Beyonce has to be one of the greatest stars ever. She is simply incredible and such a lovely woman. One of the first things I noticed was the way in which she connects with her audience and answered many of their questions. I really wish I could have been lucky enough to be an audience members. She was so honest with her answers when asked the questions and admitted to her nose running on stage and other embarrassing moments…very few A-list celebrities would connect with the audience in the way that she does , she seems pretty down to earth.

She sang a variety of all her songs really old-new. “1+1 ” was purely brilliant and “the best thing I never had” was sublime. Needless to say she was trending on Twitter. All her songs were sung with such passion. The night was sadly drawn to a close with “single ladies” one of my favorite Beyonce songs! I don’t know she has so much energy as most of the songs had energetic dance routines to go with them, she’s also an amazing dancer..the only other person who can meet her dancing standard is Shakira who is also phenomenal !

I have actually been blown away…she’s definitely an artist here to stay. I hope to be lucky enough to see her live one day!


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