I used to work in a 3* hotel and I have worked at LEAST 25-30 weddings. I have to say they are very much of a much-ness, once you have seen one you have seen them all.

I’m not keen on the Wedding dress fashion at the moment ! ….

People can be such sheep…all brides seem to go for the same old style of dress..boob tube, corsety with a meringue type skirt. I feel that very few women can actually pull that style off…I certainly wouldn’t dare to wear a boob tube..not with a chest my size..that would be a disaster in the making!! I  remember seeing many a bride where her dress didn’t fit properly it was either too small and it was bulging at the top or the corset was too large and they were constantly trying to pull it up to stop their dress from slipping down!!

The layout of the wedding day is always very similar….

From experience I’d also like to say that the wedding layouts are also too samey! The bride and groom arrive, they have photos, they get married, they have a drinks reception, they sit down to the wedding meal, they have more photos, the evening do starts at about 7.30pm, the wedding evening buffet food is served at about 9/9.30pm and there is a disco…everyone stays until the early hours of the morning and gets INCREDIBLY DRUNK!!! I have heard stories where the bride was so drunk that she passed out in the toilet and the door had to be broken down to get her out…not classy !!

How my wedding will be different….

The Dress

I want my dress to be completely different…I am going to ensure this by going for something that is not in fashion…I’m contemplating a Jane Austen themed wedding because I just think that would be really awesome and I like that style of dress, it’s just an idea, If that plan doesn’t work then I will go for something sweeping/floaty and Grecian style with straps…as said before I would look HIDEOUS in a boob tube.

The Venue

I have no idea where to get married…I love Stourhead which is a Palladian mansion in Wiltshire and is owned by the National Trust..the grounds are like a piece of heaven. The house itself overlooks a magnificent lake, mystical grottoes and exotic trees.  however the weather is so unpredictable in this country I’m not sure whether that is a good idea!


I have some friends which are amazing singers, one of our family friends from Wales is an amazing singer and performed at my Mum and Dad’s wedding then at my Auntie and Uncles so I’d love for him to sing at mine! A harpist would also be really awesome…its just so happens that his daughter plays the harp!! (how handy!!) I’d also love Gareth Gates to sing at my wedding that would just be absolutely INCREDIBLE ! however, this is slightly impossible (dream on Sophie haha!!)

Basically I just want my wedding to be very personalised and original…how about you? do you want a different wedding or are you happy to be a sheep? (baaaa!)


8 thoughts on “My Wedding will be different….

  1. Love it. Must be an interesting perspective to see so many weddings. I was at one out in Ireland where the bride’s grandmother broke her wrist punching another guest. Good Lord. But most I’ve attended have been fairly mundane.

    Thanks for liking my blog, by the way 🙂

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