Azure- Chapter 52

Azure novel shell

“Nik, um can I ask you something?”
“Sure, fire away.”
“Did you sleep with Mikayla?”
Nikolai laughed. “With her? Of course not! She was keen, but I said that I wanted to wait a while and it never did happen, thank God! I’m so glad that I said no.”
“Ha! I just assumed that you did.”
“Oh cheers for that, I’m glad that you think so highly of me.” Nikolai rolled his eyes. “She was far too insistent. I find that a bit off putting you know. It kind of puts a girl into the slag category for me.”
“Ha! Slag category? You put women in categories!”
“Kind of.”
“Are you serious? Tell me more!”
“Well, I suppose it’s similar to the way that women might categorise men. So um; there’s the slightly insecure girls who only feel confident tarted up. Then there’s women who only want one, no two things.”
“To spend your money and have sex!” Jenna giggled.
“You are a clever cookie; yes the slag category. I suppose Mikayla fitted quite nicely into that one.” Nikolai rolled his eyes and sighed. “What on earth was I thinking?”
“And me?”
“You; have your own Jenna; exceptional!” Nikolai beamed.
“Wow! I don’t know what to say. I was going to give you a massage; but I’m worried about touching your back.”
“Shoulders and neck please.”
“Good plan, I don’t have the specialist massage oil but I do have moisturiser.”
“What type?”
“Just a gentle Dove one. I only use expensive ones on my face; I’m not made of money.”
“I like Clinique.” Nikolai muttered; removing his shirt. “I’d love to be able to lie down; but I can’t contemplate lying on my ribs.”
“Sitting is fine.”

With care, Jenna removed Nikolai’s top leaving his broken arm until last and placed his midnight blue smock on the bed.
“You like smocks don’t you?”
“They’re perfect in the heat.”
“Yeah, I bet.”
“And they don’t cling to my ribs.”
Jenna gazed at Nikolai’s back and ribs. “Gosh, the bruising is still really bad.”
“Well it’s hardly going to vanish in a heart beat. It will take at least a month to go; I reckon.”
“I’ll be careful Nik.”
Jenna planted a kiss upon his caramel-coloured shoulder and squirted some of the dove moisturiser onto her hands. She rubbed them together, before carefully using her thumbs to massage the tops of Nikolai’s shoulder.
“Hmm” he sighed closing his eyes and placing his chin upon his chest.
“You have healing hands.”
“Shh, don’t talk; just relax and enjoy it.”
Nikolai did, moving his head from side to side. Jenna stopped massaging him for a moment and planted a kiss upon Nikolai’s cheek. He pulled her to him; kissing her.
“What was that for?”
“Oh, just a little token of love. Where’s C?”
“Oh she was with Tim.”
“Ah, they’d be cute together.” Nikolai muttered. “Tim really has taken a shine to her, I can tell. So long as he keeps her away from Jake; she has nothing to worry about.”

Cordelia sat across the table from Tim, sipping at the glass of fresh orange juice with ice. She smiled, glancing at his warm face. He was a kind man. She thought.
“I feel like I’ve barely spoken to you Cordelia, which is a bit rude.”
She grinned, shook her head and adjusted the fresh plaster on her finger.
“But I suppose that I felt like you were Nik and Jen’s foundling. I didn’t want to butt in. They’re nice aren’t they? Two really decent people. Yeah, I think I’ve made two friends for life there. At least something good has come out of this.”
Cordelia tilted her head.
“Oh well, there has been quite a lot of friction caused on this boat.”
She nodded, remembering what had been said before.
“Jake isn’t..well, he isn’t very forgiving I suppose. I’m still convinced that he knows about Nik’s accident, even though he denies that fact until he goes blue in the face.”
Cordelia nodded.
“You think he knows too, how? But, you weren’t with us when it happened.”
Cordelia pointed to the water.
“Yeah, Nik fell in, but we just don’t know how; that’s the issue. Jen and I think Jake had something to do with it, but we have no official proof which is such a shame. No-one saw what happened and Nik can only remember tiny snippets of events before the accident; so that’s that.”
Cordelia made a pushing motion with her hands.
“Nikolai was pushed?”
She nodded with all her might.
Are you sure. I mean, no offence but how can you possibly know that?”
Cordelia pointed to the water.
“Yes, we all know that he fell in the water.”
She shook her head and pointed to herself and to the water.
“You were in the water? But how, were you swimming somewhere near by?”
She nodded.
“You were swimming during the storm?”
Cordelia moved her head from side to side. How else could she possibly explain to him that she pulled his body from the water. She tapped the side of her head lightly with the side of her hand.
“He hit his head on the way down? Yes I know, but how do you know Cordelia, you’re not making any sense! With all due respect, why on earth would you be swimming in the sea when a large storm was brewing?”

“Thanks for my massage, it was very nice.”
“I suppose we’d better see what Cordelia and Tim are up to, otherwise they’ll wonder where the heck we are?”
“Hmm, come on then.”
Jenna helped Nikolai up on deck.
“Oh there you are.”
“You okay Tim?”
“Yeah; um look, Cordelia saw your accident Nikolai.”
“What? That’s impossible. Cordelia, you weren’t there!”
She nodded.
“I know you mean well, you always do but you shouldn’t let your imagination run away with you. You’ll only confuse people and make the situation harder.”
She shook her head and stamped her foot.
“Calm down Cordelia, please don’t throw a strop!” Nikolai groaned.
“Nik! ”
“Fine Tim. Okay, what was it that she tried to explain?”
“What I’ve already said. She saw your accident and knows what happened.”
“Oh rubbish; she didn’t save me any more than Mikayla did. They’re both deluded. Everyone needs to stop smothering me! You know what; I like living by myself.The sooner we get back to civilisation the better!

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014

16 thoughts on “Azure- Chapter 52

  1. Nice little scene between Nik and Jenna!
    They’re getting closer to the truth, but her story seems so implausible to them – unless she can speak again!
    Can’t put this story down-loving it!

    1. Ah thank you. I’m really glad that you liked that scene. Nikolai and Jenna are good together (I think.)
      I know, I doubt they’ll believe her, for now.
      Thank you so much!
      Out of interest, which of my books do you prefer, this or “Theodore” ?

      1. I think her thoughts gave very subtle hints that perhaps he is someone she’d want to get to know more. On one side she is sad, however I feel she is also happy for Nik as he is with Jenna. Perhaps Cordelia is starting to mature and understand human nature a bit more.

  2. This is so difficult and rather impossible really come to think of it for Cordelia to ever get the truth out because even if she could speak, who is going to believe she was a mermaid and what other reason could she give for being in the sea when a storm is brewing, no wonder Tim found it hard to understand her, what a shame. Its sad to see Nik calling her deluded.

    1. Yes exactly. People would think that she was insane! I know, I think Nikolai was out of order when he said that.
      Do you reckon that Cordelia will ever find a way to make everyone understand the truth?

  3. Unless she turns back into a mermaid in front of their very own eyes or they happen to spot a mermaid in the sea E.G her sister, nope :(

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