I feel like I’m running short of some blog ideas. Whenever this happens I think its best to resort to tales relating to real life……… I’m looking forward to my Christmas holiday now as I haven’t been at home now since mid-September, if I’m honest I feel more comfortable where I live now but I do love seeing my family. Luckily I was able to see them in early November which was lovely.

I love the fact that my Christmas is very family orientated. On the lead up to Christmas I tend to catch up with friends who I haven’t seen in a while. Christmas day is normally just the 4 of us although my Uncle did join us in the afternoon last year. There are normally “carols around the tree” in our village around the 22nd-23rd of December, I’m not really a religious person but my mum likes to go so we normally go with her…I love singing anyway (I sing all the time to myself!!) as they say its good for the soul! plus you get free mulled wine and minced pies at the end..result & it raises some money for charity!!

I love Christmas eve. Normally I spend the day doing some last minute present wrapping. Then we watch some Christmassy films…it seems to have also become a bit of a tradition to watch “The Polar Express” and to read the book “Holly and Ivy” (yes my family and I are slightly weird…I don’t care!! :P) to be fair its a really good book basically about a 6-year-old girl named Ivy who lives at a children’s home because both her parents are dead. She gets transferred homes for Christmas as there will be no staff left over the festive period in the one which she is currently staying in. She states “I’m not a baby…I’m going to see my Grandmother” however, she doesn’t have one but states that she lives in Aylesbury, she travels there gets lost but spots a doll in  a toy shop who is longing for a girl to own her like Ivy is longing for a friend, she cannot afford her as she has no money and is forced to sleep rough in the back shed of a baker’s shop. Things get hard for Ivy as they do for the doll Holly (during the night the toys in the toy shop come alive). I love the book as I find it really moving. I always used to say to my mum “MUM why are you crying?” I understand why now and I suppose I will understand even more when I have children. Ivy has no-one in the world yet in the end she finds a family and Holly finds an owner to care for her! ahh I love a happy ending. We more often than not end up watching a couple of short christmassy films too such as “A small miracle” and ” The Polar Express.”

Christmas day is awesome, we wake up have a cooked breakfast and then open all the presents under the tree..having said that I like spacing mine out a bit more so I’ll normally save a few for the afternoon! We normally have our roast turkey dinner at lunch time with some Christmas songs in the background. Then in the afternoon we might go for a bit of a walk around our village and then make some phone calls to wish family and friends “Happy Christmas” At this point I’d say our Christmas day had pretty much drawn to a close. On Boxing Day we always go to my Nan’s who lives an hour away from us and have yet another Christmas dinner (result!) We then exchange presents, chat and play some fun games such as the sticker on the head game where people have to guess who you are !! We always have a laugh! There’s 4 generations of us there…My Great Grandma (My Nan’s mum), My Nanan (Nan), My Dad, Uncle and of course mum and then me and my sister Lucy!

Despite my lovely family Christmas I still feel that people are forgetting the deeper meaning of christmas…..

One of the main complaints you might hear is “it’s becoming to materialistic nowadays.” We all seem to forget that the purpose of Christmas was originally meant to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus over 2,000 years ago. Even though I’ve been christened, I’m not really religious so I’ve always seen it as a time to spend time with the people who I care about e.g. my close family and friends. I think recently things have started to get a bit ridiculous with Christmas adverts appearing in early/mid November…a bit extreme for ONE DAY of the 365 day year !!

Advertising companies are possibly to blame…….

Commercialism take full advantage of any money-making changes they get. Christmas adverts in particular are the worst culprits especially ones like “Park” which is a savings club expecting people to save for very expensive items, probably ones which they cannot afford, the money could have been spent on an essential not a gift that very well may be forgotten about in a few months !! This time of year holds a great deal of pressure children get quite technical items from an earlier age. For example my cousin has had a Nintendo DS from the age of about 6. Peer pressure amongst children is to blame I believe. Its awful, just because you cannot afford to spend a fortune on your children doesn’t mean that you are a bad parent. As I child I got lovely gifts but I didn’t get masses of presents which I’m grateful now for. Now I tend to get one main present and then a fair few smaller ones including money.

5 simple ways YOU can SAVE CHRISTMAS !

1) Be selfless…make a list of a few presents e.g. 5 that you actually need rather than want!

2) Give to others for example donate to a charity of your choice or volunteer with the local homeless shelter around the festive period.

3) Buy local / fair trade produce for your Christmas dinner that way you are giving something back

4) Help a friend or family member in need…I feel spending time with family and friends is one of my top priorities over the festive period

5) Make 2 shoe boxes for homeless children, one for a boy and one for a girl as part of “operation christmas child” and fill them with suitable items depending on the chosen age of child. It many not seem like a lot, but to someone who has nothing it will really help to brighten their day!


One thought on “What my family do at Christmas

  1. Awww this blog is very well writted and so heartwarming 🙂 its lovely the way you and your family spend Christmas x

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