the genie) Gareth is playing the role of “Cain” the concert is in aid of Crohn’s and Colitis UK in which all the proceeds will be donated to!

HAIR tour 2012

I am most excited about  2012 “Hair” tour where Gareth will be taking the lead role of “Claude” alongside fellow Pop Idol 2002 contestant and old friend Zoe Birkett who will be playing “Dionne” the female lead singer. The show seems to be a very controversial on and is set in America in 1969 following a group of politically active young hippies called “The Tribe” Claude is their leader.  Famous musical numbers from the show include “Aquarius”, “Let the sun shine in”, “Ain’t got no” and “I’ve got Life” (the song will now be best known from the Muller Yogurt advert!) after listening to a fair few songs from the show I think Gareth will be perfect as Claude ! I got tickets for christmas this year to see the show in Manchester on the 28th of April..I cannot wait and I hope I get to meet him !

TV Documentary for BBC 3

Gareth also has an upcoming TV documentary which was filmed during one of his McGuire courses in Birmingham in October last year. The documentary is called “Gareth Gates Stammer house” and will follow a group of young adults who have debilitating stammers. In the 4 days Gareth will aim to teach them the techniques from the programme giving them a new lease of life!….pretty amazing stuff !

On an interview for “Digital spy” Gareth stated : “I’m really looking forward to letting the cameras in, to see not just the everyday struggle people like me go through, but also the positive outcome that can be gained if you put the effort in, hopefully this documentary will give people an insight into something that most take for granted – speaking! ”

I’m not 100% sure when it will be aired, I am hoping within the next few months. I’m so excited about this year and as always I wish Gareth all the success, no-one dis-serves it more than him !