Azure- Chapter 49

Azure novel shell

“Aww Nik! There you are!” She beamed. “Gosh, I wasn’t expecting you to still be wearing a sling babes.”
Nikolai gazed down. “Umm, my hand looked a bit swollen. It was Jenna’s idea.”
“Well she sure knows how to take care of you.”
“Yes, yes she does.”
“Are we just going to stand here, or are we going for an ice cream?”
“Oh gosh yes, sorry.”
Mikayla adjusted her sunglasses and went into the small air conditioned café first, scanning the woman next to her.
“Do we order at the counter?”
“Nah, they’ll come to our table.”
“So um, how have you been Mikayla?”
“Me oh good, yeah I’m good. The weather had been so nice hasn’t it? Thank God we haven’t had another storm like that one. Are you scared of them now?”
“Of- of storms?”
“Yeah. ‘Cos I would be!”
“I don’t think I am.”
“Really, from the way your voice was trembling just then… I um, I suppose that’s a good thing.”
Mikayla looked the waitress up and down and narrowed her eyes.
“What are you thinking?”
“She looks like a clown! Her cheeks are bright red!”
“What? Shh, that’s not a very kind thing to say. She’s probably been on shift for ages and it’s really hot in here.”
Mikayla shrugged. “I only answered your question.”
This girl really wasn’t for him, he thought. All she ever talked about was herself; and she was so critical of others. Perhaps it was time to ask her some more questions.
“Mikayla, I have another question.”
“Okay so, shoot.”
“When you found me on the beach, what was I wearing?”
“Oh gosh, umm…” She thought for a moment, praying that she might get the answer right. “My mind has gone blank.”
“Oh.” Surly she would remember, Nikolai thought.
“You pulled my body out of the water, where was it?”
“Body? You’re making it sound like you died! Nikolai, I saved you, that’s all you need to know. I cannot believe that you are asking me these questions and making me out to be some sort of liar! Niko, do you have any idea how crap that makes me feel?”
“I just don’t understand why you weren’t with me when Jenna and Tim found me. Surely if someone is unconscious, then you shouldn’t abandon them! I could have swallowed my tongue and choked to death!”
“Christ! I must have explained this at least 5 times. I had run and get help, by the time I got back onto the beach you had gone and that made me look like a liar! I was mortified Nik.”
“Um scared, I was really wondering where you had gone.”
“So then what did you do? Surely your best bet was to check at the hospital!”
“Believe it or not I did!” She snapped. “But the staff wouldn’t tell me, because they said that it was confidential and they weren’t allowed to share personal information.”
“Yes really!” She lied. “I could hardly just waltz into the hospital. I didn’t know where you lived, or were staying or anything. All I could do was wait and then I saw your plea on your website.”
“You do realise that I can check all that.”
“Stop being so intense Nikolai! You’re overreacting, silly!”
“Don’t call me that.”
“Oh Nikolai, lighten up a little we’re young and should be having fun, not worrying about insignificant little things. This is like interrogation, not a date!”
“I don’t like the way you look at and talk to Cordelia.”
“What the hell Nik?”
“It’s true. Look Mikayla, I’m going to go. Please don’t call me; I need a break and lots of time to think.”
“Oh right, I see how it is; you’re just calling it a day?”
“I think that might be best, don’t you?”
“Yes, and what about me and what I want?! You never ever ask me Nikolai! You’re so selfish it’s untrue and you don’t have a single clue how to treat women. You deserve to be single.”
“Then let’s keep it that way. We never were an item, so let’s part on good terms. No hard feelings. Goodbye Mikayla, I’m sorry.”
“Fine! Just- just walk away!”
He turned and did just that.
“My feelings are hard ones! You’re going to regret this.” She smirked. “By the time I’ve finished, you’re going to wish that you’d never been born you stuck up, English moron!”

A drained Nikolai returned to the boat, Jenna took his hand and helped him on deck, rubbing his back.
“I did it.” He whispered. “I’m relieved, but I do feel mean.”
“Don’t. Nik please can we focus on us now?”
“Yes, we need to Jen, onwards and upwards.”
She rested her head against his shoulder as he stroked her hair and sniffed.
“I’m fine.”
“What did she actually say to you?”
“Um she called me selfish and said that I deserved to be single.”
“Oh dear, well she was wrong about both things. I think she’s the self centred one. I mean, she couldn’t remember mine and Tim’s names. Sorry, I don’t want to be a bitch; that’s all we’re going to say on the matter and..”
Nikolai kissed her cheek, Jenna placed her hands on both of her cheeks and pressed her lips against his, as her heart fluttered like a caged butterfly.
“Why did I strive for something else when I had a beautiful woman right under my nose? I’m so stupid!”
“It’s okay Nik, here. Sit down for a while. Being able to admit that fact just shows that you’re not. Oh gosh, where’s Cordelia?”
Nikolai pointed to the left. “There.”
“Come on let’s go and tell her! We’ll sit inside.”
Hand in hand they went inside, both of their faces beaming and radiant. She placed her arms around both of their necks and kissed their cheeks.
“Hey Cordelia.” Nikolai smiled.
She beamed and inhaled his delicious aftershave as she held him to her.
“You’ll be glad to know that I’ve ditched Mikayla.”
Cordelia tilted her head. What on earth did he mean by ‘ditched’ ?
“Sorry babe, I’ll explain. We weren’t really going out in the first place, but now we’re definitely not. So now both you and Jen are fully aware about how stupid I’ve been. Luckily, Jen has accepted my apology and I’ve finally realised who is right for me.”
He flashed a warm smile at her and her heart did a small somersault in her chest. He took Jenna’s hand again in both of his.
“How did I fail to see this beautiful, kind and loving girl when she has been under my nose the whole time?”
He planted a small kiss upon Jenna’s lips. Cordelia wished that she might break.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014

18 thoughts on “Azure- Chapter 49

  1. As much as I dislike the character, you did a fine job with Mikaylas self-centeredness, and you leave it open for the possible return (she may be meaner then she already is if thats even possible). It is so sad for Cordelia though. You can really feel how crushed she is, but it seems to be her first shot at love so perhaps it is something she can learn from and mature.

    1. I’m so glad that you don’t like Mikayla! Let’s just say that I’ve left it open for her….
      I really feel for Cordelia, but yes like you said she’s only young. None the less, it must be very hard for her to just stand there and watch Niko fall in love with someone else! :/

      1. I’m mixed on Cordelia. On one side I feel bad for her, but on the other hand it was Niko’s looks that swayed her to begin with as opposed to actually “knowing him.” Perhaps she needs to open up to other opportunities i.e. it’s not like Niko is the only male human.

      2. Yes, I know where you’re coming from. It was a bit like Nik being attracted to Mikayla for her looks as well. Luckily he has seen sense.
        What do you actually make of Nikolai? I.e how would you sum him up in 3 words/ a sentence?
        -I’m intrigued!

      3. It’s hard to define him in a sentence as he is at a point of change. I think he is at a point where he’s starting to let other people in i.e. Tim, Jenna, Cordelia where in the past he seemed to be more bottled up and to himself- with it he’s learning to trust others and form actual relationships. He still has his flaw of saying before thinking, but unlike in the past he is taking responsibility for his actions.

      4. Yes, you’re exactly right. He’s stopped shutting others out but I agree that he’s maturing, and I think he’s becoming a better person!
        Thanks for your GREAT comments Chad! :)

  2. Glad he had the guts to offload Mikayla – have a feeling she’ll be back in a different form?? Poor Cordelia – I feel so much for her. Will she ever win?
    Again, I’m just loving this story Sophie.

    1. I know- finally. It’s about time don’t you think?
      As for Cordelia; I don’t fully know myself yet. We’ll both have to see! Thank you so much for all your feedback Michele. :)

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