Azure, e-book extract.

azure cover

An extract from chapter 1;

“Shut up! I really don’t want to do this. Can we resume filming tomorrow? I’ve really had enough.”
“Please Niko, we’re on a time tight schedule, we don’t need you for any longer than an hour.”
“You said 20 minutes!” Niko snapped. “But fine.”
“Okay Niko smile.”
“I am.” He forced his best smile and looked into the lense of the camera once more.
“Great job Nikolai.”
‘Yes, great for you.’  He thought; rolling up his shirt sleeves and returning to his bedroom to get changed. He ditched the sky blue shirt in the wash basket and pulled on a light cotton t shirt which showed his fine physique underneath. ‘What a relief’, he sighed as he went to fetch a glass of quenching lemonade, spying Jenna in the corner.
“Oh um, you’ve changed.”
Nikolai frowned at her. “Why on earth are you following me about?”
“Niko, there are just under 30 of us on this boat, of course we’re going to bump into each other regularly. We’re going to be stopping at the Exumas soon, how amazing is that? Just… lighten up a bit. You’re technically on a paid, all inclusive cruise in the Bahamas and you don’t seem grateful at all.”
“I’m tired! Stop sticking your nose in everywhere and go and do something useful for once! I couldn’t give a shit about the islands, because quite frankly I’d rather be at home right now. I need to escape!”
“I’m not going to argue with you Nik..”
“Good. Please leave it then, because I’m really not in the mood!”
“Oh Nikolai act your age, you’re almost 21 not 15.”
“No comment.” Nikolai slammed the wooden door in her face. He sat cross- legged on his bed, his heart pounding. What on earth was he going to do; return to England and tell his parents how awful this experience had been? – He didn’t want that to have to be an option. Niko closed his eyes and prayed that something might happen to change the current circumstances, not thinking the consequences through properly in his troubled mind.

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Teddy; An extract from the Ebook.

Teddy cover for wp

An extract from chapter 5 ;

After a long day at school and completing the majority of her other chores; Bonnie hauled the heavy bucket of water from the well and plodded towards the house. She sighed as her shawl slipped from her shoulder and fell onto the ground. With care, she placed the bucket down so not to spill a drop and looped her shawl around her neck instead. She kicked the door and glanced around, noting her Father John, sitting by the fire. She sighed and shook her head, he looked so tired.
“Father, oh when did you get home?!” She threw her arms around his neck, pressing her cheek against his icy one and stroking his silky, brown hair. “Oh gosh I am so sorry. Mother is in town but she shall be back soon, I had just gone to fetch water. Are feeling alright in yourself? You look a wee bit peaky and just look at your poor hands!”
“Hmm.” He held out her hand to her and she took it gladly, perching herself on his knee and wrapping her arms around his neck as she rubbed his chill-blained fingers.
“I am fine dear, just a little tired.”
“Those poor chilblains of yours are getting worse, I am sure of it.”
“Ah, do not worry about me. Your Mother will have a cure up her sleeve I am sure. Gosh, I don’t know how I feel about her going out and carrying things.”
“I said that. She insisted she and the wee bump would be fine. I love you Dad.”
“And I love you bonbon.”
Bonnie laughed. How she loved it when he called her that. She got up and poked the fire; pouring tea into a cup and saucer and handing it to him.
“There, that should warm you.”
“Thank you dear, when did she go?”
“Oh just over an hour ago.”
“Ah and I see you have been very busy.” He smiled, glancing at the small pile of books upon the table. John placed the tea down, struggling to hold the cup and saucer in his numbed hands. There came a tap at the door.
“Mother!” Bonnie exclaimed, running outside to greet her. “Oh Mother, come inside it is perishing in that biting wind!  Don’t worry, I am defrosting Father. His chilblains are bad again.”

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Kith & Kin – Extract 1

*John is staying in shared lodgings, belonging to the mill.*

John awoke far too early, for it was only three but oh, he was hungry. How he longed for some decent breakfast, he always meant to make his own porridge but tiredness more often than not got the better of him. Instead, John had the last meagre piece of hard bread and dipped it in his cup of hot water, for he had run out of tea. There he sat eating and drinking what wouldn’t have been fit for a church mouse. He licked his index finger, dabbing the crumbs from the plate. He placed them in his mouth not wanting to waste a single morsel. John McGrath prepared himself for a long day at work, realising that as he had nothing to take with him, he would have to go almost an entire day without food.
Cold and hungry, John prepared himself for the next fourteen or so hours, determined not to have momentary lapses in concentration for he did not want to jeopardise his chances. John sat at his work space, looking over to the person to his left.
‘Focus John’ he thought to himself, and focus he did. He coughed as he prepared the fabric in the factory loom and the tiny cotton particles caught at the back of his throat.  He continued to work away under the dim light, ignoring the churning of his empty stomach.
“Pssst John, what’s the matter with you today?”
John jumped, immediately stopped the loom and glanced at Cane Willis across the way.
“I’m fine.”
“No, you’re not.”
“I am probably not in the boss’s good books at the moment, we shouldn’t talk when we’re working. We can when we have finished.”
Alright. Pssst John?”
John raised his head again.
“What have you been eating?”
“It’s just; I saw that you only had that conker sized piece of stale bread left this morning. You look thin.”

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My fingers are tied in knots; I don’t know what to say

This rarely happens to me, I feel lost for words today

Perhaps I’m overthinking, or I need to take a break

Everything I am creating afresh seems like a bad mistake

I have lots of random ideas, but it’s fitting them in the puzzle

Alas, they tangle on my page; lost in one large muddle.

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©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


Sometimes I feel a little lost, not knowing which way to turn

It’s time to progress from past mistakes, from them I have to learn

Why is it that I feel stationary, as if I am staring into space?

What is my true calling and will I ever know my place?

Some things I have tried and tested, I wasn’t being true to myself

I’d rather be creative and happy, than living in miserable wealth

Must I always be that anxious girl, who doesn’t quite fit the bill?

No, for I am going to persevere, and my dreams I hope to fulfil.

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Extract #6

He nods and places a hand to his forehead.
“I can’t remember why I left the building.”
“That’s okay. Were you alone at the time, Eddie?”
“Yeah, I think so. At first anyway.”
“Hon, this is good.” I encourage.“Were you gonna come home, did you try?”
“You see, this is where I cannot remember.”
Eddie’s face looks so thin and anxious, I want to stroke his cheek but I know that he will freak out.
“It’s just….you-you weren’t caught on local CCTV.”
“Really?” He gasps, as if this is completely new information to him.
“Hon, you were captured on a security camera over fifteen miles from home.”

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Extract #5


“Hon, your breakfast is here.”
“Can I help you to reposition yourself?”
He nods. I don’t want to speak too soon, but he does look brighter this morning. Eddie reaches for the carton of juice and takes the straw from the side, pinching it with his thumb and index finger. He positions it horizontally and then vertically, not quite getting the gist.  I want to make him work it out himself, but it’s becoming heart-breaking to watch.
“Eddie, you need to pierce the circle of foil just here.”
Eddie seems to be observing me, as I tap the foil with my index finger. He’s looking at my hair or something. It’s nothing much, I pulled it up in a bun at the top of my head this morning and shoved some make-up on. I needed foundation to cover the blotches upon my face.
“You look nice.” He whispers. It’s the first compliment he has given me since it happened.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014

Extract #4


You must remember something, so do you?”
Eddie pauses and clears his throat. “Sketchy details.”
“Okay good. Please tell me more.”
“I-uh, I’m trying to remember, I really am.” He doesn’t want to go there.
“I’m gonna make you a coffee and something to eat.”
I think he just nods to stop me from going on at him. I make two medium strength coffees and add two teaspoons of brown sugar to his, he needs it. What would he like to eat? I don’t even stop to ask him, I know he’ll say no. Instead, I fetch a box of grapes from the fridge and place them on the table. Once upon a time, we could both get through a box of grapes a night. He sighs and reads the top of the cellophane. What is he examining? Whatever it was, he seems happy and picks one placing it into his mouth. To my relief, he eats around ten of them. I pretend not to notice, but mentally I am taking note of his daily calorific intake, that’s another 34.
“Shall I make you something more substantial?”
He shakes his head and slides the grapes from the table onto his lap.
“Nah, I’ll just look after these.” He whispers.
It’s then that I see a tiny sparkle in his eye, the one that originally I feared he might have lost.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014

Extract #3


“Perhaps I can persuade you to stay.” She bats her eyelids and pouts. I laugh out loud.
“Yes tonight Beth, not now. I don’t want sex hair before work. Everyone will know.”
“It suits you!”
“I’ll make it up to you later.”
Beth grabs my hand and holds it to her chest. “Oh, will you?”
“You have my word.”
“Can I have it in writing, Ed?” She grins, rolling onto her back and star fishes the bed. I laugh and scribble a few words on a piece of paper, scrunch it up into a little ball and toss it at her shoulder.
“Ouch!” Beth unfurls the paper and giggles.
“Dearest Elizabeth, I owe you sex at seven. -Edward.” She reads.
“Bye.” I whisper, as she winks and blows me a kiss.  I finally break free, making a quick exit out of the door.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014

Extract #2

He is always smiling. I hate it when people do that, they look mentally retarded. Anyhow, he just waltzes into my office and I didn’t hear his feeble knock. I loathe that too, when people do a pathetic tap. I look up to see him carrying a cardboard tray, filled with two large coffee cups and his briefcase in his other hand. Eddie places the coffee down on my desk and a piece of his immaculate hair flops out of place. He sighs and stands up straight again, checking his reflection in the mirror and running a comb all the way through his hair.
“Medium latte?”
“Oh, um thanks.” I state politely. He didn’t have to do that. He smiles at me again.
“I always think that coffee makes Monday mornings a little more bearable, don’t you?”
“Hmm, yeah.”
He finally goes back to his desk. Why is it that some people seem to be born happy? I mean 90% of the time, this guy is radiant and raring to go. I think he must be a morning person. A ‘bright in the morning’ bastard.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014