Come and Meet those Dancing Feet

Theatre McLovin'

So, way back on New Years Eve last year, I went to an ABBA tribute concert in Liverpool (‘But you had ABBA!’ I hear you cry – yes I do, but a certain Jon Boydon was one of the lead singers, so forgive me for my momentary lapse!) I also got to see another performer that I’d admired but never spoken to, Mr Norman Bowman. I got chatting to him at the stage door, just to say how much I loved his voice, and he asked if I’d been to see him in ’42nd Street’ yet. I replied that I hadn’t, because I’d fallen in love with ‘An American in Paris’ and it had been given its closing notice and was due to close the following Saturday. But I assured him, that once the show was closed, I would definitely see ’42nd Street’. So Mr Bowman, I apologise that I…

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Thoughts on the Jesus Christ Superstar Concert

Theatre McLovin'

So…. Jesus Christ Superstar is one of my all-time favourite musicals. I was excited when it was announced that they would be staging a live version of the show in America on Easter Sunday! I spent all of Monday evening searching for links to be able to watch the show in the UK, and eventually found a way to download it and save it to my iPad. As it was late in the day, I decided to then leave it until this evening to watch it, a little ‘after work’ treat, given that it’s still the Easter holidays and work has been busy for the last week or so!

This evening comes and I finally settle down to watch the show. I’d seen reviews from various people stating various opinions on the performers, but I purposefully avoided watching any of the videos shared on any form of social media, so…

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