Whilst watching the programme “Skin Deep : The business of beauty” I felt it right to write a blog post. The programme was presented by Jessica-Jane Clement on BBC 3 and explored the UK’s under-regulated beauty industry following young people who have very bad experiences.

Richard bought a do it yourself self lip plumping kit. He injected a lip filler in his lips 12 times. He awoke in the morning and his top lip was huge and swollen. In panic he called his GP they continued to balloon, three days later they were oozing yellow pus. In A&E he was given strong antibiotics to clear the infection. It just shows that DIY plumping can leave you with a trout pout. When tested the needle was far to large for a lip filler and the product should have been colourless his was a white colour  and too thick like toothpaste, although they didn’t find out what it was. The company Juveni stated ” we will be implementing new, stringent licensure and professional documentation requirements”

Zoe loves tattoos and has 15 in total. 7 months ago she went to a city centre parlour which was £20 to have done. It hurt when she was having it done. 1 week later the scabbing was open and weeping and the scabs peeled away. The tattooist wasn’t very experienced and cut too deep into the layers of skin. The salon was claiming to be registered with the “Healthcare commission.” The scarring followed the design of the tattoo which shows that it was the needle which caused the damage. The tattoo parlour stated they were “denying the allegations and can’t comment on the case whilst proceedings are ongoing.”

Jessica-Jane Clement researched the tattoo parlour and it proved that they should not be using the “Healthcare commission” as it changed to the “care quality commission” in 2008. She spoke to the manager and he stated they were classed as a private hospital and said if he could get the insurance he could perform open heart surgery!! He had clearly used it as a selling point. Luckily the misleading signs now have been taken down.

There are other beauty habits which really worry me…sunbeds for example. The fact that they are quite cheap and easy to get makes them open to young people. Many people become hooked and it is estimated that more than 3 million Brits regularly use them. The Sunbeds (regulation) act 2010 aims to protect under 18’s from tanning. The act will stop under 18 year olds from being allowed to use tanning salons and sunbeds in premises such as beauty salons, leisure centres and prevent them from being in the same area as sunbed users. Literally just one hour ago a celebrity tweeted on twitter that they were going to have a quick sunbed and I just thought… oh no !! think of the health risks!  I just worry about people’s’ health being a student nurse!

According to Bupa care : “Ageing of your skin is a result of the UVA rays penetrating it, causing wrinkles and sagging. UV rays can also cause damage to the eyes. Too much sun exposure may even damage your immune system, increasing your risk of becoming ill. Sunbeds mimic the effect of the sun and give out artificial UVA and UVB radiation. Exposure to artificial UV radiation can also damage your skin. Sunbeds have been linked to premature wrinkles and an increased risk of skin cancer. They can also damage your eyes. An artificial tan from a sunbed doesn’t protect your skin against sunburn on holiday; it’s similar to using a sunscreen with SPF 2 to 3.”

There are plenty of other options on the market such as spray tanning and fake tan in the bottle which are almost as good. I always think that when I see people who have used sunbeds its obvious as more often than not they look very orange!! Before going ahead with a procedure that you are unsure of seek medical advice from your GP to find out the possible risks to ensure your own safety. That’s just my opinion on the subject… and as I say I’m a very opinionated person!!


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