I cannot believe how fast 2011 has gone. I thought 2010 went fast but this year…well, its gone in a flash !!

I have to say that I’m not so keen on odd numbered years e.g 2009 . Better things seem to happen in even years, I have no idea why, it’s probably just me! It seems like 2 minutes since last Christmas and New Years Eve. As I get older the years are going faster and faster, I’m losing track !

Hi-lights of 2011

I feel that I had really settled into university social life by early 2011 and I made the most wonderful group of friends. I had some brilliant nights out one of my favourites was a failed attempt of pub golf in March for one of my friends 19th’s it was a really fun night !

Passing my first year of nursing was also a high light as it gave me the confidence, I realised that as long as I put enough work in it is possible for me to pass….even though it took me a bit longer than it should have done, I got there ! a lesson learnt I think! (or at least I hope)

Hopes and resolutions for 2012

Well ideally I’d like to be more confident… in myself and as a student nurse ! but then that takes time and that comes from experience, well so people have said! I’m praying that I get to meet Gareth Gates again,  in April when I go and see him and Zoe Birkett leading the 2012 touring production of “Hair” in Manchester. I’d also quite like to find myself a nice, relatively good-looking guy (I think that that’s pushing my wish list a little bit but I can dream !!) Another resolution of mine is to be a bit more optimistic as I am a bit of a pessimist (that’s a Bowns family trait I think!)

I’d better stop waffling on…I seem to do a lot of that on here !!!! What are your resolutions for next year?


One thought on “Where HAS 2011 GONE ??!

  1. Remember to use full stops and you do not need to use that many exclamations marks. Other then that it’s a good piece of writing. Also “hi-lights” should be “highlights”.

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