I have always been shy but at high school I was far too shy for my own good ! At school if you were too quiet, you didn’t fit in very well…that was me! By the end I had a lovely group of friends who I have kept in contact with and we meet up when we are home from uni. In year 7 I was scared coming from a tiny village school of 86 pupils, moving to a high school with over 1,000 was very daunting. I have to say that I didn’t really enjoy year 7 at all. There were some incidents that really didn’t make mine and my friend’s life easy…for example one girl whose name I won’t mention randomly decided to go to our head of year stating that we called her a “chinky” which is clearly an unacceptable racist label…the most ridiculous thing was she wasn’t even Chinese…we got into trouble for something that we hadn’t even done and my reputation felt tarnished. I was so angry !! a couple of years later she stated to us that she decided to make it up because she didn’t like us…delightful !!

Year 8…well you know about that from “Year 8 the worst year of my life” erm yeah, a school year which I NEVER EVER want to return to.

Things at school only looked up from mid year 9 on wards. After falling out with my best friend I was forced to make new ones which was for the best as they are the people who I have continued to keep in contact with. I loved year 10/11 I felt that I had found myself. Classes were slightly smaller and I seemed to be with nicer people in general in my lessons. I feel that I found my feet and gained a lot more respect from other pupils and my teachers. I still lacked confidence. All my school reports would be very similar and along the lines of…”Sophie is a conscientious student but needs to have more confidence in her own ability and contribute more to class discussions.” Literally all of them said that!

Even though I was never head girl I was really proud that I got “senior pupil status” first time (It was basically a prefect role) we wore different light blue ties and were given duties to attend to. I feel that it helped me to get my “gold reference” at the end of school, even though platinum was the best that you could receive, very few people got that as I think you had to be head boy/girl or to have done something pretty incredible for the school!  I was so proud that in prize giving I won a shield for “outstanding civic duty” basically for taking part in lots of school events! I was part of the school band and choir, taking part in pretty much all the concerts going, without sounding big-headed I think that I dis-served it.

If I could go back to my school years I wish that I could have been more confident oh and have been a bit more popular. To be fair the really popular people weren’t the nicest, I just wanted to be myself as I don’t agree with pretending to be anyone that I am not.  But hey, now I’m friends with the most amazing bunch of people …my old school friends and my new uni friends….I don’t actually know what I’d do without them!


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