Today I had such a lovely evening with friends. It was literally just a case of we’re going to Pizza Express and then out for drinks afterwards you want to come? My answer…YES PLEASE !! We ended up having a great evening and lots of laughs, it was just really chilled and lovely especially after a day at work! I asked one of my friends for ideas for a new blog post…I really cannot repeat her ideas, they were far too wrong/dirty oh and sexually orientated (oh dear!) One of her suggestions was “Should Gareth Gates have a key to my back door?” My reply …” FOR GODS SAKE I DO NOT FANCY HIM !!!”  stop bullying me, I just admire him SO much, it ends there !!” (then we both laughed) is seems to be a running joke of hers! I feel that sometimes when you’ve planned a night out for a while it may quite often not live up to expectations, but then that’s just my opinion.

I will never forget the time when two of my friends and I went to Liverpool… At the time we said let’s go out for tea and then a few drinks afterwards, the original plan was to be back at about 1am at the latest! But oh no we ended up doing an all nighter in the was fun though, I just remember feeling absolutely DEAD the next morning. When we arrived back at the house at about 7.30am one of my housemates who had stayed behind immediately stated “Look what the cat has dragged in!!!” we must have looked a state as we were all so shattered! I’ll never forget last year our awesome day in the park . Again it was a case of “What should we do today…lets go for a picnic” , another couple of times we went to Chester Races ! we then went to Tesco, bought some food and spent an afternoon relaxing luckily the weather was really lovely.

At Easter I was randomly searching on the internet and noticed that Gino Da’Campo was doing book signings and cooking demonstrations. One of them was about 35 minutes away from me so my Mum and I decided to jump into the car and go as we both really like him. It was at a new shopping centre which I have to admit wasn’t very impressive. However the cooking demonstrations were hilarious as he chose audience members to cook with him up on stage. I have to admit that my opinion did change a bit of him as I feel that he can come across as being a little bit arrogant and forth spoken. I’m not sure whether he has always been like that or with winning “I’m a Celebrity in 2009 the fame has gone to his head a little bit.”

I sometimes feel that if you put too much thought into something it can be a let down as you develop high expectations of that plan…just a thought!


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