Azure- Chapter 45

Azure novel shell

Blood. Cordelia needed it and fast, she looked at the bulb in the plant pot which was not doing much and..
Nikolai awoke, glancing at his thumb, noting the small droplet of blood upon it.
“Is there something sharp in the bed, how on earth did I do that, did you see Cordelia?”
She shook her head and patted his pillow willing him to go back to sleep.
“Very odd.” He muttered almost falling asleep immediately.
Cordelia examined the blood again, wondering what on earth she might collect it in, she didn’t want to waste any. She decided that she had no option but to bring the plant to him. She returned to her room, pulling it out from underneath her bed and placed it underneath her arm. It looked as if it might be wilting, wilting away and she couldn’t let that happen. She checked Nikolai once more, thank Goodness he was asleep and a very deep sleeper at that. She placed the plant next to him and supported his hand so that a small droplet of blood would fall onto the soil.
“Wha- what are you doing?”  Cordelia placed the plant in her left hand placing on the floor and pushed it under his bed with her foot. He looked at her with his hazy eyes and turned his head away from her, resting his cheek on his good arm. Cordelia planted a kiss on his cheek and subtly took the plant, scuttling back to her own room.
She put the plant on her bedside table, it looked different. Lusher and a little larger. Cordelia poked the soil with her index finger, it felt slightly damp, not dry and powdery like it usually had. Placing it in her cupboard, she walked up onto the deck and sat alone.

“I can’t help worrying about Nik, Tim do you think he’s going to be okay?”
“Of course he is Jen! He’s a grown man. Don’t worry. Look at this shell.”
He dug the half-covered shell with his forefinger and extracted it from the sand.
“Now that is beautiful! What is it?”
“Gosh I really don’t know. I wish I’d brought my little books.”
“You have so many.”
“Yep, I love nature though; hence why I became a photographer.”
“Oh right! How come that’s not your main job then?”
“Well, if a job comes along and it’s half decent, I just tend to take it. I have rent to pay you know a bit like you. Do you have a dream job idea Jen?”
“I really thought I did. I just assumed this was it, but it’s not. I mean we seem to have had a bit of bad luck out here; not to mention that I have to be really careful of all the make up it would melt in a heart beat.”
“Yeah, that does make sense.”
“Oh hey Nik!”
Jenna gazed at the sleepy Nikolai, who emerged along the jetty wearing a pair of grey jogging bottoms and a maroon hoody.
“Are you cold?!” Jenna shouted so he might hear her from where they stood on the beach.
She wasted no time and hopped back onto the jetty, He met her half way. Jenna took both of his hands in hers.
“Jeez you are! Are you feeling okay?” You look pale Nik.”
“I had a strange dream. Corde- um; it’s left me feeling a bit spaced out and chilly. Apart from that; I’m fine.” Nikolai wracked his brains, trying to remember what he thought had dreamt.
“Do you want a hot drink or something to warm you up?”
“I dunno. I’d rather not have much caffeine, I think it aggravates any headaches.”
“I have decaffeinated alternate teas.”
She took his hand and helped him below deck, as they sat at one of the little tables.
“You should eat something; it’s probably why you’re feeling so light headed at this moment in time.”
“Hmm maybe.”
Nikolai placed his head upon the wooden table, even though he felt cold, the further coolness soothed his throbbing head.
“Do you have a headache?”
“A bit?”
“Right I’m giving you two paracetamol then. Umm, what flavour tea would you like? I have peppermint, honey and lemon or mixed fruits.”
“Honey and lemon.”
“Coming right up, I’ll have one too.”

Jenna brewed the kettle, placing it in the two mugs and dunking the tea bags in and out on their thin piece of string. She removed both of them and handed the cup to Nikolai.
“Thanks babe.”
“You’re most welcome.”
“Hmm, that’s lovely actually.”
“Good. Oh I’d almost forgotten; I have hobnobs, want one?”
She offered him the packet and he took one, taking a very small nibble. He sensed the rough texture against his tongue. It wasn’t exactly unpleasant but he hadn’t tasted chocolate properly since his accident.
“Are you alright?”
He placed the biscuit down on the table and took a sip of the tea; that was better, so refreshing.
“Yeah, um I think I’ve gone off chocolate.”
“Yeah, it tasted odd. Too sickly sweet I think.”
“Ah, well do you want something else? Fruit?”
“Please; what have we got?”
“There’s a box of red grapes in the fridge.”
Jenna washed them and placed the box upon the table.
“That’s so much better.”
Nikolai chewed the refreshing fruit, sensing it bursting in his mouth and the juices escaping. He picked a small bunch and ate all the grapes one by one.
“Hmm, these are amazing! I could eat the full box.”
“Go ahead then Nik, you need the calories. Do you know..”
“How much weight I’ve lost? Yeah, um just under half a stone.”
“Jeez Nik! You didn’t have that weight to lose. That hoody looks huge on you. I think we need to fatten you up a bit.”

Cordelia poked her head inside.
“Cordelia! Come and join us!” Jenna smiled, patting the seat beside her. “Are you hungry?”
She nodded, staring at the box of the grapes.
“Help yourself to grapes. I doubt that I’ll eat them all myself. Would you like a drink?”
She nodded, pointing to the bottle of water. Jenna poured some into a slim stemmed glass and handed it to her. Cordelia sipped it gratefully.
“I thought you might join us.” Jenna grinned. “We’re just missing Timothy, where is that man?”
“Dunno.” Nickolai muttered, helping himself to three more grapes. “He’s probably just relaxing and having some time to himself and he deserves it. He’s always looking out for others.”
“You’re so right. Is he up on deck or something?”
“Yeah probably.”
“You look very pretty today Cordelia.”
Cordelia grinned at Nikolai, who pushed away a piece of her hair. She batted her eye lashes at him and puckered her lips.
“Ha! You’re a legend.”
She frowned, not entirely sure what ‘a legend’ was.
“Sorry, um calling someone a legend is a compliment. I like your sense of humour.”
Ah, so that’s what he meant.
“Do you have any brothers or sisters Cordelia?”
She nodded, holding up her index finger.
She nodded again.
“Um, is she younger or older than you?”
She repeated the action; but held up two fingers.
“Ah, she’s the eldest. That must be nice; I always wish that I could have had an older brother or sister to look out for me a bit, do you two get along?”
She nodded, casting her thoughts to the sacrifice that Athena had made for her.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014

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16 thoughts on “Azure- Chapter 45

  1. Another chapter well done. I like the emotional roller-coaster throughout the book thus far and the various paths that the plot can still take.

      1. 1) Niko could fall for Cordelia- not a fan of this as she loves him for all the wrong reasons in my opinion.

        2)She kills him- I don’t see this based on her good hearted nature and how she seems to put others ahead of herself, she does not seem to be the selfish type.

        3) Niko realizes feelings towards Jenna. Seem most logical, they got along really well for a while, they seemed to mesh well, all would be happy.

        4) Tim is a good guy, maybe someone falls for Tim.

        In any result I hope Mikaila gets outted, not a fan of her.

      2. I like some of those options; I wont say which ones. As for Mikayla; I hope that people see through her too! She is vile!
        Thanks so much for taking the time to give me PROPER FEEDBACK! I really appreciate it :)

      3. Not a problem at all. It has been a pleasure up to this point reading your story and look forward to the rest. Personally I would like to see a change in Cordelia. She is trying so hard to get Niko to love her, but there is not much to go by with her love for him. She saved him, found him intriguing and handsome and her love was based off of that. Perhaps something can click in her mind to truly understand what love is.

      4. That’s an interesting concept. Yes I do like that; perhaps I could have someone take a genuine shine to her and then reciprocate her love?
        We’ll see!

  2. Good tension, good setup. Until this chapter I wasn’t sure if Cordelia was really going to feed the bulb or not. In fact, it took me a little bit by surprise, which was good. So, I am disappointed that Cordelia is starting to feed the bulb, but not surprised. I I’m grateful that Nik thinks the blood letting was just a dream. But I suspect that after day 2, Nik is going to be noticeably going downhill, and maybe then Cordelia will start to realize exactly what she is doing. It won’t be abstract any more. She will be committing murder.

    1. This could go a number of ways, couldn’t it. She may or may not go ahead with it fully and that will be a test of character for her. I worry that this might turn into ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ :P (Just kidding!)

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