I intended to write this post sooner but anyhow…

Last Sunday saw the departure of another contestant from the popular ITV1 show The X factor. This time it was Janet Devlin’s turn. I have to say that I have never been a fan of hers. I think it is due to the fact that she is very shy that she comes across as not being a particularly interesting personality. Things went wrong for her this time during the live Sunday show and she forgot her words and she didn’t cover it very well either!

Janet said: “The reason why I forgot the line… you know like when you get so close to throwing up that you get stuff in your mouth? So I was like ‘swallow it!’ but then I had to try to continue because I didn’t want to throw up on television.”  please spare us the details !!

Speaking on Xtra Factor, the 17-year-old added: “I thought I ate something dodgy, it might have been noodles or my exhaustion. I’m vegetarian too so it’s hard to get the right stuff.”

I remember reading some tweets on Twitter I have to say they were harsh but partly true !…..

Frankiefans_UK I’m sorry but at least Frankie has a personality.. Unlike people like Janet Devlin who have the personality of a wooden spoon. ”

beetommy  A lot of people have been saying that Janet Devlin is like Marmite. I can see why though. Marmite can’t sing either. #xfactor ”

I didn’t particularly like the way in which she approached songs and found her voice “squeaky” and unpleasant to listen to at times. During the competition I don’t think she upped her game and stayed at the same consistency. Each week I reckon all viewers knew what to expect. I agree many artists do stick to a style but hers was far too samey week in week out.

Kelly Rowland , her mentor, was distraught to have both of her acts in the sing off, so she abstained from the vote. The other three judges voted unanimously to send Janet home. It’s better that she went out before the semi final, rather than go into show business as I think that she might have crumbled under the pressure.

Janet had no chance against Misha B in the sing off who did a sublime version of “Out Here On My Own” from Fame which was originally sung by Irene Cara, she absolutely nailed it !

The final decider was cast upon Louis Walsh who said: “It’s getting tougher and tougher. I’m taking everything into consideration, judging on last night’s two performances and the sing-off. The act I’m sending home is Janet.”

Fellow panelist Tulisa Contostavlos followed his lead, saying: “I’m going to base my decision on the person who has a career after the show, who will sell records and sell out arenas. I’m sorry to say I’m sending home Janet.”

Their mentor Kelly Rowland refused to decide between the two.

She said: “I know how great these two young ladies are. Janet, I admire you as a musician and you bring something so unique to the music industry. I absolutely love you and adore you. Misha, my goodness girl, you just want this so bad. I have to pass it, I’m sorry.” The majority ruledthe vote and Janet finally left the competition!

I dare say we will see Janet again in the future but I don’t reckon that she will be a multi million selling record artist…but who knows…we will see !!


2 thoughts on “Thank GOD Janet has gone!!

  1. I wouldn’t say I’m glad Janet’s gone but I really hated her voice, the way she did that high pitched bit. It’s like, are you trying to be Ellie Goulding or what? I think secretly, or not so secretly, Kelly wanted to kick Janet out and keep her home girl Misha B but you know, if she’d said so she’d have gotten bad press.

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