I was so disappointed by the standard on the X Factor this year, although I was happy for “Little Mix” I felt that Misha B had by FAR the best voice in the competition and should have won!! From what I have heard the show is plummeting down the ratings and the show is becoming a bit of a joke. I cannot stand Louis Walsh, each year he seems to get the “joke” category and ends up with at least 2 appallingly bad acts… look at Gouldie for example…luckily she didn’t make it to the live shows!! Kitty did however, she could actually sing, she was just mental and it would have been dangerous for her to win and receive all the media attention. Each year I think the winner is getting poorer. The only winners which have done well have been Leona Lewis (2006), Alexandra Burke (2008) and Matt Cardle (2010).

Pop Idol 2002

I suppose if you look further back to Pop Idol in 2002, Will Young has done exceptionally well and has released 5 albums in 9 years…not bad going really, and he’s still going strong. Darius Campbell (formally Danesh) has released 2 albums, appeared in West End shows such as his role as Billy Flynn in Chicago and won Pop Star to Opera Star on ITV 1 back in 2010.

Gareth Gates

My favorite from that show will always be Gareth Gates, he is such a genuinely lovely person and an AMAZING musician.  He never gets the recognition he dis-serves yet does so much to help others. After recording 3 albums and appearing on ITV ones “Dancing on Ice” in 2008 he decided to change to the West end and has since starred in 3 pantomimes, the title role of Joseph in “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat” and in late 2009 he was chosen to play Marius in the 25th Anniversary tour which completely sold out in 10 venus across the country! After that he played Marius in the London Production until June 2011.

He has a documentary which is being released in early 2012 called ” Gareth Gates’s Stammer House” on BBC 3 which follows a group of 5 young people who all have debilitating stammers and aims to transform their speech and lives in a matter of days. He qualified as a speech coach on the McGuire at the age of 19, he was the youngest person ever to do so and lead classes of people suffering with stammers teaching them the skills he had learnt and empowering them to speak! This year he opened a chain of drama schools for 3-18 year olds called “The Gates &Wilkes Academy” which he joint owns with West End performer Jonathon Wilkes and has taken a managerial role. There are currently 4 open in : Bradford, Swindon, stoke and London (http://www.gateswilkesacademy.com) their success speaks for themselves given the current waiting lists! He is currently starring as Aladdin in Milton Keynes until January. Next year will see him lead the touring production of “Hair” as Claude alongside Zoe Birkett (also from Pop Idol 2002).

Complete and utter flops Steve Brookstein 2004

X factor 2004….do you recall the name Steve Brookstein? He won the first series of X Factor that year. He was dropped pretty quickly by Simon Cowell’s record label (then Sony BMG) because he wouldn’t “play the game”  In 2010 people apparently paid £2.50 each to hear him sing in a pub in Cornwall !!

Journey South 2005

Brothers Andy and Carl Pemberton came 3rd in X Factor 2005 and now play in pubs and clubs in Middlesbrough! They flopped massively with their record “Home” Rather than being sacked the duo decided to leave Sony BMG and X Factor creator/producer Simon Cowell on amicable terms in August 2007. They formed their own record label, ANCA, through which the duo’s second album, Home, was released on 22 October 2007, along with a single, “What I Love About Home”, a week earlier. This single was chart-ineligible due to an alleged printing error. The album reached #43. In February 2008 a second single, “Reconcile Our Love”, was released but failed to chart.

Ben Mills 2006

Ben finished in 3rd place behind Leona Lewis and Ray Quinn. He had a raspy voice and was billed as “The modern day Rod Stewart” Like many flops he did enjoy success at first but he was dropped and forgotten!

Same Difference 2007

This cheesey pop duo just made me cringe! they reminded me of Sharpay and Ryan from High School Musical ! (pass the sick bowl) they weren’t even good, more often than not they were out of tune! They can now be found teaching pop courses at £150 a go !

Leon Jackson 2007

He was another winner who fell by the wayside. He had a number 1 single “when you believe” however his 3rd single only reached 94 in the charts. Since being dropped by Simon Cowells’ record label Syco he stated that he hasn’t spoken to Simon Cowell or Dannii Minogue- Awkward!In May 2010, Jackson was announced as the 2nd biggest reality TV flop, winning 76% of the 1,300 people polled, losing out only to Steve Brookstein.

Danyl Johnson 2009

When the 27 year old drama teacher auditioned for the X Factor back in 2009 things looked good for him. Things went wrong when  he was eliminated however he managed to get a small role on Benidorm.

Joe Mc Elderry X Factor Winner 2009

I suppose Joe Mc Elderry could also come under the “failed category” as he too got sacked by Simon Cowell. However by winning “Pop Star to Opera Star” this year he seems to have re invented himself and released a new album recently called “Joe’s Classic Christmas” He may be labelled as a “pop flop” but he is the only contestant ever to sell more copies of his second album than his first! I do have to admit that I love his voice but I have always felt that he would have a much greater success in Musical Theatre as his voice is far more suited!

Matt Cardle X Factor 2010

The final 3 consisted of boy band One Direction, Matt Cardle and Cher Lloyd. I personally wanted Cher Lloyd to win as she was exceptional and very original, Matt won. I didn’t think he would do very well but I was proven wrong as he has achieved number one hits. His debut single “Run For Your Life” reached number 6 in the UK Charts. He released his debut album “Letters” which charted at number 2. One Direction and Cher Lloyd seem to have done almost as well also releasing their debut albums. (2011 series mentioned at the start)

After this years X Factor I personally can’t be bothered continuing to watch it as the show has turned into a popularity contest, however there is talk of a new series for next year going ahead (sigh)

I definitely think that talent contests give normal people a chance for success when they wouldn’t have been recognized otherwise, however failure must have been quite debilitating for the ones who haven’t made it big in the long run meaning that appearing on reality talent contests such as X Factor does not guarantee success !


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