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Facebook is pretty dull…..

I have been on Facebook since 2008, it is a good way of keeping in contact with people but I get bored of it really easily and I’d say that I never or rarely speak to about 3/4 of my contacts…seems a bit pointless.

Facebook is far too distracting as you could potentially spend hours on there randomly browsing through people’s pictures or reading comments, again a bit of a waste of time.

Twitter wins all the way

I LOVE Twitter…since joining in early 2010 I have been hooked. Its far more personalised than Facebook as you choose who you follow and their “tweets” appear on your news feed.

I really like social networking sites. They’re free and are a great way of catching up with family and friends. I signed up to Facebook around 4 years go. Now I  find it quite dull and I’d say that I probably only speak to perhaps 50 of my 357 Facebook friends. It’s such a distracting website and there is the temptation to just sit there and nosy through people’s comments and pictures.

Personally I much prefer Twitter…Twitter is a well-known social networking site and was created by Jack Dorsey back in 2006. He wanted to create a convenient way to stay connected with friends. In 2007 the Twitter hashtag # was born and is used to create trending topics. For one its far less distracting as it is formatted as more of a news feed. Its more personalised as I have chosen who I want to ‘follow’ therefore their tweets appear on my news feed. There are some real characters on Twitter and certain celebrities manage to come up with really witty tweets…

I LOVE Twitter banter !!

The banter on Twitter is the best bit…. the tweets currently between Zoe Birkett @Birko1 and Gareth Gates @Gareth_Gates are pretty hilarious !!

Gareth_ Gates “I Veeted my chest this morning but left the Veet on for too long!! …and burnt myself! Brilliant!”

to which Zoe Birkett (also from Pop Idol 2002 responded….)

Birko1 @ Gareth_Gates get that Veet off ur Pubes Son! hair haha
 Gareth Gates @ Birko1 ha!!! Oh don’t worry, it’ll take me all of a week to great it back! U looking forward to donning the Birkin Merkin?!!
(RE : “Hair” next year)
Zoe Birkett @ Gareth_Gates yeh lets just hope it doesnt fall off on a 2 show sweaty day yeh!haaha can u imagine!!im guna slap it on ur head 1 matinae lol
 Gareth Gates @Birko1  mmmmm! Musty!
I’d say the only downside to twitter is the 140 character word limitation on tweets as often I’d like to post a lot more on my statuses. I think twitter wins….
I also love receiving tweets from people….
I’ve had a fair few celeb replies from ; Gareth Gates, Katie Piper (Katie: “My Beautiful Face”, “My Beautiful Friends” and founder of the Katie Piper foundation) www.katiepiperfoundation.org.uk and a re-tweet from James Thornton Emmerdales’ farmer John Barton !!
A list of awesome “Tweeps” eg Twitter peeps to follow….
1)   @Gareth_Gates (Gareth Gates)
2)    @Birko1 (Zoe Birkett also pop idol 2002)
3)    @MarkWright_ (Mark Wright runner-up on I’m a Celeb 2011, best known from      TOWIE)
4)    @dougiemcfly (Dougie Poynter winner of I’m a Celeb 2011)
5)    @therealgokwan (Gok Wan)
6)    @KatiePiper_  (Katie Piper )

Not sure what else to say on this post except I will continue to use Twitter more than Facebook because I think its FAR BETTER 🙂 What do you think ?


One thought on “Why I prefer Twitter over Facebook

  1. I had facebook long before twitter but I rather be on twitter. Like you said there are a lot of characters out there, some are quite hilarious and then the snide comments some make that you catch that are soon deleted. (Caught a good one today!)Yes it is much more fun than FB.

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