Absent figures

A younger John-

I had a Mother once, though of her voice I am not aware

I recall the sincerity of her eyes and the way she pinned her hair

I think she had a crimson dress but of the material I am not sure

For too many years have passed now-she is a memory, nothing more


I used to have a Father and his name was Matthew McGrath

He was an Irish man and must have practiced a craft

Mr Hopps said he was a drunkard, but that I cannot recall

Sometimes I often wonder if he knew my parents at all.


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© Sophie Bowns 2011-2016

The visible ghost

-John McGrath

I saw the hatred within you. You loathed the ground on which I stood

There wasn’t an ounce of compassion there. Your heart was carved from wood

Why was I a terrible burden to you and was it badness you saw?

For I am not a bad person, sir I am timid and nothing more

Why was I a simple target and a boy you could shove about?

Damaging years of mistreatment left me lost and filled with doubt


The years have moved by and life is a different ball game now

I am a tailor Mr Hopps, and you seem lost somehow

It’s like your mind is damaged, you are a vacant lonely soul

Years of hating and violence have finally taken their toll

I am a married now and my family need me most

You have become a shadow of a man. You are a visible ghost.


This poem is based on my brand new novel, ‘Kith and Kin’ you can download it from Amazon for a small donation of £1 by clicking on the following links-





© Sophie Bowns 2011-2016

My Bonnie

Kith and Kin by [Bowns, Sophie]

This poem is based on my brand new novel, ‘Kith and Kin.’ You can download the Ebook on Amazon for a small donation of £1.🙂

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I am barely an adult myself, but there is one thing that I know

You will have safety and security while we watch you grow

We’ll provide food for you to eat and in meadows you shall play

There will be flowing love around you until our dying day


Bonnie I will protect you and save you from a childhood like my own

We will make mud pies in the garden of the house that is our home

I will help you tie dainty daisy chains, dabble for minnows in the stream

Or simply gaze up into the clouds and let you dare to dream


Darling, I had no childhood, no time to simply be a boy

I fear the damage is done; from the age of eight I was employed

You will have decent schooling and a pile of books to ponder over

My Bonnie, you will understand, but not until you are older.


© Sophie Bowns 2011-2016 




My brand new novel Kith and Kin is live and available for purchase.

Kith and Kin by [Bowns, Sophie]

I am delighted to announce that my brand new novel, ‘Kith and Kin’ is live on Amazon and available for purchasing for just £1. I would like to thank @OrderOfTheDimen and @AudrinaLane for taking the time to read it through for me prior to self-publication and giving me some useful feedback.


‘Downtrodden and disheartened John McGrath, a malnourished eighteen year old cotton mill worker longs to escape the miserable working environment that has suppressed him for years. 

Trapped under the tyrannical eye of the factory foreman Mr Hopps, John finds solstice in the wisdom of his best friend and fellow worker Caine Davies, who assures him that times will change. 

A refreshing new chapter is offered to John in the form of ladies’ companion, Maira MacWilliams who reinforces his love and trust in others. With his new found confidence a career pathway is opened and better prospects are on the horizon. John’s life will never be the same again, but can happiness have a price?’


Where can you buy it?

It is live on Amazon as you are reading this. Follow these links.🙂

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© Sophie Bowns 2011-2016 

Kith and Kin- a September writing update

I am excited to tell you all that I should be able to release ‘Kith and Kin’ as an ebook within the next few weeks after completing a full read through, a full text to speech read through and receiving feedback from two helpful readers. I finally feel confident with this version as it gives a more detailed insight into my main characters and leaves potential for a second book.

The cover

I cannot tell you how much I debated over the cover image, but finally I have an original image that I am happy with thanks to the use of photo editing software. It is incredible what colour editing and a decent font can do!

The release date
Ideally, I would love to release ‘Kith and Kin’ in the next few weeks to a month once I have recieved feedback regarding potential edits. The novel will cost around £1, and I would be thrilled if there were people on here who would be willing to read and review it for me!

As always, thank you for your support!


Hunger pangs

Hunger pangs and unofficial plans plagued his life each day
A lonely, disheartened mill worker who did not want to stay
Was he destined to be miserable, not knowing who he was
Could things be turned around as he worked for his cause?

Sleepless nights and daily frights haunted John’s troubled mind
Where was the part of his soul that he desperately needed to find?
Was there someone who could save him and had he met them yet?
Or was this him, was that it. Had his life path already been set?

© Sophie Bowns 2011-2016 

You have a friend here


~Caine Davies~

Little John, you fret so much. What will be will be

We do not know what the future holds, or if we can be free

You are too talented to be here, your gift is wasted I know

If we aspire to better things, perhaps we’ll get a chance to go

I could not cope without you, do not leave me here alone

The walls inside this building are our only chance of a home

Have you never thought of marriage, having a decent woman on your arm?

Your face has changed, you have turned pale. Did I cause you some alarm?

Do not tell me you are ugly, we are young and  you are  shy

But time is on your side, John. You will spread your wings and fly

John, you have a friend here; you can always rely on me

Events might turn reality upside down. Let us wait and see.

© Sophie Bowns 2011-2016

The Repulsive Reflection

With chilblains on his fingers and an icicle nose

John McGrath thought of those

Who were seemingly worse off than he

Living on the streets with no company

The beggars with nowhere to turn

And lonely people who always yearned

For a friend or a helping hand

A kind face willing to reprimand

John McGrath was not so poor

Yet of himself he was unsure;

He loathed the reflection gazing at him

With cutting cheekbones and pointy chin

He was a creature, what had he become?

Something drastic had to be done.


© Sophie Bowns 2011-2016


Kith And Kin- an August writing update.

August update

My second (full) draft of ‘Kith And Kin’ is now completed and stands at 84,611 words. I cannot begin to express how much I think it has improved since my (quite frankly poor) first draft. This second attempt helped me to get a better insight into my characters, and I managed to whittle the lengthy start down to about half. Ending the book was the hardest thing for me, and in all honesty, I was tempted to carry it on for longer.

My new book cover

I have been umming and aaahing over book covers for the past couple of weeks. Although my novel is not at ‘full completion’ stage yet, I have been toying with a few ideas. The first image I created was this:










I have to admit that I love the image. It was an original one, created by my sister Lucy. After researching the symbolism of moths, I found that they had links to death and growth, two of the main themes in my book. I love the image, but I was worried that people would not be able to see those links. Instead; I plan to put this moth either on the back of the eBook or on the first inside page. I felt that I needed something ‘tailor related’ as ‘Kith and Kin’ is the tale of eighteen year old John McGrath, a cotton mill worker who strives for more in his life.

With the help of my sister, Lucy (who has art and photography skills) we came up with this second image. I prefer the softer tones, but agree (after receiving feedback) that the font probably needs to be bolder and darker. This image reminds me of the titles during some of the costume dramas that I have seen, particularly the 1983 Jane Eyre mini-series.

Kith and Kin- better cover









Completion date?

Ideally, I would like to have this book up on Amazon in September- late Autumn. I am currently looking for more beta readers, and debating doing another re-draft depending on what kind of feedback I receive. Until then, I plan to continue writing related poetry and will post regular updates on my Facebook and Twitter pages.


Twitter- @SE_BownsFiction


© Sophie Bowns 2011-2016