I have LOVED this series of I’m a Celebrity  finding it fascinating watching the characters this year. When I saw the line up I thought HMMPH ! as I didn’t find the celebrities particularly interesting even though I had heard of about half. I was quickly proven wrong however and quickly grew to love most of the characters in the group.

Poor Freddie Starr was forced to leave the competition due to poor medical grounds so didn’t even face an eviction. He seemed like a genuine guy and the others were pretty devastated to see him go !

Aussie Model Emily Scott replaced him much to Mark Wrights delight! I just remember seeing his face light up from the moment in which they entered camp and their friendship blossomed although they kept it tasteful unlike Cerys Matthews and Mark Bannerman in series 7 which got them both into deep water, resulting in him splitting up with his girlfriend!! OUCH !

First to leave : 80’s pop star and former girlfriend of Simon Cowell Sinitta proved herself to be a bit annoying pretty quickly. Fair enough if you don’t like bugs, loud noises and unexpected surprises but please your wasting your own time even if the general public do find it amusing! Luckily she was first to be evicted by public vote !

Others followed pretty quickly.  There were some controversies in camp this year between the two strongest characters Fatima Whitbread and Anthony Cotton. I think the problem was that both were extremely stubborn and Fatima being an Olympic athlete was so competitive at everything she did. Their personalities continued to clash and Anthony seemed to spend half of his jungle life bitching in the bush telegraph! brilliant!

I really liked Jessica-Jane Clement being a fan of the Real Hustle. I think  she is a genuinely nice girl. Willie Carson was a bit like the wise grandfather figure who didn’t approve of Dougie and Anthony’s “missions” which involved hiding people’s belongings in camp etc so that they would win a treat, however I think he was really respected. Ant and Dec’s “Willie” jokes were amazing they just kept popping them out of the bag

The arrival of Peter Andre in camp for a day was entertainment. It was the reaction of Fatima Whitbread and Crissie Rock (comedienne) which ticked me. They turned into a couple of love struck teenagers, I would have acted exactly the same. I couldn’t help but chuckle when Pete gave Fatima his bracelet to keep and she was sat kissing it!!

It has to be said though that the 2 finalists Dougie Poynter (Drummer from McFly) and Mark Wright were always my two favourites to win. They are a fun double act and Mark in particular is a lovely, genuine guy who never has a bitchy or bad word to say about anyone…big respect there. There is also the fact that he is incredibly good looking…..but I won’t go off on a tangent.

The cyclone challenge tonight was AMAZING the best entertainment that I have had for a long time. Fatima, Mark, Dougie and Anthony were superb and persevered all the way through even though it was a hardcore task. My friend and I laughed all the way through, I’m not surprised that challenge has been in the show for a fair few years now!!

I wish them both the best for tomorrows final….may the best man win!!!




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