I cannot explain how much I LOVE watching musical theatre productions. I haven’t exactly seen lots but the ones that I have seen have been amazing………

Hairspray is great, I’m not a massive fan of the 2007 film starring Nikki Blonsky, Zac Effron and John Travolta. I was lucky enough to see it on the west end in 2008 with the Original London Cast…It was fabulous, one part in particular which I really remember was during the song “You’re Timeless To Me” between the main characters parents…Michael Ball was playing her mum Edna Turnblad. I just remember the two of them completely loosing concentration and Michael Ball shouting  “I CAN’T CONCENTRATE WITH YOU LAUGHING BEHIND ME LIKE THAT !!!!” they couldn’t physically continue and had to apologise to the audience and start that verse again! It was brilliant! I met some of the cast after the show, including Ben-James Ellis (he played Link Larkin in the show) who was in the BBC1 talent search for the West Ends new Joseph “Any Dream Will Do” he was gorgeous !! I’m still gutted that Michael Ball didn’t come out of the stage door, but I imagine that I’ll meet him one day !

I saw Les Miserables in London in 2004 age 11, I was immediately hooked and have been ever since, the cast were fantastic with a couple of exceptions, Jon Lee (S Club 7) was pretty weak as Marius vocally and from what I remember I don’t rate his acting either. It’s the music which really moves me. The best production of Les Mis that I have seen was the 25th anniversary tour last year…It was just out of this world from beginning to end and really proved that Gareth Gates is an exceptional “all round performer” …it was his time to shine hence why he got snapped up to lead the musical “Hair” on tour next year in 2012 as the care free hippy Claude  !

I got tickets for Phantom of the Opera in London last December. John-Owen Jones was playing the phantom, I don’t know how it is physically possible for anyone to hit half the notes he sings..but he makes it possible, yet literally no-one has heard of him. He is probably the most under rated musical theatre performer EVER…He’s far more superior than Michael Ball having probably double his vocal range and he’s also really modest!! How can I explain his voice…hmmm… its like smooth honey or velvety chocolate it just seems to trickle splendidly through the score effortlessly, pure perfection. His acting is also sublime and out of the 3 times in which I have been lucky to see him live he has never failed to make me cry…needless to say he is my favourite west end performer !!

I tend to go through phases I get hooked to a show, listen to it over and over again then stop listening to it for a while moving onto something else. I’m a funny one for that ! I like musicals with deep and meaningful story lines…in my opinion Les Miserables has the best story line going, however Jesus Christ Superstar’s plot is also brilliant, even though it closed in the west end in 1998…over 13 years ago, although it has been on tour since. The music is wonderful and the lyrics are very clever, I suppose it has to be as it is all sung in recitative (sung all the way through) its pretty brutal though and potentially morbid, it depends what type of shows you are into but I’d rather watch something deep and depressing rather than something really cheesy like High School Musical because that just annoys me !!

I really hope I manage to see a professional production next year….I’m dying to see Gareth Gates and Zoe Birkett in “Hair” , it sounds AMAZING !! hopefully my Mum and Dad will have taken notes of the hints which I keep dropping and have bought me tickets for Christmas !! Fingers and toes crossed !!


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