Azure- Chapter 50

Azure novel shell

Jenna reluctantly detached her lips from his.
“Nik?” She whispered.
She wrapped her arms around his neck, entwining her fingers in his wavy, dark hair. “We’d better stop, look at Cordelia.”
He looked up at her, she was smiling but still the tears fell as she stared at the book that she was pretending to read, with no real clue to what it was, or why there were funny black markings across the paper. Little water droplets fell onto the pages as they both approached her. She tugged at the paster on her thumb.
She smiled and kissed them both on their cheek. She was happy that Nikolai was no longer with that horrible American girl. He and Jenna were going to be lovely together, she thought. They didn’t need her any more, the plant was dying but collecting Nikolai’s blood was the last thing she wanted to do, regardless of the fact that Athena had sacrificed her hair for it. She returned inside and entered her bedroom, pulling the plant out from the bottom of her bed. What if she were to use her own blood? She eyed the packet of disposable razors in her bedroom, holding up the blade to the light; surely this would do the trick. She pressed it hard against her index finger and sure enough, a fresh line of blood appeared. It stung, but she did not care as she dripped the blood onto the soil. She couldn’t let it die, just incase. Nothing happened. She tapped the little pot and poked the soil with her thumb, something was happening; the leaves looked lusher as if she had rejuvenated them just like that with her own blood. Cordelia sucked her bleeding finger and pushed the plant underneath her bed. She needed something to stop the bleeding or perhaps the plant might like a little more? Yes, it most probably would. Cordelia heard the light tapping on her door.

“Cordelia?” It was Jenna. She sucked her finger again, the metallic taste filling her mouth, it wasn’t pleasant. Cordelia opened the door and smiled.
“Oh there you are! Oh, did you cut yourself? Here let me see.”
Cordelia shook her head.
“Hey, don’t worry. You probably just need a plaster.” Jenna examined Cordelia’s finger and led her into her room.
“I’m all prepared. I have a little first aid box.”
Jenna examined the cut again, before washing and drying her hands and wiping Cordelia’s finger with a sterile wipe.
“Now then, hmm I think this plaster will do.” With care she wrapped it around the small injury. “There you go, all done. Don’t look so worried, does blood scare you?” Cordelia did not answer.
“It’s just as well that you didn’t see Nik after he’d had his accident. You can’t really see it now; but he had a nasty cut on the side of his head and it was bleeding a considerable amount. I think that plaster is doing the trick.”
Cordelia nodded.
“Bless you.” Jenna smiled. “I always get my legs waxed. I’m so clumsy with a razor.”
“Yes Nik, what’s wrong? You look really nervous.”
“Oh, do I?”

Nikolai planted a tender kiss upon Jenna’s lips. Cordelia closed her eyes, imagining that it was her and envisaged his soft, tanned cheek pressing against her own. She looked down at the floor and sighed a little louder than planned.
“Cordelia, what’s wrong?”
She shook her head.
“Can’t you just be happy for me?” Nikolai sighed.
“Well it’s true, I can’t be with another woman without her gawping at me. Do you have any idea how hard that is Jen? Cordelia, you’re a grown woman. We cannot look after you forever and babysit you like a little child!”
“Nik stop, that’s too far!”
“Cordelia you need to find your family and.. oh shit, I’m sorry.”
Nikolai shook his head, washed with a wave of guilt. Cordelia’s Mother was dead too. Cordelia stamped her foot, pushing past him as she stormed inside. This human was selfish and he didn’t love her one little bit.

“Nikolai, can I talk to you for five?”
Tim approached Nikolai. Gazing at the dark circles around Nikolai’s eyes.
“Yeah, okay.”
“Sit down Nik.”
“Why does everyone keep treating me like a child?”
“Because Nik…hmmm look, I’ve been thinking.”
“What about?”
“Everything if I’m honest. I mean, we’ve had quite an eventful holiday and the thought of your accident still hasn’t left my mind. You didn’t fall by yourself Nik, I’m sure of it.”
“We have no proof, I’ve already said that. Let the past lie Tim, we’re never going to be able to prove anything.”
“True, but I don’t think any of us are going to be able to. Do you keep having the same nightmare? Is it recurring?”
“Sort of, but it does differ.”
“Yeah um, each time I fall into the water. That never changes, but um sometimes I’m helped and other times um I drown. It’s horrible, I literally feel like my lungs are going to burst. I’m trapped under water, unable to return to the surface. I know it’s not real and I’m just being stupid but..”
Tim placed a hand on Nikolai’s shoulder.
“Nik, whatever happened to you was quite traumatic, despite you being able to remember it or not. Your body was covered in bruises and you have broken bones. I just wish we could find out whether..”
“I was unconscious before I fell in the water? Yes, I want to know that too.”
“What was your last memory? Have a good, long think and don’t rush.”
Nikolai coughed and closed his eyes; taking deep breaths. ‘Think Nikolai, for God’s sake!’ He willed himself.
“There- there was the dramatic change in weather. It got dark so quickly, we all know that I stayed on deck. Jake and I really hadn’t been getting on.”
“That’s right; he kept having a go.”
“Yes. Um I think we had an argument, but I cannot for the life of me remember what was said.”
“Oh you know Jake, he probably hurled verbal abuse at you.”
“Hmm. Could you talk to Jake for me?”
“Jen tried about a week ago, he was really passive.”
“Could you try? Jenna can be a bit too feisty sometimes. I doubt he’d tell her anything.”
“I know what you mean. Yeah sure, I’ll try bringing up the subject in a round about way.”
“Thanks Tim; I daren’t do it myself. I mean I wouldn’t even know where to begin, if I’m honest.”
“Leave it to me Nik.”
“Thanks, um I guess that I owe Cordelia an apology- again!”
“Yes, yes you do! She’ll be okay Nik. she’s a tough little cookie that one.”

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014

18 thoughts on “Azure- Chapter 50

    1. Ahh thank you so much!
      Which bits in particular stood out. (Feel free to quote.)
      Sorry for asking so many questions, I feel it helps my writing evolve. :)

  1. I wish Nik would stop being so insensitive when Cordelia so called Gawps as he said, he must realize by now she has feelings for him, surely he could just ignore her instead of hurting her feelings, must be so heartbreaking for her even though she is happy for him and Jenna, it really winds me up and that’s of course a good thing as it proves how well written the story is, how talented you are. At least now though Cordelia will realize she will never be with Nikolai and learn to come to terms with it and eventually get over it, of course though, we don’t know what she will decided to do with the plant afterall. x

    1. Ah I love it when people leave me really in-depth comments! Thank you Maria :)
      Nik is being quite heartless in a way. Especially now that he knows how Cordelia feels about him!
      What do you make of Nik and Jenna as a couple? – Do you think they’re well suited?

  2. I do think Nik and Jen are suited, they have their little arguments/disagreements but i’m sure all relationships are like that, my opinion might change very soon.

  3. I like the little twist of inserting the possibility that Nik was pushed into the ocean. But now, I am breathless with worry as Cordelia is feeding the bulb with her own blood. Guess she forgot the information about the bulb killing the person whose blood it is fed after the third feeding. Or, is she doing this intentionally to kill herself? My head is spinning – good job!

    1. Thank you Alana! :)
      Hmm, I mean it might have been an accident, or Jake might have done it on purpose.
      I don’t think Cordelia can bring herself to hurt Nikolai, that’s the problem. She’s too good a person to do that. Cordelia would never hurt Nik with intention.
      I’m so glad that it has made you think! The reason I left the bulb out for a little while was because unlike Cordelia, I wasn’t sure what to do! :P

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