Where HAS 2011 GONE ??!

I cannot believe how fast 2011 has gone. I thought 2010 went fast but this year…well, its gone in a flash !!

I have to say that I’m not so keen on odd numbered years e.g 2009 . Better things seem to happen in even years, I have no idea why, it’s probably just me! It seems like 2 minutes since last Christmas and New Years Eve. As I get older the years are going faster and faster, I’m losing track !

Hi-lights of 2011

I feel that I had really settled into university social life by early 2011 and I made the most wonderful group of friends. I had some brilliant nights out one of my favourites was a failed attempt of pub golf in March for one of my friends 19th’s it was a really fun night !

Passing my first year of nursing was also a high light as it gave me the confidence, I realised that as long as I put enough work in it is possible for me to pass….even though it took me a bit longer than it should have done, I got there ! a lesson learnt I think! (or at least I hope)

Hopes and resolutions for 2012

Well ideally I’d like to be more confident… in myself and as a student nurse ! but then that takes time and that comes from experience, well so people have said! I’m praying that I get to meet Gareth Gates again,  in April when I go and see him and Zoe Birkett leading the 2012 touring production of “Hair” in Manchester. I’d also quite like to find myself a nice, relatively good-looking guy (I think that that’s pushing my wish list a little bit but I can dream !!) Another resolution of mine is to be a bit more optimistic as I am a bit of a pessimist (that’s a Bowns family trait I think!)

I’d better stop waffling on…I seem to do a lot of that on here !!!! What are your resolutions for next year?


My Wedding will be different….

I used to work in a 3* hotel and I have worked at LEAST 25-30 weddings. I have to say they are very much of a much-ness, once you have seen one you have seen them all.

I’m not keen on the Wedding dress fashion at the moment ! ….

People can be such sheep…all brides seem to go for the same old style of dress..boob tube, corsety with a meringue type skirt. I feel that very few women can actually pull that style off…I certainly wouldn’t dare to wear a boob tube..not with a chest my size..that would be a disaster in the making!! I  remember seeing many a bride where her dress didn’t fit properly it was either too small and it was bulging at the top or the corset was too large and they were constantly trying to pull it up to stop their dress from slipping down!!

The layout of the wedding day is always very similar….

From experience I’d also like to say that the wedding layouts are also too samey! The bride and groom arrive, they have photos, they get married, they have a drinks reception, they sit down to the wedding meal, they have more photos, the evening do starts at about 7.30pm, the wedding evening buffet food is served at about 9/9.30pm and there is a disco…everyone stays until the early hours of the morning and gets INCREDIBLY DRUNK!!! I have heard stories where the bride was so drunk that she passed out in the toilet and the door had to be broken down to get her out…not classy !!

How my wedding will be different….

The Dress

I want my dress to be completely different…I am going to ensure this by going for something that is not in fashion…I’m contemplating a Jane Austen themed wedding because I just think that would be really awesome and I like that style of dress, it’s just an idea, If that plan doesn’t work then I will go for something sweeping/floaty and Grecian style with straps…as said before I would look HIDEOUS in a boob tube.

The Venue

I have no idea where to get married…I love Stourhead which is a Palladian mansion in Wiltshire and is owned by the National Trust..the grounds are like a piece of heaven. The house itself overlooks a magnificent lake, mystical grottoes and exotic trees.  however the weather is so unpredictable in this country I’m not sure whether that is a good idea!


I have some friends which are amazing singers, one of our family friends from Wales is an amazing singer and performed at my Mum and Dad’s wedding then at my Auntie and Uncles so I’d love for him to sing at mine! A harpist would also be really awesome…its just so happens that his daughter plays the harp!! (how handy!!) I’d also love Gareth Gates to sing at my wedding that would just be absolutely INCREDIBLE ! however, this is slightly impossible (dream on Sophie haha!!)

Basically I just want my wedding to be very personalised and original…how about you? do you want a different wedding or are you happy to be a sheep? (baaaa!)

Why I prefer Twitter over Facebook

**Sorry about the squished text at the bottom….I tried editing it but it wouldn’t work!!!**

Facebook is pretty dull…..

I have been on Facebook since 2008, it is a good way of keeping in contact with people but I get bored of it really easily and I’d say that I never or rarely speak to about 3/4 of my contacts…seems a bit pointless.

Facebook is far too distracting as you could potentially spend hours on there randomly browsing through people’s pictures or reading comments, again a bit of a waste of time.

Twitter wins all the way

I LOVE Twitter…since joining in early 2010 I have been hooked. Its far more personalised than Facebook as you choose who you follow and their “tweets” appear on your news feed.

I really like social networking sites. They’re free and are a great way of catching up with family and friends. I signed up to Facebook around 4 years go. Now I  find it quite dull and I’d say that I probably only speak to perhaps 50 of my 357 Facebook friends. It’s such a distracting website and there is the temptation to just sit there and nosy through people’s comments and pictures.

Personally I much prefer Twitter…Twitter is a well-known social networking site and was created by Jack Dorsey back in 2006. He wanted to create a convenient way to stay connected with friends. In 2007 the Twitter hashtag # was born and is used to create trending topics. For one its far less distracting as it is formatted as more of a news feed. Its more personalised as I have chosen who I want to ‘follow’ therefore their tweets appear on my news feed. There are some real characters on Twitter and certain celebrities manage to come up with really witty tweets…

I LOVE Twitter banter !!

The banter on Twitter is the best bit…. the tweets currently between Zoe Birkett @Birko1 and Gareth Gates @Gareth_Gates are pretty hilarious !!

Gareth_ Gates “I Veeted my chest this morning but left the Veet on for too long!! …and burnt myself! Brilliant!”

to which Zoe Birkett (also from Pop Idol 2002 responded….)

Birko1 @ Gareth_Gates get that Veet off ur Pubes Son! hair haha
 Gareth Gates @ Birko1 ha!!! Oh don’t worry, it’ll take me all of a week to great it back! U looking forward to donning the Birkin Merkin?!!
(RE : “Hair” next year)
Zoe Birkett @ Gareth_Gates yeh lets just hope it doesnt fall off on a 2 show sweaty day yeh!haaha can u imagine!!im guna slap it on ur head 1 matinae lol
 Gareth Gates @Birko1  mmmmm! Musty!
I’d say the only downside to twitter is the 140 character word limitation on tweets as often I’d like to post a lot more on my statuses. I think twitter wins….
I also love receiving tweets from people….
I’ve had a fair few celeb replies from ; Gareth Gates, Katie Piper (Katie: “My Beautiful Face”, “My Beautiful Friends” and founder of the Katie Piper foundation) www.katiepiperfoundation.org.uk and a re-tweet from James Thornton Emmerdales’ farmer John Barton !!
A list of awesome “Tweeps” eg Twitter peeps to follow….
1)   @Gareth_Gates (Gareth Gates)
2)    @Birko1 (Zoe Birkett also pop idol 2002)
3)    @MarkWright_ (Mark Wright runner-up on I’m a Celeb 2011, best known from      TOWIE)
4)    @dougiemcfly (Dougie Poynter winner of I’m a Celeb 2011)
5)    @therealgokwan (Gok Wan)
6)    @KatiePiper_  (Katie Piper )

Not sure what else to say on this post except I will continue to use Twitter more than Facebook because I think its FAR BETTER 🙂 What do you think ?

Does appearing on reality talent contests such as X factor guarantee success?

I was so disappointed by the standard on the X Factor this year, although I was happy for “Little Mix” I felt that Misha B had by FAR the best voice in the competition and should have won!! From what I have heard the show is plummeting down the ratings and the show is becoming a bit of a joke. I cannot stand Louis Walsh, each year he seems to get the “joke” category and ends up with at least 2 appallingly bad acts… look at Gouldie for example…luckily she didn’t make it to the live shows!! Kitty did however, she could actually sing, she was just mental and it would have been dangerous for her to win and receive all the media attention. Each year I think the winner is getting poorer. The only winners which have done well have been Leona Lewis (2006), Alexandra Burke (2008) and Matt Cardle (2010).

Pop Idol 2002

I suppose if you look further back to Pop Idol in 2002, Will Young has done exceptionally well and has released 5 albums in 9 years…not bad going really, and he’s still going strong. Darius Campbell (formally Danesh) has released 2 albums, appeared in West End shows such as his role as Billy Flynn in Chicago and won Pop Star to Opera Star on ITV 1 back in 2010.

Gareth Gates

My favorite from that show will always be Gareth Gates, he is such a genuinely lovely person and an AMAZING musician.  He never gets the recognition he dis-serves yet does so much to help others. After recording 3 albums and appearing on ITV ones “Dancing on Ice” in 2008 he decided to change to the West end and has since starred in 3 pantomimes, the title role of Joseph in “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat” and in late 2009 he was chosen to play Marius in the 25th Anniversary tour which completely sold out in 10 venus across the country! After that he played Marius in the London Production until June 2011.

He has a documentary which is being released in early 2012 called ” Gareth Gates’s Stammer House” on BBC 3 which follows a group of 5 young people who all have debilitating stammers and aims to transform their speech and lives in a matter of days. He qualified as a speech coach on the McGuire at the age of 19, he was the youngest person ever to do so and lead classes of people suffering with stammers teaching them the skills he had learnt and empowering them to speak! This year he opened a chain of drama schools for 3-18 year olds called “The Gates &Wilkes Academy” which he joint owns with West End performer Jonathon Wilkes and has taken a managerial role. There are currently 4 open in : Bradford, Swindon, stoke and London (http://www.gateswilkesacademy.com) their success speaks for themselves given the current waiting lists! He is currently starring as Aladdin in Milton Keynes until January. Next year will see him lead the touring production of “Hair” as Claude alongside Zoe Birkett (also from Pop Idol 2002).

Complete and utter flops Steve Brookstein 2004

X factor 2004….do you recall the name Steve Brookstein? He won the first series of X Factor that year. He was dropped pretty quickly by Simon Cowell’s record label (then Sony BMG) because he wouldn’t “play the game”  In 2010 people apparently paid £2.50 each to hear him sing in a pub in Cornwall !!

Journey South 2005

Brothers Andy and Carl Pemberton came 3rd in X Factor 2005 and now play in pubs and clubs in Middlesbrough! They flopped massively with their record “Home” Rather than being sacked the duo decided to leave Sony BMG and X Factor creator/producer Simon Cowell on amicable terms in August 2007. They formed their own record label, ANCA, through which the duo’s second album, Home, was released on 22 October 2007, along with a single, “What I Love About Home”, a week earlier. This single was chart-ineligible due to an alleged printing error. The album reached #43. In February 2008 a second single, “Reconcile Our Love”, was released but failed to chart.

Ben Mills 2006

Ben finished in 3rd place behind Leona Lewis and Ray Quinn. He had a raspy voice and was billed as “The modern day Rod Stewart” Like many flops he did enjoy success at first but he was dropped and forgotten!

Same Difference 2007

This cheesey pop duo just made me cringe! they reminded me of Sharpay and Ryan from High School Musical ! (pass the sick bowl) they weren’t even good, more often than not they were out of tune! They can now be found teaching pop courses at £150 a go !

Leon Jackson 2007

He was another winner who fell by the wayside. He had a number 1 single “when you believe” however his 3rd single only reached 94 in the charts. Since being dropped by Simon Cowells’ record label Syco he stated that he hasn’t spoken to Simon Cowell or Dannii Minogue- Awkward!In May 2010, Jackson was announced as the 2nd biggest reality TV flop, winning 76% of the 1,300 people polled, losing out only to Steve Brookstein.

Danyl Johnson 2009

When the 27 year old drama teacher auditioned for the X Factor back in 2009 things looked good for him. Things went wrong when  he was eliminated however he managed to get a small role on Benidorm.

Joe Mc Elderry X Factor Winner 2009

I suppose Joe Mc Elderry could also come under the “failed category” as he too got sacked by Simon Cowell. However by winning “Pop Star to Opera Star” this year he seems to have re invented himself and released a new album recently called “Joe’s Classic Christmas” He may be labelled as a “pop flop” but he is the only contestant ever to sell more copies of his second album than his first! I do have to admit that I love his voice but I have always felt that he would have a much greater success in Musical Theatre as his voice is far more suited!

Matt Cardle X Factor 2010

The final 3 consisted of boy band One Direction, Matt Cardle and Cher Lloyd. I personally wanted Cher Lloyd to win as she was exceptional and very original, Matt won. I didn’t think he would do very well but I was proven wrong as he has achieved number one hits. His debut single “Run For Your Life” reached number 6 in the UK Charts. He released his debut album “Letters” which charted at number 2. One Direction and Cher Lloyd seem to have done almost as well also releasing their debut albums. (2011 series mentioned at the start)

After this years X Factor I personally can’t be bothered continuing to watch it as the show has turned into a popularity contest, however there is talk of a new series for next year going ahead (sigh)

I definitely think that talent contests give normal people a chance for success when they wouldn’t have been recognized otherwise, however failure must have been quite debilitating for the ones who haven’t made it big in the long run meaning that appearing on reality talent contests such as X Factor does not guarantee success !

I LOVE Musical Theatre !!

I cannot explain how much I LOVE watching musical theatre productions. I haven’t exactly seen lots but the ones that I have seen have been amazing………

Hairspray is great, I’m not a massive fan of the 2007 film starring Nikki Blonsky, Zac Effron and John Travolta. I was lucky enough to see it on the west end in 2008 with the Original London Cast…It was fabulous, one part in particular which I really remember was during the song “You’re Timeless To Me” between the main characters parents…Michael Ball was playing her mum Edna Turnblad. I just remember the two of them completely loosing concentration and Michael Ball shouting  “I CAN’T CONCENTRATE WITH YOU LAUGHING BEHIND ME LIKE THAT !!!!” they couldn’t physically continue and had to apologise to the audience and start that verse again! It was brilliant! I met some of the cast after the show, including Ben-James Ellis (he played Link Larkin in the show) who was in the BBC1 talent search for the West Ends new Joseph “Any Dream Will Do” he was gorgeous !! I’m still gutted that Michael Ball didn’t come out of the stage door, but I imagine that I’ll meet him one day !

I saw Les Miserables in London in 2004 age 11, I was immediately hooked and have been ever since, the cast were fantastic with a couple of exceptions, Jon Lee (S Club 7) was pretty weak as Marius vocally and from what I remember I don’t rate his acting either. It’s the music which really moves me. The best production of Les Mis that I have seen was the 25th anniversary tour last year…It was just out of this world from beginning to end and really proved that Gareth Gates is an exceptional “all round performer” …it was his time to shine hence why he got snapped up to lead the musical “Hair” on tour next year in 2012 as the care free hippy Claude  !

I got tickets for Phantom of the Opera in London last December. John-Owen Jones was playing the phantom, I don’t know how it is physically possible for anyone to hit half the notes he sings..but he makes it possible, yet literally no-one has heard of him. He is probably the most under rated musical theatre performer EVER…He’s far more superior than Michael Ball having probably double his vocal range and he’s also really modest!! How can I explain his voice…hmmm… its like smooth honey or velvety chocolate it just seems to trickle splendidly through the score effortlessly, pure perfection. His acting is also sublime and out of the 3 times in which I have been lucky to see him live he has never failed to make me cry…needless to say he is my favourite west end performer !!

I tend to go through phases I get hooked to a show, listen to it over and over again then stop listening to it for a while moving onto something else. I’m a funny one for that ! I like musicals with deep and meaningful story lines…in my opinion Les Miserables has the best story line going, however Jesus Christ Superstar’s plot is also brilliant, even though it closed in the west end in 1998…over 13 years ago, although it has been on tour since. The music is wonderful and the lyrics are very clever, I suppose it has to be as it is all sung in recitative (sung all the way through) its pretty brutal though and potentially morbid, it depends what type of shows you are into but I’d rather watch something deep and depressing rather than something really cheesy like High School Musical because that just annoys me !!

I really hope I manage to see a professional production next year….I’m dying to see Gareth Gates and Zoe Birkett in “Hair” , it sounds AMAZING !! hopefully my Mum and Dad will have taken notes of the hints which I keep dropping and have bought me tickets for Christmas !! Fingers and toes crossed !!

Baltic Centre of Contempary art

I’m not really a fan of art galleries if I’m honest. Visiting “Baltic in associate with Tate” today has made me wonder how on earth it managed to win  “Turner Prize 2011.” Most of the exhibits were completely random but your typical examples of modern art.

Some of the exhibits took the form of sculptures  and objects. For example there was an empty 1960’s Volkswagen hippy style van, what the point of it was I atchually couldn’t tell you ! The section by Mike Kelley and Michael Smith was very unusual and called “A Voyage of Growth and discovery” The thing which got to me the most was a video of a man in an oversized nappy.The character whom they had created called named “Ikki” took the form of a man-child baby who Smith had taken 30 years to create. I found it creepy and slightly disturbing. There were videos upon large screens playing of this creature which portrayed his journey amongst thousands of people. In the centre of the room there was a 30 ft tall statue of the character “Ikki” himself!

There then was a random video about India which seemed completely unrelated to anything else. The bridge over the River Tyne is another example of modern art as it was launched in 1997. Somehow it has welcomed more than 2.5 visitors…Personally I thought it was very bizarre!

In 2011 the Baltic was the venue for the Turner Prize, this was the first time the event has been held outside of a London or Liverpool Tate Gallery in its 25 years.

As an art gallery I wouldn’t really rate it. I think we all agreed that it was an interesting experience but were relieved that it had been free!! Although I can’t really judge as I’m awful at art myself however, the art exhibits weren’t to my taste ! after all how can huge sheets of crumpled paper and odd items of litter be classed as good art ?!!


My top 5 Favourite Christmas songs

I LOVE christmas songs however I still feel that they need to release some decent new ones. Christmas CD’s are dominated by tunes released mainly in the 1970’s to 1980’s ,although I have to say they are the best….. Here are my top 5 favourites.

5) I Believe in Father Christmas (Greg Lake)

I really love this song. I remember singing it as part of “singers” (our school choir) for one of the Christmas concerts at school. This version was released in 1975. The song for some reason is sometimes interpreted as an anti-religious song. The music video also caused some controversy as it showed some shots of the Vietnam war, many people believed that it should not be shown at Christmas, I feel that they were denying reality.

4) Gaudete (Steele eye span)

This song was re-recorded by Steele eye span in 1973, but the original was written and composed in the 16th century. It was written in Latin and the verses are sung in acapella (with no music). I just find it really amazing& quite “haunting”! I always get goosebumps when I listen to it !

The Latin text is a typical medieval song of praise, which follows the standard pattern for the time – a  series of four-line stanzas, each preceded by a two-line refrain . In the past Carols could be on any subject, but typically they were about the Virgin Mary, the Saints or Christmastide themes.

3) Do they Know its Christmas original Band aid (1984)

How can anyone not like this song. It features over 20 music legends such as George Michael ,Boy George, Bono (from U2) and Paul Mc Cartney. It was founded by Boy George and Midge Ure to raise money for “anti Poverty” efforts in Ethiopia. They made a rehash in 2004 with stars such as Jamelia, The Sugababes and Will Young but it was really poor compared to the original as I don’t feel the vocals are anywhere near as strong!

2) Last Christmas ( Wham)

Last Christmas was a song written by the popular pop duo “Wham” released in 1984. The single sold well over a million copies and became the biggest selling single in UK chart history not to reach #1. A year later, it was re-issued for Christmas again (this time without a billed flip-side) and got to #6. A second re-issue at Christmas 1986 – by which time Wham! had split – stalled outside the top 40. Many artists have attempted to do a cover version of the song but none have ever been as good as the original.

1) Fairy Tales of New York (Kirsty Mac Coll & The Pogues)

This was written in 1987 by the irish “rock group” The Pogues and featured the English singer Kirsty Mac Coll.

The song takes the form of a drunken Irish immigrant man’s Christmas Eve reverie about holidays passed while sleeping off a binge in a New York City . The drunken man (MacGowan) begins to dream about the song’s female character. The remainder of the song (which may be an internal monologue) takes the form of a call and response between the couple, their youthful hopes crushed by alcoholism and drug addiction, reminiscing and bickering on Christmas Eve in New York City.

The contrast of the 2 voices are quite unusual as MacGowans voice is very harsh and verging on him not being able to sing very well whilst Kirsty Mac Coll has more of a “melodious ” voice !

The song was released in the United Kingdom and Ireland in November 1987 and quickly  became a hit, reaching #1 in the Irish charts. On December 17, 1987, the Pogues and MacColl performed the song on the BBC’s popular television show Top of the pops, and it was propelled to #2 on the official Uk top 75. For the Top of the Pops appearance, the BBC insisted that MacColl’s singing of “arse” be replaced with the less offensive “ass”, although as she mimed the word MacColl slapped the relevant part of her body to make it clear what was meant.

The song was re-released in 1991 and reached number 36 in the charts.

Anyway that’s my top 5! what are yours?

I was doing it wrong….don’t do a “me”

I have to admit that I did not put nearly as much work into my essays and assignments last year as I should have done meaning that I failed a lot of my year first and second time!!  I was very fortunate that one of my friends gave me a good talking to and told me that I had to “Get a grip, get my act together and sort myself out !!” (sometimes you have to be harsh to be kind) It certainly worked…I thought to myself ..oh god! I really can’t fail my course.

I think before that point I’d kind of given up on myself, thinking I was stupid in reality I didn’t ask for enough help. The last time around I visited learning support at the University a couple of times, got my friend to read my essay to make sure that the structure was logical! (she’s on a different course but AMAZING at writing essays!) and then sent a copy to my lecturer on which I got feedback.

I have to say that I must have put triple the effort in for the 3rd and final time. I find that I am very easily distracted so I literally banned myself from Facebook and mostly used textbooks as my sources of information so that I couldn’t get distracted by the internet. I ended up getting 60% on the re -submission which I was so pleased with!! It proved to me that if I put enough time and effort into something then I can do it and will get there in the end! One of my main issues/downfalls was I was awful at leaving stuff until the last minute, I swear last year I didn’t start an essay due in January until mid December whereas this time I started my essay in mid November giving myself more time… (what an idiot!!!) Okay I haven’t hit the word count on this new essay yet but I’m only about 600 words under which I intend to do tomorrow on my day off  oh and I still have almost a month until its due in. Hopefully the feedback from the first draft which I sent off a few days ago will be helpful !!

I still need to grow in self confidence…I failed my OSCE a nursing practical exam TWICE !! I was so angry with myself the second time, it wasn’t even the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing it was my nerves and lack of confidence which lead to my downfall !! The 3rd time my attitude was a case of  ‘its do or die I WILL PASS’ (okay..not die that was slightly melodramatic, but you know what I mean!)

This year I am determined that I will pass, I think I can do it providing I put in the work! ….fingers crossed !

My High school self

I have always been shy but at high school I was far too shy for my own good ! At school if you were too quiet, you didn’t fit in very well…that was me! By the end I had a lovely group of friends who I have kept in contact with and we meet up when we are home from uni. In year 7 I was scared coming from a tiny village school of 86 pupils, moving to a high school with over 1,000 was very daunting. I have to say that I didn’t really enjoy year 7 at all. There were some incidents that really didn’t make mine and my friend’s life easy…for example one girl whose name I won’t mention randomly decided to go to our head of year stating that we called her a “chinky” which is clearly an unacceptable racist label…the most ridiculous thing was she wasn’t even Chinese…we got into trouble for something that we hadn’t even done and my reputation felt tarnished. I was so angry !! a couple of years later she stated to us that she decided to make it up because she didn’t like us…delightful !!

Year 8…well you know about that from “Year 8 the worst year of my life” erm yeah, a school year which I NEVER EVER want to return to.

Things at school only looked up from mid year 9 on wards. After falling out with my best friend I was forced to make new ones which was for the best as they are the people who I have continued to keep in contact with. I loved year 10/11 I felt that I had found myself. Classes were slightly smaller and I seemed to be with nicer people in general in my lessons. I feel that I found my feet and gained a lot more respect from other pupils and my teachers. I still lacked confidence. All my school reports would be very similar and along the lines of…”Sophie is a conscientious student but needs to have more confidence in her own ability and contribute more to class discussions.” Literally all of them said that!

Even though I was never head girl I was really proud that I got “senior pupil status” first time (It was basically a prefect role) we wore different light blue ties and were given duties to attend to. I feel that it helped me to get my “gold reference” at the end of school, even though platinum was the best that you could receive, very few people got that as I think you had to be head boy/girl or to have done something pretty incredible for the school!  I was so proud that in prize giving I won a shield for “outstanding civic duty” basically for taking part in lots of school events! I was part of the school band and choir, taking part in pretty much all the concerts going, without sounding big-headed I think that I dis-served it.

If I could go back to my school years I wish that I could have been more confident oh and have been a bit more popular. To be fair the really popular people weren’t the nicest, I just wanted to be myself as I don’t agree with pretending to be anyone that I am not.  But hey, now I’m friends with the most amazing bunch of people …my old school friends and my new uni friends….I don’t actually know what I’d do without them!

Spontanious nights out with friends & last minuite events are often the most fun !

Today I had such a lovely evening with friends. It was literally just a case of we’re going to Pizza Express and then out for drinks afterwards ..do you want to come? My answer…YES PLEASE !! We ended up having a great evening and lots of laughs, it was just really chilled and lovely especially after a day at work! I asked one of my friends for ideas for a new blog post…I really cannot repeat her ideas, they were far too wrong/dirty oh and sexually orientated (oh dear!) One of her suggestions was “Should Gareth Gates have a key to my back door?” My reply …” FOR GODS SAKE I DO NOT FANCY HIM !!!”  stop bullying me, I just admire him SO much, it ends there !!” (then we both laughed) is seems to be a running joke of hers! I feel that sometimes when you’ve planned a night out for a while it may quite often not live up to expectations, but then that’s just my opinion.

I will never forget the time when two of my friends and I went to Liverpool… At the time we said let’s go out for tea and then a few drinks afterwards, the original plan was to be back at about 1am at the latest! But oh no we ended up doing an all nighter in the end..it was fun though, I just remember feeling absolutely DEAD the next morning. When we arrived back at the house at about 7.30am one of my housemates who had stayed behind immediately stated “Look what the cat has dragged in!!!” we must have looked a state as we were all so shattered! I’ll never forget last year our awesome day in the park . Again it was a case of “What should we do today…lets go for a picnic” , another couple of times we went to Chester Races ! we then went to Tesco, bought some food and spent an afternoon relaxing luckily the weather was really lovely.

At Easter I was randomly searching on the internet and noticed that Gino Da’Campo was doing book signings and cooking demonstrations. One of them was about 35 minutes away from me so my Mum and I decided to jump into the car and go as we both really like him. It was at a new shopping centre which I have to admit wasn’t very impressive. However the cooking demonstrations were hilarious as he chose audience members to cook with him up on stage. I have to admit that my opinion did change a bit of him as I feel that he can come across as being a little bit arrogant and forth spoken. I’m not sure whether he has always been like that or with winning “I’m a Celebrity in 2009 the fame has gone to his head a little bit.”

I sometimes feel that if you put too much thought into something it can be a let down as you develop high expectations of that plan…just a thought!