*Names have been changed in this blog post to hide their identity*

I am so tempted to name and shame this person. People who I went to school with might know who she is, but I will change her  name anyway just to stay on the safe side.

In year 8 at school *Marie*  was determined to be best friends with my close friend *Amy* (who I have already mentioned in a previous blog post) however Amy always included me in the group. Stacey was obviously not happy about this but continued to attempt to develop a close friendship with Amy by inviting her to her house, talking about it all day to try to get to me. Our friendship was fine for a few months but then *Marie’s* behaviour rapidly changed for the worst. Her behaviour became weird its was like all of a sudden she was a spilt personality calling us really offensive names such as ‘Mongs’ and ‘spazzes’ which really hurt. She would deliberately walk behind us imitating the way I walk, saying that I walked as if I were disabled which would really get to me. It really damaged my self-esteem. On non uniform days she would criticise what we wore. She even had the cheek to inform me that I had worn the same jeans twice in a row ! (the last non uniform  day had been about 4 months previously!) ridiculous !!

The bullying would continue in lessons. It was really hard because *Marie* would always make sure to sit close to us. She was so pathetic drawing insulting pictures of us making us look disabled. I really don’t understand why as neither of us were !! *Marie* would also bitch about us a lot, so that it was just loud enough for us to here if she was sat in front or behind. We discretely told our form tutor who made pointless excuses for her stating “She has a difficult life at home, her parents are divorced (that had been at least 5 years previously!!) No-ones life is perfect, everyone has their ups and downs so why use that to try to support what she was doing! It made me SO ANGRY !

Marie was absolutely having a whale of a time…she was winning and enjoying every single minute of it! We went to our head of lower school in hope of some support. I just remember sitting in his office having to write everything down. The issue was when he asked to see the three of us was that she was a very good liar and would deny a lot of things. She had to admit to some as there were witnesses to what she had done. The problem eventually got taken to the head teacher and Marie was made to  change form group but no actual punishment. I can only hope that she hasn’t/ will never do it to anyone else.

I don’t think I can really get across how awful this incident make me feel but I think it was the true breaking point and destruction of my self-esteem. It is better now but has never been the same since. In a way I feel that I have let Marie win. I hope that I never see her again. But I suppose I’d just be civil and deal with it like an adult as it is important not to dwell too much on the past.

My Advice to anyone being bullied

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said : “No-one has the right to make you feel inferior without your consent”

My advice is to never try and deal with the situation alone. Seek help by talking to someone that you trust .e.g. a family member or friend.


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