Once again, I’m lacking inspiration for a new blog post so I decided to write a bucket list of 10 things that I would like to achieve over the next few years here goes :

1. Pass my Nursing course….I really would like to know where I want to be in my career .e.g find an area in Nursing which I really enjoy and am fairly confident in.

2. Continue to grow in confidence as a person

3. Improve my awful memory, it’s not as bad as it used to be but it’s still not good!

4. See Gareth Gates in the musical “Hair” when it goes on tour next year in the UK…I’m praying my Mum and Dad have taken the hint that all I really want for christmas is tickets for that…..oh and a Mark Wright Calender ha!!!! 😛

5.Loose weight and tone up!

6. After Uni I want to stay in contact with the amazing friends which I have made

7.Meet “I’m a Celebrity 2011”  runner-up & “TOWIE” star Mark Wright at some point….he’s hot, seems like a lovely guy and I’ve become a little bit obsessed with him ! 😛

8. One day I am very determined that I will become a successful, professionally publishing journalist !!

9. Find myself a decent man…I’m not rushing but within the next few years would be tres bon !!

10. Continue to receive twitter replies from Gareth Gates…I’m very lucky…I’ve had lots and he’s now following me on twitter !!

That’s all I can think of for now….until next time…..


4 thoughts on “A random list of wants/ goals of mine for the future !

  1. Awww I know you will achieve these 🙂 as for meeting Mark Wright I keep everything crossed for you 🙂 i’ve a good feeling you will make it to Haie at least once,as far as Gareths concerned I would like to get more replies too though i’m grateful for the ones I have had,i know you are too,a follow would be a bonus x

    1. Ha!! I’ll never meet Mark Wright…he’s SO gorgeous though lol and a lovely guy ! I’m sure Gareth will follow u soon. Yeah I appreciate his replies SO much, such a privilege ! Hopefully I’ll get to Hair !! x

  2. Never say never 🙂 I used to think meeting Gareth was impossible,well guess in the early days it was unless you won a meet Gareth competition lol but still.
    I keep everthing crossed you do get to Hair. x

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