I have to admit that I did not put nearly as much work into my essays and assignments last year as I should have done meaning that I failed a lot of my year first and second time!!  I was very fortunate that one of my friends gave me a good talking to and told me that I had to “Get a grip, get my act together and sort myself out !!” (sometimes you have to be harsh to be kind) It certainly worked…I thought to myself ..oh god! I really can’t fail my course.

I think before that point I’d kind of given up on myself, thinking I was stupid in reality I didn’t ask for enough help. The last time around I visited learning support at the University a couple of times, got my friend to read my essay to make sure that the structure was logical! (she’s on a different course but AMAZING at writing essays!) and then sent a copy to my lecturer on which I got feedback.

I have to say that I must have put triple the effort in for the 3rd and final time. I find that I am very easily distracted so I literally banned myself from Facebook and mostly used textbooks as my sources of information so that I couldn’t get distracted by the internet. I ended up getting 60% on the re -submission which I was so pleased with!! It proved to me that if I put enough time and effort into something then I can do it and will get there in the end! One of my main issues/downfalls was I was awful at leaving stuff until the last minute, I swear last year I didn’t start an essay due in January until mid December whereas this time I started my essay in mid November giving myself more time… (what an idiot!!!) Okay I haven’t hit the word count on this new essay yet but I’m only about 600 words under which I intend to do tomorrow on my day off  oh and I still have almost a month until its due in. Hopefully the feedback from the first draft which I sent off a few days ago will be helpful !!

I still need to grow in self confidence…I failed my OSCE a nursing practical exam TWICE !! I was so angry with myself the second time, it wasn’t even the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing it was my nerves and lack of confidence which lead to my downfall !! The 3rd time my attitude was a case of  ‘its do or die I WILL PASS’ (okay..not die that was slightly melodramatic, but you know what I mean!)

This year I am determined that I will pass, I think I can do it providing I put in the work! ….fingers crossed !


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