I’m not really a fan of art galleries if I’m honest. Visiting “Baltic in associate with Tate” today has made me wonder how on earth it managed to win  “Turner Prize 2011.” Most of the exhibits were completely random but your typical examples of modern art.

Some of the exhibits took the form of sculptures  and objects. For example there was an empty 1960’s Volkswagen hippy style van, what the point of it was I atchually couldn’t tell you ! The section by Mike Kelley and Michael Smith was very unusual and called “A Voyage of Growth and discovery” The thing which got to me the most was a video of a man in an oversized nappy.The character whom they had created called named “Ikki” took the form of a man-child baby who Smith had taken 30 years to create. I found it creepy and slightly disturbing. There were videos upon large screens playing of this creature which portrayed his journey amongst thousands of people. In the centre of the room there was a 30 ft tall statue of the character “Ikki” himself!

There then was a random video about India which seemed completely unrelated to anything else. The bridge over the River Tyne is another example of modern art as it was launched in 1997. Somehow it has welcomed more than 2.5 visitors…Personally I thought it was very bizarre!

In 2011 the Baltic was the venue for the Turner Prize, this was the first time the event has been held outside of a London or Liverpool Tate Gallery in its 25 years.

As an art gallery I wouldn’t really rate it. I think we all agreed that it was an interesting experience but were relieved that it had been free!! Although I can’t really judge as I’m awful at art myself however, the art exhibits weren’t to my taste ! after all how can huge sheets of crumpled paper and odd items of litter be classed as good art ?!!



4 thoughts on “Baltic Centre of Contempary art

  1. You need to spell check before posting. Also re-read what you write as you sometimes forget words or use the same type of word twice, an example being “called named” in the above post. Doing this will drastically improve your writing.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. I do always spell check before posting but maybe I need to be a bit more careful. Which blog post were you referring to in particular? (so I can edit it!)

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